To learn more about what you can expect as a CommBank engineer, we chatted to three of our newly appointed Distinguished Engineers about why they believe it’s the most exciting time to join us and what they’re looking for in their engineering teams. 

Brendan, Chief Information Officer/Distinguished Engineer

“We're building tomorrow’s bank today, which means we need creative and diverse engineers to be working out what that looks like. Discovering new technologies on the horizon that aren’t yet invented and bringing all of that together into products that customers can use right now.

It’s such an exciting time to join us as an engineer – we’re in a period where technology is accelerating and disrupting. We have a really important role to play in the Australian economy and in helping our customers embrace that innovation. We’re focused on empowering our engineers and giving them the tools and the ability to solve creative problems.

Engineers are the engine room behind how we make our products work, they're involved in everything from the day-day operations of the running of our systems, to building every single product that we provide to customers.

One of my top priorities is building teams of people from diverse backgrounds – approaching complex problems in different ways, who then come together and solve them as a team. We don’t want teams of people who are approaching problems with the same type of thinking, we’ll never get tomorrows solutions today by working in that way.

There a couple of things I always look for in every engineer. First is curiosity – really wanting to understand how things work. Second is the desire to optimise, constantly improve and make things better every day. We're assembling the smartest engineers from around Australia and the rest of the world. There's so many people you can learn from and so many skills you can learn by joining us on this journey.”

Andrew, GM Operations Technology/Distinguished Engineer

“What’s exciting about CommBank is the scale and impact we have across Australia – we've got some incredibly important problems to solve. To give people an idea of our scale, we process around 40% of payments that flow through the Australian economy, and we see millions of data points flowing through our systems every day. I think about CommBank as being important to all Australians and solving engineering problems that can make such a difference to people’s lives is really exciting.

I’m looking for people who have a desire to solve complex problems. Who care deeply about customer issues and want to find every aspect of the problem, turn it over and think about it in different ways.

One of the things I love about our engineering teams is the wide variety of people you work alongside. We have people from all walks of life and they're all brilliant in their own unique way. I believe that in the end it’s the teams that win, not the individuals and the winning teams are the diverse teams.

If you’re looking for a role that’s going to make a real difference, it’s a great time to join us. At CommBank you'll be given the opportunity to solve critical engineering challenges as well as complex challenges for Australia.”

Martin, Distinguished Engineer

“There are a few key things I look for in engineers. Firstly I believe to be a great engineer, you need to start with problem solving, the ability to think outside the box and solve problems in new ways. I love to see a sparkle in engineer’s eyes when they solve those really tricky problems, and the passion that they have when they see customers using our products.

The next is team work – this isn't a single player game. I’m interested in people who can build something as a team and ensure that it’s sustainable for the long term.

Being customer focused is another important quality – everything you do must be with making a difference to the customer in mind. I love to see people who understand what the customer needs then go on to build solutions for them.”

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