Taking a closer look at our female-led businesses

At CommBank, we are committed to supporting women in business. The inaugural Women in Business Insights Report seeks to provide research backed insights into the attitudes and behaviours of female-led businesses to better understand what sets them apart and the factors and capabilities that contribute to a growth outlook.

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Outperforming on innovation

Female-led businesses are more likely to be innovation-active than their peers with many operating in sectors that are currently undergoing significant change and disruption.

A people-first approach to developing further skills

Many female-led organisations are prioritising their people when seeking to develop skills and capabilities that will ensure their business is future fit.

The role of technology

Female-led businesses are strong proponents of the importance of technology to gain an edge over competitors, and the power of technology to enable staff to add more value to the organisation.

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"With many organisations lacking time to innovate, it's no surprise there is a common desire among female leaders to delegate, and better utilise people and technology as they seek to scale their businesses."

Key insights

  • 67 %
    of female-led organisations are innovation-active. This is significantly higher than the national average of 58%.
  • People:

    • Female-led organisations tend to focus on cultivating the continuous development of their teams to support a culture of learning.
    • They are more likely to be decisive in filling skills gaps and sourcing external support.
    • The majority of female leaders are seeking support on how to grow their business.
  • Technology:

    • Most female-led businesses agree that technology can provide a competitive edge.
    • The vast majority are already implemented or trialled emerging technologies.
    • Technology skills are at the top of the wish list for female-led organisations, although softer skills remain in high demand.
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