Making our cards more accessible and inclusive

  • We’ve worked with Vision Australia and Mastercard to redesign our cards with a new look and feel, as well as making them more accessible for customers who are blind or have low vision. Based on the research and usability testing, we have improved our current design in four ways:

    • Notches: Small notches help customers orientate cards when using them at an EFTPOS machine or ATM.
    • Tactile dot(s): CommBank cards have both a notch and tactile dot(s) to make it easier for customers to tell when they are touching a CommBank card. There is also a varied number of tactile dots to differentiate card types:
      • 1 for credit
      • 2 for debit
      • 3 for business
      • 4 for travel money
    • A contrasting colour scheme and distinct patterns: Those with low vision can more easily differentiate between their debit, credit and business cards.
    • Increased font size, thickness and spacing of numbers and letters: Customers can more easily identify and read key details on the card.

    In addition to our accessibility enhancements, our new cards are made with 82 per cent recycled plastic materials using post industrial waste. A few components of the card including the chip, magnetic stripe, signature panel and inlay are not yet recyclable. 

Take a peek

Accessible CommBank Mastercards


No, we are only changing the look and feel of your card.

Not yet, please don’t throw your card in a recycling bin as some parts of the card cannot be recycled (magnetic stripe, signature panel, chip & inlay).

This is to help you orientate your card the right way at a payment terminal. The tactile dot(s) is always on the opposite end of the chip.

No, please continue following the instructions provided with your card.

Our redesigned cards will no longer offer this service as the card details are no longer embossed. The card details now have increased font size, thickness and spacing to help customers more easily identify and read key details on their bank card. You can also use the CommBank app when viewing your card details in the Cards tab.

Unfortunately this is not something we can organise as we are no longer manufacturing cards on the old design.

Your card number can be accessed via NetBank, the CommBank app or phone banking.

If you need support to read your card number via NetBank or the CommBank app, your device contains built-in features such as screen readers, colour settings, magnification, zoom and read aloud functions.

For more information, you can explore the guides below: