Engineering the future of banking 

We're building tomorrow’s bank today, which means we need creative and diverse engineers to help us redefine what customers expect from a bank. Envisioning new technologies that are still waiting to be invented and reimagining products that support our customers and help build Australia’s future economy. 

We’re the engine room behind Australia’s leading online bank – a title we’ve held for twelve years running. The team behind Australia’s number one banking app, the Australian-first Cardless Cash, Spend Tracker, Benefits Finder and Step Pay.

The shift to digital banking is accelerating and we’re at the forefront of innovation. 

Meet our Group Practice Leads 


Carly Wehbe  - Systems Engineering 

"I'm excited to be raising the voices of our Engineers to make sure we are making sound technical decisions. My teams are working hard to ensure that our journey to Cloud is a logical one and that we're automating as much as possible, so we can spend our time on valuable work.

We're bringing Engineering to the front, building the bank of the future and changing the landscape as we go. I don’t think it gets more exciting than that."


Dwayne Helena – Data Engineering 

"The Data Engineering community is pivotal to the Group achieving its ambition to digitally transform to deliver faster, better customer outcomes. Our Engineers go above and beyond to uplift the standard of digital banking using the latest tech to solve our customers’ most complex data-centric problems.  

I'm focussed on providing the best experience so that our Engineers can deliver the best work of their lives and make a positive contribution to the Australian community."


Philip Grasso-Nguyen – Software Engineering 

"I'll continue building a software community that uplifts our capabilities, where our people are constantly learning and good technology foundations are being unified.

To deliver more rewarding experiences and better outcomes to our customers we need to produce technology at scale. To achieve this, we’re adopting tech industry best practices, including DevOps/SRE, Shift-left, Innersource/Opensource, Modern Pipelines, Containers & Cloud.

I'm excited to be bringing hyper scale and big tech practices and applying them within the rigour of a financial institution.”

Jason Carter  - Quality & Testing

"It feels like we’re at the forefront of a revolution in how we build and evolve our products. I see a transformation from quality checkers to quality enablers and Engineers.  We’ll be the catalyst for a new mindset around genuine team ownership of quality.

We’ve got plenty of complex problems to solve, but we're working on things that matter. We have the will and determination to become a technology led organisation, which is inspiring."

Sasha Biskup  - Security Engineering 

“I’m looking forward to enhancing the culture of technical control and driving a durable product focus, whilst also increasing the velocity of Cyber and other Engineering teams that require Security Engineering capability.

We have support from the top, a true Greenfield to build upon and a fantastic group of happy and talented people. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it.”  

Why Engineering at CommBank?

  • Real impact

    Our scale means unparalleled opportunity to accelerate digital innovation and positively impact customers. We’ve got some incredibly important and complex problems to solve.

    As Australia’s leading technology bank, we process millions of transactions every day. Around 40% of all payments made by Australians go through our systems.

    Whether you’re designing the apps people hold in their hands or the systems they’re delivered through, you’re determining how more than 17 million customers access their money. Your work matters.

  • Own your career

    We put as much energy into developing our people as we do our products.

    Follow your thirst for knowledge across our diverse tech stack. We encourage movement between our teams, tribes and disciplines.

    With structured and on-the-go development at hand, whatever level you’re at, there’s always another opportunity.

  • People first, always

    Use our flexible work options to live a big life whilst making a big impact.

    We’re giving our Engineers flexibility in how, when and where they work. As well as flexibility in office attendance, we’re opening tech hubs around the country. This means people can be further from cities, working from home most days and visiting the technology hubs for face-to-face collaboration and  activities requiring more teamwork.

    Our Engineers are the architects of this strategy, and it’s our responsibility to empower our people to get the job done during the schedule that works best for them and their teams. 

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering underpins every aspect of technology at CommBank. This is where we create, manage and optimise the platforms that power our entire business. It’s the foundation for great customer experiences. 

Continuous delivery pipelines with in-line risk controls.  Applications deployed to production, hosted on public cloud.  Containerisation. New technologies to play with.  We’re focussed on rapid deployment and greater resilience.

We’re future-proofing one of Australia’s largest companies with state of the art technology platforms.

Data Engineering

To us, data is everything. It’s what powers our cutting-edge features and the reason we can provide seamless experiences for our customers from the branch on your street to the app on your phone.

Here, you’ll be part of a team of Engineers going above and beyond to uplift the standard of digital banking. Using the latest tech to solve our customers’ most complex data-centric problems.   

We’re responsible for CommBank’s key analytics capabilities and our work is key to creating world-leading capabilities for analytics, information management and decisioning.

With security and reliability at the forefront of every interaction - we’re driving deep personalisation for every customer.

Software Engineering

This is no ordinary Software Engineering function. This is where we built Australia’s number one banking app, and then rebuilt it. Where we developed Cardless Cash, Benefits Finder, StepPay and Spend Tracker. And continue to simplify and evolve them.

We go beyond a passion for web and mobile development, creating reliable APIs at a unique scale in Australia. Developing platforms and frameworks that enable outstanding UX and design. Crafting complex implementations to generate a simple and intuitive customer experience. Going beyond design to help build a brighter future for every customer – from everyday consumers, to small businesses and investors.

As a CommBank Software Engineer, you could work on everything from mobile app development to Crypto & Blockchain, software modernisation to service meshes and cloud automation. There’s no better place to turn your passion in to reality. 

Quality and Test Engineering

The mission of our Quality Engineering and Testing practice is “confidence engineered into every product”. To achieve this we’re taking the approach of team ownership of quality, backed by engineering mindset and techniques.

We’re focussed on four activities. Firstly, engineering the quality frameworks and tooling that our teams use. Secondly, coaching our teams on using those tools and advocating good practices such as Shift-left. Thirdly, providing insights into quality across our products to give our teams the feedback they need. And finally, testing, where we focus on the most complex scenarios, using our own tooling and processes as a form of quality control.

We're looking for people with a broad range of skills, from analysts with deep business and systems knowledge, to test automation experts and quality engineers with extensive software engineering skills.

Here, you’ll be part of a team that ensures the systems relied upon by millions of Australians every day are performing the best they possibly can.


Site Reliability Engineering

We’re accelerating our digital strategy with an ambition to provide customers with one of the best digital experiences of any company globally. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is key to us achieving this goal. Our teams ensure that our systems maintain the highest standards of service outcomes for our customers, which enables seamless execution of our award winning banking apps.

We're proud of our people and technology culture. Our SRE team marries both, by applying Software Engineering principles to our operational services. We implement latest industry-wide methodologies around observability practices.

Be part of a team excelling in DevOps automation, where we’re continuously modernising both our infrastructure and software stacks using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

We’re committed to meeting our Service Level Objectives and we do so by building solutions to help improve the scalability, availability and reliability of all our services. You’ll thrive in a continuous iterative learning environment that’s constantly uplifting our customer’s experiences.

Security Engineering

Security Engineering plays a key role in supporting our Engineering, Cyber and Product teams. You’ll be part of a team responsible for designing, developing and building sustainable security services and tooling that ensures our customer’s data is safe, sound and secure.  

Our Security Engineering teams are a mix of Software and Systems Engineers. Designers, builders, operators and breakers. Coding solutions to ensure provability and confidence in our products.

Designing for the customer whilst building capabilities within the developer's world means we can truly aspire to achieve incredible impact through modern, or novel approaches to our software development.