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Leading Women

Your go-to podcast for deep insights from female leaders across the country. Our new season hosted by Shivani Gopal features guests at the forefront of organisations like Supply Nation, Sydney WorldPride, CommBank ParaMatildas and more.

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Women in Focus

Mundanara Bayles: Family history paves path to launch BlakCast

Growing up in Redfern at the height of the black civil rights movement shaped Mundanara Bayles' values and views of success. Now, she’s amplifying ...
Business skills

A unique pairing charts a new course in the world of winemaking

Acclaimed winemakers and co-founders of Seeing Double Wine Co., Nina Stocker and Kate Day, developed a business model and a culture that breaks fro...

Success in sustainability: Di Mantell and Allys Todd on ESG

Di Mantell and Allys Todd discuss ESG, highlighting how organisations have the capacity to contribute to a more sustainable economy and more inclus...

Ripple not a splash: Impactful ways to champion women every day

International Women’s Day is a reminder to reflect on how we’re making consistent and positive changes for women and girls. We explore some of the ...

The CommBank Matildas' secrets to success

The CommBank Matildas are riding a wave in sporting history where women’s football – and women’s sport in general – is reaching new heights.

Man-Made: Exploring gender bias in AI with Tracey Spicer

At a recent Spotlight Series event hosted by Women in Focus and Women’s Agenda, Tracey Spicer, multiple Walkley Award winning author and journalist...

Jalbi Australia: How lifelong friends seek to change the supply chain

Beyond neatly packaged and botanically scented products, Jalbi Australia offers more than meets the eye. Founders Mandy Gadsdon and Kym Hawkins sha...

Women in manufacturing: Joyce Ceravolo, Ashton Valley Fresh & Ceravolo Orchards

Joyce Ceravolo is at the forefront of her family’s business, innovating with automation, regenerative farming practices and community initiatives—a...

Are you ready for EOFY? Tips for small business

Tax returns can be a pain point for many small business owners, and with women starting small businesses in increasing numbers, we’ve created this ...

Leveraging AI for greater health outcomes

Founder and technology pioneer Esha Oberoi's latest venture Leora, combines AI and human expertise to bring mental health support to more people.

Balancing team wellbeing and performance

Demanding workloads and stress are an increasing reality in today’s fast-paced workplace. Unfortunately, that makes burnout more common too. As a r...

Leadership lessons across the generations

A life of learning, a willingness to challenge the status quo and a good dash of self-belief will set today’s young women on the road to leadership...

Making strides towards equality in sport and business

The push for gender equality across Australian sports has resulted in significant growth. How we got here presents lessons for businesses tackling ...

We need more women founders

In general, we know that female Founders get less than 5% of the total venture capital money that's deployed globally. There is a real problem in t...

What leaders need to know about navigating hybrid workplaces

Long-time leader of remote teams and author of ‘Homeforce’, @Jo Alilovic, on what it takes to create a great place to work, whether your people wor...

What it takes to drive long-term business growth

Hear from Cecily McGuckin, Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Steel & Sheet, about how the second-generation family business has achieved steady...

Supporting women in rural and regional Australia

Since the early 1920s, the Queensland Country Women’s Association has supported women from all walks of life coming together.

Rethinking relationships – top tips to building successful networks

Speaking to Women in Focus, Cheryl Gray, CEO of Women’s Network Australia shakes up the traditional thinking about professional networking.

On the Agenda: celebrating our female frontline heroes

This International Women’s Day, we at CommBank are proud to support women making a real difference in their local communities.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself

How does a front line social worker land a CEO role? For Liz Forsyth, CEO of disability services provider Northcott, it came down to three key fact...

How delivering a message of hope can change lives

The founders of Stand Tall – a one-day TEDx-style event with a diverse range of speakers are determined to instil hope and impact youth mindsets fo...

Experiencing the growing pains of business? You’re not alone.

Fabienne Costa, Founder and CEO of YCL Jewels and Leonie Henzell, Founder and CEO of Beauty’s Got Soul and Soul Baby Gifts, join us to discuss thei...

The road less travelled

We talk to photographer Krystle Wright about how she turned her passion for capturing unique perspectives into a thriving career as an adventure ph...

Communicating your vision, values and message

NIDA’s Elsie Edgerton-Till shares some key strategies to help you hone your presentation skills.

Adapting to the changing PR landscape

Fleur Madden, CEO of The Red Republic reflects on her dynamic career journey, including some key insights on the current PR landscape.

Creating partnerships to grow your business

Google’s Sally-Ann Williams shares some key strategies for small business owners who are seeking to cultivate successful partnerships.

Writing your own [gender] code

When you understand what drives the personal motivations of women in leadership, you are better able to develop programs and advise their decisions...

A unique funding model supporting women led start-ups

Through a radical redesign of traditional funding models, SheEO is creating a new way for women led start-ups to seek funding and business support.

The power of the collective

Page description here

5 steps to ensure your business’ voice is heard

Julie Masters, CEO of Influence Nation shares the questions you should ask yourself to create authority in your business brand.

Creating productivity from change

Businesses strive to be able to stay ahead of the curve and adopt practises, mindsets and emerging technology that will support their strategic goa...

Closing the STEM diversity gap

Will an increased focus on women’s participation rates in STEM disciplines result in more women seeing the areas as viable career options?

How to jump start your board career

From developing core skills and emerging capabilities to adopting a board mindset, Suzanne Schultz has a wealth of knowledge to help aspiring board...

Staying true to old-fashioned general practice

Despite the pandemic’s impact, Dr Naomi Gleadow is devoted to traditional multi-generational practice where doctors can experience the joy of gener...

How to build a personal brand and stand out

Tory Archbold, one of Australia’s most powerful publicists, shares her experiences and tips on how women can build powerful personal brands.

Why your local may never be the same again

When consumers began viewing their local pubs as their new Saturday night destination, the Laundy family leapt into action and put the customer exp...

Moving in step with emerging consumer behaviours

The shift in consumer behaviour during the pandemic created opportunities for some retailers, particularly those who rapidly aligned the experience...

Accounting firms prioritise people in pursuit of growth

The accounting sector is often considered a barometer of broader economic health. It is therefore encouraging that confidence among firms has rebou...

Family business success relies on breaking with tradition.

Family businesses are the lifeblood of the Australian economy, and we speak to Managing Director of Women in Family Business, Susanne Bransgrove, a...

Why today’s brands need active management

We speak to Chief Executive Officer of strategic and creative agency, LOUD Communications, Lorraine Jokovic, about why brands need regular attention.

The shared benefits of tackling ESG issues

More than ever, managing the impact that businesses have on their surroundings requires a strong commitment to environmental, social and governance...

Developing the skills start-ups need to innovate

Naomi Vowels and Frances Atkins, co-founders of givvable, about the crucial skills and perspectives that have underpinned their success as founders...

Building a great team for your business

Three successful women in business share some valuable insights on team-building, based on their own experiences.

7 keys to running a successful business event

Planning to host a work-related event? Here are some things to think about to ensure it’s a success.

Gender equality: challenging ourselves to do better and get there sooner

Mike Vacy-Lyle, Group Executive Business Banking, shares his thoughts on why Women in Focus is such a crucial initiative for CommBank and what we c...

In their words: 4 things on the minds of Australian businesses

We asked these leaders what they’re focussing on coming into this new financial year and the drivers for their business engagement.

A business incubator that is building thriving communities

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC) is changing lives by giving women the opportunity to thrive through a micro business incubator program.

Adopting an antifragile approach

It is undeniable that the last few months of changes in the world have presented business owners with unprecedented challenges, and it is often the...

Why endurance matters in business

Trailblazing ethics strategist Clare Payne reflects on the meaning of endurance and why it’s an essential trait for women leaders today.

Decision making on the frontline

As businesses continue to face the impacts of COVID-19, leaders have been forced to make decisions to drive their organisations forward whilst unce...

Common reasons why we don't ask

Life coach and facilitator, Kemi Nekvapil, shares how you can build your sense of worthiness, simply through the act of asking.

Remaining vibrant in today's retail market

COVID-19 is reshaping the retail sector. It’s changing the way shoppers behave and testing retailers’ resilience and ingenuity. But Jane McNally, C...

Innovation: It's in our DNA

Can technology save endangered species? Dr Catherine Ball is determined it can. The environmental scientist has combined her childhood love of the ...

Innovation is not enough

After stepping down as lead for Inventium, Dr Amantha Imber is now what she describes as a “Chief Maker”, looking for new projects to re-engage wit...

Lessons from regional communities

According to the last census, the amount of female owner operators across Australia grew by 7.6% between 2006 and 2016, and in regional communities...

How accounting firms are adapting to Covid-19

Accounting firms are generally considered a leader for the Australian economy and have recently played a vital role in helping businesses - big and...

A people-first approach to business

As a community organisation and social business, it is not surprising that Settlement Services International (SSI) is leading the way when it comes...

Two women changing the face of family medicine

Doctors Maria Boulton and Fiona Raciti are on a mission to change the way that family medicine is delivered.

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Research report: Networks & Impact

Women's Agenda surveyed over 1,000 women founders and businesses on how they're building successful ventures, creating jobs and navigating the challenges of today's economy.


Insights report: Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Explore the findings around the top challenges and tactics facing Manufacturing and Distribution businesses.

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