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Catherine Fox interviews Lisa Sthalekar

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Trailer: Leading Women

Join us as we activate leadership for women with stories, tips, tools and advice from leading women. Shifting leadership from aspirational to actionable to redefine our business landscape. 

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Episode 1: Anna Marsden on Leadership For Purpose

Anna Marsden dives into navigating lightning strike moments in leadership, quietening our inner critic, and embracing dual psychology to thrive in the new normal of business. 

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Episode 2: Julie Drago on Relationship based Leadership

Julie Drago builds on the value of relationships, how to be seen and heard in a male-dominated industry, and the importance of being involved at an industry level.

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Episode 3: Caitlin Figueiredo on the Importance of Emerging Leadership

The inspirational Caitlin Figueiredo shares the key to shaping our democracy, the power of the collective and her magical moment with Meghan, yes, Duchess of Sussex, that will inspire us all.

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About the series

Together we can shift business leadership from aspirational to actionable. We know diversity in leadership doesn’t just make sense, it strengthens overall business performance and drives economic growth. When we activate leadership for women, we redefine our business landscape. 

Join Shadé Zahrai, Award-Winning Business Woman and Leadership Expert as she reaches beyond ‘business as usual’ to unearth the human stories and rich, relatable experiences of women leading business across the country. Access the practical tips, actionable frameworks and stories of smart risk-taking to ignite your leadership.

Whether you’re a business leader, emerging leader, or passionate about supporting leaders to redefine the business landscape, this podcast is for you.

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Guests featured in the podcast are speaking from their personal experiences only. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on the advice consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.