Reimagining Culture

With company culture rapidly evolving, what are the key considerations for businesses planning for the future?

The growing shifts to a distributed workforce are testing traditional notions of organisational culture. Having a culture that keeps people engaged has never been more important, or more challenging.

Panel: Sian Lewis, Group Executive, Human Resources, CommBank; Michelle Rushton, Director, People of Influence; and Sarah Gatehouse, Head of People and Culture Fujitsu General Australia.

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Keeping Pace with Consumers

How can businesses redesign the customer journey to connect with new consumer behaviours?

Amid changing expectations, it has never been more important to deliver consistent, seamless experiences that are aligned to consumers’ needs. But how do you keep pace?

Panel: Kerryn Saward, General Manager, Business Customer Experience, CommBank; Diane Rutter, Partnership Customer Experience and Insights, PwC; and Carolyn Mackenzie, Managing Director, Forever New.

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Technology in Overdrive

Businesses have stepped up digital transformation initiatives. What technologies can we expect to see in the future business landscape and our everyday lives?

Explore the emerging technologies and trends that will shape the world over the next 10 years and beyond. 

Panel: Anna Jepson, General Manager, Strategy & Performance (Digital, Operations & Technology), CommBank, in conversation with Shara Evans, Futurist.

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The Future of Technology: The next 30 years

The world of the future may look very different from today. From renewable energy sources, robotics and space travel, new emerging technologies are far closer and more possible than we think.

Futurist Shara Evans takes a peek into the future, sharing the emerging technologies of the next 20 – 30 years.

Presenter: Shara Evans, Futurist.

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Questions to consider for your business

Workplace culture

  • Maintaining connections is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. When and why do you bring your people together physically and how can you best use this time?
  • The rapid pace of change can spark fear, but also excitement. How can you encourage on-the-job training and reskilling as a pathway to new opportunities?
  • Aa a leader, sharing your losses can create a safe space for employee conversations. Are you adapting to new, mindful ways of communicating with your people? 

Consumer pace

  • Organisations have access to infinite consumer data. What data is available to you? Are you using it to identify issues and predict trends? How can you prioritise speed to action?
  • Do you use real time feedback and ongoing listening in your customer journey to help identify backlogs and systemic issues. How are you measuring successful customer experience?
  • Both values alignment and frictionless interaction shape consumer trust. Are your interactions seamless? Do you understand the values of your customer?


  • Emerging technologies like autonomous robots seem like science fiction, but are you aware of the types of technology available to both large and small businesses, today?
  • Businesses are introducing 360-degrees product images on their websites. Are you considering the ways you can use readily accessible technology to bring the in-store experience online?
  • Looking at trends in your industry can spark ideas or sometimes, concerns. Are you aware of the security aspects of any app or technology you are using? Has it come from a reliable developer?

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