“Through supporting and empowering other women, we lift all women up.” 

Dr Kirstin Ferguson, Professional Company Director, Speaker at Women in Focus International Women's Day, Brisbane

About Women in Focus

Women in Focus supports women at all stages of business by sharing real stories and practical expertise, and fostering trusted connections with likeminded women.


Cathie Reid, Dr Catriona Wallace

The power of collaboration

Two entrepreneurs, Cathie Reid and Dr Catriona Wallace, collaborated to build a business and list it on the ASX.

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International Women's Day 2018

Throughout March, we're hosting events around Australia to celebrate International Women's Day. 

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Empowering women to thrive

We believe in celebrating and sharing the real stories of women in business, and the successes and challenges they face.

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How we can support more women in leadership?

Four leaders share their experiences driving gender equality by supporting other women in business. 

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A business incubator building thriving communities

Sydney Community Foundation is changing lives in Western Sydney. Two women tell their story.

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Business guidance

Building a thriving business takes more than just a great idea. Access the latest tools, practical guidance and business insights to guide you on your business journey.


Tina Tower

It takes 10 years for overnight success

In 10 years, Tina Tower has gone from starting her business to exiting it. The road has been a tough one, but success has come through determination.

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Cathie Reid and Catriona Pollard

Do you take calculated risks?

Lessons in calculated risk-taking, including how to do something today that your future self will thank you for. 

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Join us at one of our events to hear real stories, gain practical expertise and build trusted connections with likeminded women. 


International Women's Day, Sydney

Marta Dusseldorp and Wendy McCarthy AO have dedicated their lives to achieving gender equality. We'll hear from them in Sydney and raise funds for organisations that support women.

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International Women's Day, Brisbane

Dr Kirstin Ferguson, accomplished board director, and Julie McKay, former Executive Director of The Australian National Committee for UN Women, join us to discuss how we can achieve gender equality.

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How to get involved with Women in Focus

Grow your business

Access the latest tools, practical information and business insights.

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Be empowered

Be inspired by thought leaders driving social change and enhance your financial wellbeing.

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Build trusted connections

Learn from women business leaders and meet likeminded women at our events.

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