• If you receive communication from the Commonwealth Bank, you may notice a classification label displayed.

    Information classification is extremely important in building a secure organisation. Data is classified according to the risk that unauthorised disclosure would involve. The higher the classification, the more sensitive the information and the more stringent the requirements around collecting, storing and transmitting it. 

    At CommBank we have five information classifications. In descending order these are:

    • Highly Protected
    • Customer and Personal
    • Confidential
    • Group Use Only
    • Public

    If you are a CommBank customer, this means that from time to time we may take a bit of extra time and precaution in communicating with you if that communication contains sensitive information. This is to make sure the right security measures are applied to keep this information safe.

    If you are a supplier or contractor to the Bank, you should refer to your legal agreement which covers your obligations to appropriately protect our Group information and reach out to your primary business contact if you have specific questions.  

    CommBank staff members and all partners of the Group are required to be familiar with obligations relating to classified information. If you would like more information, search ‘Information security’ on the intranet.