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Beryl Women – $10,000 

Beryl Women provides crisis and transitional accommodation for women and children escaping domestic and family violence. As well as providing shelter, the refuge aims to enhance its clients’ health and safety with weekly women’s groups, children’s support and family social activities, while helping them increase their knowledge and build confidence to manage future crises. This Community Grant will enable Beryl Women to continue to operate their School Holiday Program for children and youth affected by domestic violence. The program increases resilience by helping children explore areas of personal interest, including sport and art. By reaching out to families through the community it seeks to build positive relationships which will also benefit the school community as a whole.

Canberra Mothercraft Society – $10,000 

Canberra Mothercraft Society provides vital health services to families of young children in the ACT and the surrounding region. By identifying gaps in family services, the society creates programs for post-natal assistance, parental support and toddler behavioural issues, providing early intervention to promote healthy lifestyle choices and make the transition into parenthood easier. This Community Grant will help fund an expanded support program for 150 expectant mothers under the age of 21, a group with a higher prevalence of physical and mental health needs. Through a series of practical and educational sessions, it will support young parents with stress management and nutritional advice to promote the physical, emotional and social development of their infant.

Communities@Work – $10,000 

Communities@Work aims to create a resilient and socially inclusive community that cares for the wellbeing of its most vulnerable members through all stages of life. It provides a safe environment for at-risk young people to reach their potential, while offering support to families experiencing hardship, and helping the frail and aged. This Community Grant will support the Yellow Van Food Rescue Service, an initiative to provide 900 at-risk children and young people with nutritious meals to improve their health and wellbeing. By collecting excess food from retailers, caterers and institutions, it delivers meals to breakfast and lunch programs to assist school-aged children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

International Association of Infant Massage Australia – $9,464 

The International Association of Infant Massage provides parenting education during the most critical period in child development to reduce the risk of child abuse, developmental delays and behavioural issues. Through low-cost education programs for parents of infants, it supports the development of key parenting skills to deliver better outcomes for children of parents with a mental illness. This Community Grant will offer a full scholarship to three youth or child protection workers in direct contact with young parents in out-of-home care. The scholarship will cover the costs of attending a nationally accredited training program, plus a stipend for airfare and accommodation, qualifying each worker to deliver the International Association of Infant Massage program and providing practical tools to support parents and reduce risks for children.

Malkara School – $9,043 

Malkara offers quality education for students with a significant intellectual disability and other associated impairments. It provides specialised programs catering to the children’s varied individual needs in a positive, student-centred environment so they can develop and grow to their full potential. This Community Grant will enable Malkara School to replace and supplement equipment for sensory support programs delivered to more than 100 students with physical disabilities. This funding will provide specialist equipment to meet the particular auditory, visual and tactile needs of students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


A Taste of Paradise Organic Farm – $4,590 

A Taste of Paradise is a farm-based early intervention, education and training service for disadvantaged youth aged 13 to 21. In addition to disability and mental health support programmes, it builds relationships with local schools and enables young people and adults to enter or re-engage with the workforce through work experience and agricultural training. This Community Grant will be used to engage students in a sustainability program that delivers a range of farm-based activities and agricultural training. It will fund a tractor-mounted chipper students can use to help maintain an organic vegetable garden and farm property, while learning about recycling, land management and sustainability.


Ability Options – $10,000 

Ability Options helps more than 3,500 people with a disability across NSW exercise choice and control in their lives. Through the provision of case managers, vocational training and supported living, the Transition to Work program builds life skills in young people, helping to build their independence and success in ongoing employment, enriching the workforce and the community. This Community Grant will facilitate the delivery of SkillAbility, a tailored program for 80 young people with a disability in three specialist schools in Coreen, Halinda and Niland. By exposing young people to workplace expectations through role-modelling and self-esteem building exercises, it educates and supports students in the transition from school to work, empowering them to improve and achieve their post-school choices.


Allambi Youth Services – $9,600 

Allambi Youth Services works with other organisations to provide high-quality support for out-of-home care children. It recruits and trains foster carers to find appropriate long term placements for children, as well as running a residential program for children whose behaviours or background may make them unsuitable for foster care. This Community Grant will allow 12 children aged between 5 and 11 years of age to take part in a Play Therapy program. These children have been exposed to, or have suffered from, sexual abuse, neglect or domestic violence. Play Therapy provides a way for them to work through their trauma in a safe environment, helping minimise mental health and behavioural issues. The program will also offer sessions to parents and carers to help break the cycle of trauma.


Amputee Association of Sydney – $8,540 

The Amputee Association of Sydney assists new amputees with peer support, education and comfort. With outreach to all ages, it gives children with congenital or amputated limbs, and their families, the opportunity to connect with others. Its annual camp at Cobbitty engages and empowers interstate attendees while reducing social isolation and loneliness. This Community Grant will support Teen Amp Camp, Australia’s only camp for teens with limb loss or congenital limb differences. The Amputee Association gives up to 30 young people the opportunity to meet others with similar challenges and experiences, while being supported by healthcare professionals and engaged in recreational, creative and physical activities and informative workshops.


Arnold Tink House – $9,976 

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program at Arnold Tink House assists students across Australia who have fallen behind in their education, due to high absence as a result of serious or chronic illness, accident or surgery. It works with almost 1,000 students at all stages of their education, allocating teachers for individual tutoring to target specific educational needs, in order to improve numeracy and literacy skills and self-esteem for students. This Community Grant will assist six isolated students in remote or rural areas for their duration in the Learning Program, using a variety of educational applications on iPads. By downloading applications to target specific educational needs, students and tutors will work together towards achieving specific academic goals.


Arranounbai School – $7,000 

Arranounbai School is a multifunctional educational centre for 41 students aged 4 to 18 with physical disabilities, autism and medical conditions. By providing stimulating education experiences, it fosters the child’s physical, cognitive and social development, to help prepare students for community life. This Community Grant will allow the school to set up three wheelchair accessible garden beds and to build a concrete path for access to the henhouse, as part of its sustainability program. This will provide the opportunity for approximately 80 students to develop their self-esteem and improve health outcomes, through active participation in outdoor activities.


Aspire Support Services – $3,194 

Aspire Support Services provides support to people with a disability and their families, empowering them to exercise freedom of choice. Through a range of services covering respite, day care, supported accommodation and education, it enables people living with disabilities to set and achieve fulfilling life goals. This Community Grant will enable Aspire to implement a structured sports program for up to 40 children with disabilities, aged between six and 12. By introducing the children to a variety of sports, it will help them develop coordination while allowing them to form social networks and integrate into their local sporting communities.


Assistance Dogs Australia – $9,700 

Assistance Dogs Australia trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to place with people with disabilities across Australia, free of charge. The dogs can help increase mobility in wheelchair bound recipients, and alleviate loneliness for those living in specialised facilities and group homes. The group also provides companion dogs for children with physical and developmental disabilities. This Community Grant will enable the launch of Parents’ Autism Workshops and Support, for parents of children with autism to explore the benefits a dog can offer the family. The workshops equip families with the knowledge and confidence to look after a training dog, giving 50 children with autism the opportunity to experience greater independence, wellbeing and community integration, as a result of a dog companion.


Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation – $9,575 

The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports children living in a family affected by mental illness who take on the primary responsibilities of the household. It aims to redress this imbalance in young carers’ social, emotional and educational needs through delivering mental health educational programs, counselling and social activities to create strong support networks. This Community Grant will support the Kookaburra Kids camp programs to provide respite and education to 45 children who care for a parent or sibling with a mental illness. The program gives them a break from their usual responsibilities and an opportunity to engage in mental health education and age-appropriate activities, in a relaxing and safe environment.


Barnabas House Griffith – $10,000 

Barnabas House offers acute crisis support to young people and families suffering from depression, trauma or family breakdown in the Griffith area. It aims to reduce separation of families by providing residential support that enables children and parents to live together. It also offers counselling services, improving parenting skills to avoid children being removed from their families. This Community Grant will allow the expansion of the Gift of Hope Initiative to up to 240 children in the Griffith community who struggle with the effects of depression, anxiety and suicide. It offers access to counselling sessions free-of-charge to families and young people suffering from financial hardship, who are otherwise unable to access these services.


Barnados Australia – $9,850 

Barnados Australia protects Australian children in need, finding permanent solutions to issues such as poverty, mental illness, violence and disadvantage. It works with family members to provide children with the best possible home life as well as finding safe and loving homes for foster care and adoption. In addition, it promotes positive life choices for young people with a range of activity programs, mentoring and counselling. This Community Grant will allow the opening of Barnados’ Skills for Life program for 20 Aboriginal children in Warrawong. By focusing on children aged five to 12 at severe risk of failing at school, it will provide support with homework and other life skills, to boost numeracy and literacy, build self-confidence and help resolve personal issues among young students.


Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre under the auspices of Berkeley Vale Neighbourhood Centre – $10,000 

Bateau Bay Neighbourhood Centre provides information, support and referral services to the local community living within a large social housing estate. By creating a safe and protective environment, it aims to build life skills and support the wellbeing of community members while catering for practical needs through financial assistance and low-cost food centres. It also boosts education outcomes for children with the provision of a library, tutoring services and social activities for healthy peer interaction. This Community Grant will assist the Children’s Homework Support Program, providing Maths and English group tutoring to 90 children and young people from Year 3 to Year 7. Through encouragement and education, it increases their confidence and promotes their abilities and talents, while providing a safe and healthy environment for social interaction.


Bathurst Women and Children’s Refuge – $9,800 

The Bathurst Women and Children’s Refuge provides short-term, safe, supported accommodation for women and children at risk of homelessness or escaping domestic and family violence. It empowers victims of domestic violence through advocacy while addressing their immediate needs with the help of dedicated crisis and child support workers. The Refuge also reaches out to regional and rural communities through intervention, prevention, educational and awareness programs. This Community Grant will support a School Holiday program for up to 500 children aged between four and 18 who are, or were, living in a household with domestic and family violence. The program will provide children with a break from the stress of their living situation as well as the opportunity to have fun playing sport and connecting with other children.


Be Centre Foundation – $10,000 

Be Centre works to improve the wellbeing of children under 13 whose lives have been impacted by violence, illness, abuse or other trauma. Its Play Therapy program offers a safe environment for children to use the natural medium of play for storytelling purposes, helping them make sense of their experiences and restore trust and confidence. It also works with parents to ensure better outcomes and to break the cycle of harm. This Community Grant will provide five Play Therapy scholarships to children in Sydney’s Northern Beaches who have experienced trauma, and whose financial situation would otherwise exclude them from vital therapeutic support. This will allow access to effective treatment for processing their emotional issues, helping to relieve pressure within families.


Bondi Outreach Project – $9,500 

Bondi Outreach Project is a street-based youth outreach service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney that runs a Friday night patrol between Bondi and La Perouse. It provides crisis help, first aid and safe transport, and acts as a liaison between police, service providers and young people, helping build a safer environment for youth and the wider community. This Community Grant will enable Bondi Outreach to deliver its comprehensive program to 60 disadvantaged children, aged between 11 and 18, who are at risk of making poor life choices. Through extensive mentoring and case management, they will be helped to develop more positive actions and attitudes, diverting them from risky behaviours and facilitating better health and wellbeing, as well as improved vocational and educational outcomes.


Bush Children’s Education Foundation of NSW – $10,000 

The Bush Children’s Education Foundation enables children from remote communities to gain access to secondary and tertiary education. By providing financial support to children in outback NSW to attend school on a daily basis, it opens up opportunities for classroom learning and peer interaction, ensuring no child is deprived of schooling due to isolation or financial hardship. This Community Grant will enable the Bush Children’s Education Foundation to offer financial support to 44 students from isolated communities. Through boarding bursaries, TAFE and university scholarships, HSC leavers will be assisted to gain further education or vocational training, counteracting the lack of skilled young workers in rural areas.


Camp Breakaway – $10,000 

Camp Breakaway is committed to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and their families and carers. Through its specialty camps, it provides much-needed relief for families and carers, with an opportunity for a short respite from their carer role. It also supports families and carers with community training in the care of people with disabilities, as well as the frail and aged. This Community Grant will enable 53 young carers to attend a four-day respite camp. Engaging in activity programs that build self-esteem and foster friendships, they’ll have the opportunity to learn skills to help them cope with the challenges of being a carer, while developing tolerance and maturity to become stronger adults.


Cancer Patients Foundation – $9,600 

The Cancer Patients Foundation aims to improve the wellbeing and confidence of people undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer. It runs the Look Good Feel Better program, providing free workshops for 10,000 women, men and teens to help them manage the appearance-related side-effects that may be caused by cancer treatment, building the confidence and self-esteem of cancer patients. This Community Grant will increase the number of cancer patients benefitting from the Look Good Feel Better program by boosting the quality of a home-delivered Confidence Kit that helps patients unable to attend workshops. By producing an instructional DVD to complement the kit, it will offer remote patients the ability to be guided through each stage of the process with expert advice, empowering a greater number of people to face cancer with confidence.


Canteen – $9,430 

CanTeen supports young people who been diagnosed with cancer or have a sibling with cancer, enabling them to cope with the physical, emotional and practical impacts of this devastating disease. It provides specialist hospital care, counselling and individual assistance as well as information and peer support programs designed for the unique needs of young people. This Community Grant will support a three day CanTeen camp for around 50 young people living with cancer or with a family member who has cancer. Through discussions, recreation activities and workshops, it will provide participants with much-needed respite and peer support for their cancer experience, contributing to better mental health and wellbeing as they embark on their adult lives.


Catherine Sullivan Centre – $9,900 

Catherine Sullivan Centre provides early intervention services for the families of babies and children under six with hearing impairments. Using an auditory–verbal approach, the Centre works in partnership with parents to teach children to use hearing aids and cochlear implants to develop their communication skills and transition to mainstream education. This Community Grant will enable the Catherine Sullivan Centre to continue essential speech pathology services to 23 deaf children. Through the delivery of assessment and therapy, it will focus on early intervention and enable individual goal setting to facilitate the transition to school.


Central Coast Kids in Need – $8,000 

Central Coast Kids in Need assists local families with accommodation costs, so they can stay with sick children who are undergoing specialised treatment in Sydney and Newcastle hospitals. It enables parents without the financial means to pay for accommodation to provide emotional support for their children during their hospital stay. This Community Grant will help around 200 families living on the Central Coast to support a child with serious illness through their frequent or prolonged hospital visits. By covering travel costs, it alleviates parents’ financial burden and helps keep local families together through times of crisis.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance – $10,000 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance helps people with cerebral palsy achieve independence and live as full a life as possible, delivering life changing therapy and support services for children, adults and families. In addition, it advocates disability awareness while driving the push for greater research into the causes and a cure for cerebral palsy. This Community Grant will enable the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to run the Conductive Education Program, providing a group-based learning environment for 20 children with cerebral palsy. Taking a holistic approach to developing daily life skills and improving children’s speech and movement abilities, it aims to reduce isolation while building confidence and independence.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance – $9,486 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance helps people with cerebral palsy achieve independence and live as full a life as possible, delivering life changing therapy and support services for children, adults and families. In addition, it advocates disability awareness while driving the push for greater research into the causes and a cure for cerebral palsy. This Community Grant will support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s specialist service providing customised seating and accessories for wheelchairs, as well as communication solutions for non-verbal and partially verbal clients. It will enable the purchase of a range of equipment to lend to families for home trials, significantly reducing the waiting period for needs assessment of 225 children with disabilities each year.


Coonamble Girls Academy – $9,998

Coonamble Girls Academy provides leadership, sports and education programs to assist Australian youth suffering from poverty, sickness, misfortune or disconnectedness from their community. With a curriculum designed for secondary school Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, it offers formal education complemented by programs designed to ensure students achieve the necessary skills for further education, training and employment. This Community Grant will enable the implementation of two empowerment programs for 60 vulnerable and at-risk girls attending the school. By engaging girls in sport, the Glow and Shine initiatives develop students’ self-worth and confidence as they explore individual interests and talents, encouraging self-expression and helping every girl to realise her full potential.


The David Wirrpanda Foundation – $10,000 

The David Wirrpanda Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal youth and their families. Through promoting strong role models and community education on healthy life choices, it aims to improve Aboriginal student education outcomes and encourage re-entry into school or the workforce. This Community Grant will enable the Deadly Sista Girlz program, motivating and empowering up to 20 young Aboriginal girls at Doonside Technology High School to make healthy life choices through mentoring sessions about sexual health, drug and alcohol awareness and nutrition. It aims to ensure Indigenous students stay in school and improve their education outcomes.


The Deli Women & Children’s Centre – $2,085 

The Deli Women and Children’s Centre provides counselling and support services to women and children, with a particular focus on victims of domestic violence. In addition to delivering parenting support and family programs, it seeks to ensure that all women, children and families are healthy, safe and resilient, and engages them in community participation and connectedness. This Community Grant will support the Engaging Adolescents Program for up to 60 teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds. By helping young people identify normal adolescent behaviour and develop strategies for behaviour management, it promotes positive and respectful relationships and provides early intervention to prevent escalation of challenging teenage behaviour. 


Epilepsy Action Australia – $7,500 

Epilepsy Action Australia assists people living with epilepsy across Australia to optimise their life outcomes. By providing case management and training, it empowers people with epilepsy to manage their seizures and connects them with support services by phone or internet and in clinics and homes. It also works in community education to raise public awareness about the issues facing people with epilepsy. This Community Grant will enable the launch of Epilepsy Action Australia’s education campaign for 250 students in preschools and schools. Raising awareness and understanding of epilepsy will reduce stigma and create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for children and teens with epilepsy to enhance their performance at school.


Family & Community Training and Support – $3,980 

Family & Community Training and Support assists families, young people and disadvantaged groups to develop and lead successful, fulfilling lives. With a particular emphasis on empowering youth with a disability, it provides support and training to individuals and families through innovative projects that address the needs of young people in the local community. This Community Grant will support The Friendship Project, designed to give 10 to 20 young people living with a disability in Coffs Harbour the skills and confidence to develop and maintain friendships. It aims to reduce the impacts of social isolation by working with young people to identify and overcome barriers to friendship, enabling them to build support networks while fostering an inclusive and caring community.


Fighting Chance Australia – $10,000 

Fighting Chance enriches the lives of young Australians with significant disabilities, by empowering them to pursue their ambitions and fulfil their potential. Through innovative training programs, it provides the opportunity for meaningful social participation, employment and skill development. This Community Grant will enable 10 significantly disabled students in their last year of school or TAFE, to undertake work experience in a supported environment. Comprising training in workplace basics with practical experience in a social enterprise, it offers students a positive first experience of work.


Giant Steps Sydney – $10,000 

Giant Steps Sydney is a school catering specifically for children with autism, with a trans-disciplinary program that includes high-level, intensive programs for children and teenagers. By combining therapy and music with education, it delivers individualised programs designed to help each student reach their maximum potential. This Community Grant will allow Giant Steps to partner with Surf Life Saving Australia to offer the Nippers program to 55 students with autism aged between 5 and 13. This will promote a healthy and active lifestyle opportunity for students, which is essential for their sensory needs, preparing them for active participation in community activities while providing education in water safety.


Granville Multicultural Community Centre – $10,000 

Granville Multicultural Community Centre aims to make a real and positive difference in the lives of all community members in the Parramatta area by providing appropriate and accessible community services. Identifying needs and interests in the community, it provides practical assistance and financial, education and emotional support to local people who are disadvantaged or experiencing hardship. This Community Grant will assist the Homework Help program which focuses on high school students from culturally and linguistically diverse or refugee backgrounds lacking support at home or access to technology. Offering weekly homework support, it assists students to develop their skills and become self-sufficient, improving learning outcomes and school retention rates.


Great Lakes Community Resources – $7,600 

Homebase Youth Service, part of Great Lakes Community Resources, is dedicated to promoting the social and economic wellbeing of disadvantaged young people in the Great Lakes community. The service offers advice, case management, welfare support and referral, and helps build skills through development programs for at-risk youth. This Community Grant will facilitate the delivery of the Save-A-Mate program to approximately 200 young people. Through a series of workshops providing education, service and support on key current and emerging health issues, it empowers young people to take action against alcohol related harm while teaching strategies and first aid responses to incidences of alcohol misuse.


Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service – $10,000 

Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service provides the Aboriginal Community in the Griffith region with quality healthcare. It offers a range of free-of-charge health services, as well as specialised workers to assist individuals with social and emotional wellbeing and drug and alcohol misuse, and to offer support for members of the Stolen Generation and their families. It aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices for all community members. This Community Grant will enable Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service to deliver a program for fitness and mentoring for up to 30 Aboriginal young men and women. Designed in collaboration with NSW Police and local Aboriginal leaders, it aims to reduce youth offending by engaging at-risk youth in fitness through boxing, or other gym activities, while providing mentors to support participants in making positive life choices. 


Gunawirra – $10,000 

Gunawirra operates projects in more than 40 preschools in outback NSW with a significant proportion of Aboriginal children in the student body. It delivers education programs on health, hygiene and nutrition, as well as self-respect, identity and environment, empowering young children to be connected to their culture while building the resilience to handle tough living situations. This Community Grant will enable the delivery of Gunawirra’s Five Big Ideas program to 250 Aboriginal children in centres across regional NSW. In addition to distributing 500 care packs containing bandages, disinfectant, toothpaste, soap and underwear, it aims educate on hygiene, domestic violence, substance abuse at home, and first aid, in order to improve health outcomes while connecting children to Indigenous culture.


Hear For You Limited – $10,000 

Hear for You runs mentoring workshops for deaf and hard of hearing teenagers in high school. While offering opportunities to form friendships amongst other deaf or hard of hearing teenagers, it teaches life skills and coping strategies to inspire and empower hearing-impaired youths to set and achieve their own goals. This Community Grant will allow Hear for You to provide four mentoring workshops for up to 96 deaf and hard of hearing teens currently attending mainstream schools. It provides an environment for participants to bond through team activities while building confidence for life. It also encourages parents of deaf teens to network and communicate their own strategies.


HeartKids NSW – $9,950 

HeartKids NSW supports children who are affected by Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) throughout NSW and the ACT. By taking a family-focused approach, it supports a caring environment for the diagnosed child, while advocating on behalf of the CHD community. It aims to raise public awareness of the vital need for higher levels of support to reduce the incidence of CHD. This Community Grant will support the HeartKids NSW weekend family camp, bringing together children with heart disease and their families to relax and create meaningful community connection for three days. The camp enables 90 children and teens to improve social skills and self-esteem, and overcome their sense of isolation by fostering mutually supportive friendships that continue to enrich lives after the event. 


The Helmsman Project – $10,000 

The Helmsman Project provides for troubled and disadvantaged adolescents through an innovative program based on coaching psychology and adventure education. Combining scientific research with a systematic approach to validate enduring outcomes, it enables at-risk young people to flourish and fully achieve their potential. This Community Grant will support the delivery of The Helmsman Project to 64 students from Year 9 who are at risk of not fulfilling their potential as a result of socioeconomic pressure. The nine month program builds life effectiveness skills through the integration of evidence-based personal coaching and adventure education.


The Humpty Dumpty Foundation – $10,000 

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation provides essential and often life-saving medical equipment for children attending 214 hospitals and health services around Australia. It also delivers funding to special medical training and education projects, as well as hospital visits and recreational spaces to improve the quality of children’s hospital experiences. This Community Grant will enable the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to purchase a life-saving piece of medical equipment for a new facility at the Royal North Shore Hospital. The addition of this equipment will potentially benefit more than 500 children a year admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit facility.


Inspired Vision Foundation – $9,000 

Inspired Vision Foundation assists low vision and blind children to achieve both academically and physically, offering programs, support and equipment to maximise learning opportunities. The Foundation also helps the siblings of vision-impaired children adjust to their living situation and feel appreciated. This Community Grant will fund sports equipment for the Integr8 program, designed to help blind and vision-impaired children integrate into the school community through sports and education. By encouraging participation and interaction through sport, Integr8 fosters acceptance and understanding of people with differences.


Kids Giving Back – $8,000 

Kids Giving Back connects young people with local, national and international volunteering opportunities through school service programs, youth sporting organisations and other social responsibility programs. These include programs supporting cooking for the homeless as well as visits to elderly residents in aged care facilities. It also supports empathy-building drama workshops in schools and provides overseas volunteering opportunities. This Community Grant will enable 15 young people to volunteer for Cook for Good, preparing meals at a community kitchen in Bondi and delivering them to homeless shelters, while also participating in GROW workshops that teach empowerment and enduring life skills. Designed as a strategic response to both the needs of at-risk youth and the homeless community, it educates young people in empathy and positive community participation.


KidsXpress – $10,000 

KidsXpress Life provides a world-first expressive therapy program for children impacted by emotional trauma. Using a unique combination of music, art, drama and play therapies, our program enhances the emotional wellbeing of children between 5 and 14 who have been impacted by abuse, neglect, violence or grief. It empowers children to creatively express their feelings through storytelling and art techniques, building coping strategies and confidence. This Community Grant will support four children affected by trauma to complete the KidsXpress Life therapy program, by covering all associated costs, including therapy, art and drama materials and communication workshops. This enables children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to process their experiences in a safe and protected space.


Life Changing Experiences Foundation – $10,000 

Life Changing Experiences Foundation empowers vulnerable teenage girls to make positive life choices through participation in the SISTER2sister program. Targeting underprivileged girls between 12 and 18, the program seeks to re-engage them with community life, particularly where cultural isolation is an issue, for example, those with Indigenous, refugee or migrant backgrounds. This Community Grant will enable 50 disadvantaged teenage girls in Sydney to take part in the SISTER2sister program, a unique eight-month mentoring and risk management program. Beginning with a four-day boot camp, the program assigns a Big Sister mentor to each of the girls, to act as a positive role model and provide support, guidance and advice.


Lifebridge East – $10,000 

Lifebridge provides support and services to people suffering from disabilities, dementia and frailty as a result of ageing, together with their carers and families. It enables people to live meaningful lives and fosters community participation through social and recreation activities, holidays, respite programs and assistance with personal care and independent living. This Community Grant will enable Lifebridge to run a weekend camp for 13 children who have siblings with a disability, identified as an at-risk group whose needs are often unmet. The camp will help to improve the health and wellbeing of these children by giving them an opportunity to network and share experiences with the support of trained staff and therapists.


Luke Priddis Foundation – $10,000 

The Luke Priddis Foundation caters for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through support groups and early intervention programs designed to foster communication and creativity, it aims to improve the lives of children with ASD, promoting social inclusion and raising community awareness and understanding. This Community Grant will enable the introduction of a Sensory Gym Occupational Therapy group for children with ASD in Penrith. By providing a group occupational therapy service at an affordable price to the local community, the grant will help up to 40 children develop their sensory skills while building a peer support network.


Lutanda Children’s Services – $10,000 

Lutanda runs holiday camps for children with developmental disabilities, providing them with a unique holiday experience that they would otherwise be excluded from. It runs activities tailored to campers’ individual level of ability, while providing parents and carers with a week of respite to enable them in their support role. This Community Grant will facilitate Camp Jono, an annual Lutanda event for 40 children with developmental disabilities. It aims to give children the opportunity for a unique holiday experience with one-on-one care to cater for their individual needs, and activities aimed at campers’ varying levels of ability.


Marian Villa Women’s Refuge under the auspices of St Vincent De Paul Society – $10,000 

Marian Villa Women’s Refuge assists women and children who have escaped domestic violence by providing short-term crisis accommodation. It supports women to move into safe living situations, offering assistance with finding long-term accommodation and connecting them to legal support, medical assistance and education services. This Community Grant will enable the creation of a purpose-built space for children at Marian Villa where they can access music, books and computer games with supervision and support. It will allow the purchase of technology and equipment, giving approximately 60 young people who have experienced trauma the opportunity for relaxation, recreation and social interaction.


Minerva School – $10,000 

Minerva School caters for Primary and Secondary students with special educational needs, particularly those suffering from emotional disturbances and behavioural problems. Its supportive and nurturing environment aims to give students the best start in life, helping them work towards community integration through personalised education, vocation and transitional plans. This Community Grant will allow the development and refurbishment of the school’s sensory room, enriching the sensory experience of 52 students, particularly non-verbal students and those with communication difficulties. The grant will be used to purchase LED Interactive touch technology and fine motor developmental switches designed to encourage interactive learning and control.


Mission Australia – $10,000 

Mission Australia is committed to enabling people in need create a better life for themselves, eliminating disadvantage and transforming lives. It delivers services that strengthen families and empower youth, providing pathways away from homelessness and into employment. The aim is to stop problems before they start, providing early support and forming partnerships for long-term solutions to pressing community issues. This Community Grant will enable Rossmore Community Preschool to build a sensory room for children with either a diagnosed disability or additional needs. Providing these children with a safe and stimulating space to process the external world will help them reach developmental milestones and facilitate socialisation and communication so they can transition to school. 


National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy – $9,850 

National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy works with Aboriginal young people in schools to support positive life changes through educational engagement, sports and life skills programs. With a unique grounding in Indigenous culture, the curriculum focuses on sport and wellbeing to engage students in their schooling, support their aspirations for the future, and inspire the confidence to help them achieve their goals. This Community Grant will support the Gambirrang Indigenous Cookbook Project in Dubbo, working with 20 at-risk Aboriginal students to complete a cooking course. Young people will increase their knowledge of healthy living, develop employability skills and enhance their sense of cultural connection, through interviewing family members, collecting recipes and publishing a professional cookbook, to be launched at a community event in December 2014.


National Centre for Childhood Grief Australia – $10,000 

The National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) provides support and counselling for children who have experienced the death of a parent or parents. At the NCCG centre, children have a safe place where they can share their experience as they learn to live with their grief. It also provides training and education for individuals, schools and other organisations handling the grief of children and young people. This Community Grant will enable 40 children to attend the CARE weekend, an intensive program of counselling and mentoring for children aged six to 18 who have suffered the death of one or both parents. Through adventure activities, survival techniques, teamwork and communication, it supports young people early in the grief process to prevent the development of social, emotional and physical problems later in life.


National Centre of Indigenous Excellence – $10,000 

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence delivers life-changing programs and breakthrough learning experiences to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. Through engagement in the arts, the Centre inspires creativity and identification with their rich cultural heritage. Meanwhile, by combining sport and education programs, it works to improve their health and wellbeing. This Community Grant will allow the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to extend its Afterschool Program to a further 200 young Indigenous Australians. By providing education, cultural support and social guidance to students, families and communities, this program works to create social change by empowering participants to celebrate identity and develop new skills, while ensuring that they remain in productive activities after school.


National SIDS Council of Australia – $8,499 

SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families. Through world class research, advocacy and education, it works to prevent deaths from SIDS, promote safe sleeping practices and support the needs of families who have lost a child to a fatal sleeping accident. This Community Grant will enable the development of an Android app for safe sleeping education, as part of the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping education campaign. With a target audience of the parents of the 300,000 babies born each year, along with child care workers and health professionals, the app will be the most effective means of meeting the high demand for information and education.


North Coast NSW Medicare Local – $10,000 

North Coast NSW Medicare Local provides clinical service to communities in the North Coast region, working to keep people out of hospital and promote better health among community members. It works closely with local Aboriginal communities to increase their capacity to improve the health and wellbeing of their people through delivery of First Aid training. This Community Grant will enable Medicare Local to deliver First Aid training to 48 young Aboriginal people from rural and remote communities with limited or no access to reliable health care. By equipping young people with emergency skills and First Aid kits, it helps reduce risk for the entire community while engaging young people in positive participation.


Northern Beaches Interchange – $10,000 

Northern Beaches Interchange supports children and young people with a disability across the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. It provides a range of services and support as well as offering respite to families. It aims to reduce the social isolation experienced by young people with a disability by engaging them in stimulating and challenging activities. This Community Grant will help provide a school holiday program for 120 children who have a disability, and who are generally excluded from mainstream services due to specialised care needs. Through a varied program tailored to individual abilities, children are engaged in sport and recreational activities, boosting social outcomes while delivering respite to families and carers.


OzHarvest – $10,000 

OzHarvest rescues excess food from the food industry to feed communities at risk, diverting good food from landfill and providing support to charitable organisations. It also provides nutritional education and training in charities and among marginalised members of the community with no other access to information about health and diet. This Community Grant will facilitate the NEST Outreach program to 48 youth aged 13 to 21 from low-income families in south-western Sydney who are living in transitional housing or at risk of homelessness. Made up of six sessions on preparing nutritious, low-cost meals, it aims to improve young people’s nutritional knowledge and enhance their wellbeing, while building social and living skills.


OzHarvest – $10,000 

OzHarvest rescues excess food from the food industry to feed communities at risk, diverting good food from landfill and providing support to charitable organisations. It also provides nutritional education and training in charities and among marginalised members of the community with no other access to information about health and diet. This Community Grant will enable the delivery of the NEST program to 28 adolescents in transitional housing in Newcastle. By working with disadvantaged young people aged 15 to 18 to provide information and skills for preparing and low-cost healthy meals, the program raises nutritional awareness, enhances wellbeing and fosters social engagement.


Pole Depot Community Centre – $8,000 

Pole Depot Community Care provides frontline health, skills development and children’s services to the St George community. Its early intervention programs deliver support through counselling and mentoring, and encourage the development of neighbourhood networks. By empowering young people aged 12 to 18, they reduce the likelihood of entering or remaining in child protection and out of home care. This Community Grant will fund a 12-month program of weekly workshops and activities for 220 girls in the St George area. Through skills-based sessions, the program will empower young women aged 12 to 21 by promoting greater health awareness, self-esteem and positive body images, offering an outlet for self-expression and fostering peer support and acceptance.


Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW, Broadmeadow – $5,600 

Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) bring together communities and the NSW Police in outreach to young people at risk of involvement of crime, engaging them in sports, education and recreational activities. It aims to promote the welfare of young people as responsible citizens by supporting individual and social activities that develop skills and leadership with the objective of youth crime prevention. This Community Grant will support Arrive on Time, an early-intervention program targeting truancy and anti-social behaviour. Engaging 40 young people from Newcastle High and Waratah Technology High Schools in fitness and healthy lifestyle sessions at the PCYC, it will also provide a healthy breakfast and transport to school to ensure their attendance.


Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW, Mt Druitt – $6,270 

Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) bring together communities and the NSW Police in outreach to young people at risk of involvement of crime, engaging them in sports, education and recreational activities. It aims to promote the welfare of young people as responsible citizens by supporting individual and social activities that develop skills and leadership with the objective of youth crime prevention. This Community Grant will help PCYC secure a lease with the council to establish the Blue Star Café at the Mt Druitt Community Hub. Using a social enterprise model, this business venture will provide work experience and accredited training for disadvantaged young people between the ages of 15 and 19, opening pathways to employment in the hospitality sector.


Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW, Bateau Bay – $6,500 

Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) bring together communities and the NSW Police in outreach to young people at risk of involvement of crime, engaging them in sports, education and recreational activities. It aims to promote the welfare of young people as responsible citizens by supporting individual and social activities that develop skills and leadership with the objective of youth crime prevention. This Community Grant will enable 16 girls aged between 12 and 15 years to participate in the PCYC Girls Choice program, working with Police for a period of 10 weeks to build capacity, receive guidance and be re-engaged back into a positive direction in their lives. By promoting self-confidence, healthy relationships, safety and independent living skills, and encouraging teens to stay in school, it aims for crime reduction and prevention.


Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW, Glebe – $9,700 

Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) bring together communities and the NSW Police in outreach programs designed for young people at risk of involvement of crime, engaging them in sports, education and recreational activities. It aims to promote the welfare of young people as responsible citizens by supporting individual and social interests that develop skills and leadership, while reducing the likelihood that they will be caught up in crime. This Community Grant will allow up to 22 young offenders or at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in Club Café 2037, a training program conducted at Glebe PCYC. Teaching young people the basic principles of working in a coffee shop environment and providing practical training in barista skills and customer service, it gives participants work experience to build their confidence and employability. 


The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation – $9,285 

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation runs the Youth Mental Health Unit at Bondi Community Centre, providing treatment for young people at risk of developing severe mental health disorders. Through early intervention, it prevents the emergence of more severe symptoms and aims to increase life expectancy through improved physical health. This Community Grant will support the launch of the Keeping the Body in Mind program, an integrated model of care focused on improving physical health in 50 youth at risk of severe mental illness. It delivers tailored lifestyle interventions through nutrition, counselling and aerobic fitness to enhance life outcomes for young people of disadvantaged backgrounds in South Eastern Sydney.


Red Gum House – $10,000 

Ronald McDonald Red Gum House helps seriously ill children and their families by providing accommodation for the relatives of children in hospital or receiving treatment for serious conditions as outpatients at John Hunter Children’s Hospital or Tamworth Hospital. It delivers learning programs to assist children in their transition back into school following their recovery, as well as family retreats that allow families quality time together to reconnect outside of the hospital or home environment. This Community Grant will enable the installation of a Special Needs Hammock Swing in the playground at Ronald McDonald House in Newcastle. Designed for children who have special needs or who lack the physical ability to use existing equipment, the new swing will help these children share in outdoor play and enjoy themselves alongside their peers, without the risk of injury.


Redfern Jarjum College Council – $10,000 

Redfern Jarjum College Council aims to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children located in inner urban Redfern who are failing, not attending or not achieving in the education system as a result of difficult domestic circumstances. By providing the child with educational programming and other necessary health and care services, it supports students returning to mainstream schooling with strong literacy and numeracy skills as well as emotional resilience and social strategies. This Community Grant will help provide ongoing support for 20 children attending the school, providing meals, uniforms and transport while developing skills in behaviour and health management. In addition, it involves parents in education by providing support with parenting skills and connecting families to basic community services, such as accommodation and medical care.


Regenesis – $7,830 

Regenesis Youth is an alternative education program that provides students with a Year 10 equivalent qualification. It also offers a range of personal development programs giving young people the opportunity to pursue their individual interests and talents, while gaining a greater understanding of their responsibilities to themselves and the community. It also helps ensure continued engagement with education by supporting transition into mainstream high school or vocational studies. This Community Grant will allow Regenesis Youth to instigate a creative arts program incorporating a 3D chalk workshop, screenprinting, painting and photography. These additional components will help Aboriginal students use cultural connection for positive self-expression and provide opportunities for intergenerational activities.


Riding for the Disabled Association NSW, Ballina and District Branch – $7,700 

Riding for the Disabled Association enables people with disabilities in the Ballina district to experience the enjoyment of horse riding. By participating in sporting and recreational equestrian activities, members build a sense of personal achievement as well as developing valuable life skills. This Community Grant will allow the building of a safe fenced area to carry out Equine Assisted Learning for 50 young people. Individualised learning activities support life skill development while building communication, balance and spatial awareness, empowering youth with confidence and self-awareness to help them succeed in their everyday lives.


Royal Far West – $10,000 

Royal Far West provides health services to children living in rural and remote NSW, working with families and their local health and education services, to deliver a comprehensive range of healthcare programs. It aims to make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of country children across the state. This Community Grant will provide a residential program for five families living in a rural or remote area, who have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder who is preparing to transition to high school. Through Royal Far West’s camps, children enjoy recreation and therapy to gain confidence and skills in technology, communication and behaviour management, while their parents and siblings benefit from support and information sessions.


Royal Life Saving Society of Australia – $9,750 

Royal Life Saving Society works to prevent drowning and facilitate healthy, active lifestyles by equipping all Australians with water safety skills. Along with advocacy and awareness-raising in the community, it provides practical training and aquatic risk management with the objective of turning everyday people into community lifesavers. This Community Grant will enable the expansion of the Active Adolescents program to around 65 young people from diverse cultural communities in Western Sydney with little or no swimming experience By offering classes for youth in a safe and fun environment, it aims to increase students’ motivation and develop vital water safety skills to prevent drowning, while promoting participation in aquatic activities.


The Sabian Mandaean Association in Australia – $9,700 

The Sabian Mandaean Association in Australia provides direct assistance to Mandaean refugees to improve their quality of life in Australia. Through individual advocacy, interpretation and referrals to service providers, it helps Mandaeans access basic health, banking, employment and accommodation services. Educational programs and language assistance build confidence in carrying out everyday tasks, while social and recreational activities connect Mandaeans in a support network that fosters participation in the wider community. This Community Grant will facilitate a youth soccer competition, promoting the health and wellbeing of around 400 young people in the Mandaean community. By providing a rewarding and engaging social activity for Mandaean families, the competition will help to create and strengthen a supportive network within the refugee community.


The Salvation Army – $8,012 

The Salvation Army offers practical and spiritual help to empower adults and children to maximise their potential. At Raymond Terrace, it connects families and young people through youth programs, camps and social events. It also runs a music program designed to strengthen bonds between young children and carers, while teaching motor skills and coordination through rhythm and music. It also runs after-school programs aimed at building self-esteem and resilience among teens. This Community Grant will enable Raymond Terrace to convert a large storage space within its facilities into a Youth Space. This will increase the capacity to develop additional structured programs to address the needs of youth in community. Programs include homework tutoring, anger management, team building and life skills education, positively impacting up to 100 young people who will use the space.


Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW – $10,000 

The Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW provides information, advocacy and support to family, friends and carers of people with a mental illness. It offers respite, mentoring and social activities for children who have a parent or a sibling with mental illness, designed to build resilience and equip young people with an understanding of mental issues and the importance of self-care. This Community Grant will help Carer Assist organise Fun Days for up to 80 young carers throughout the Manning and New England areas. This program allows children the opportunity to take a break from their caring roles and engage with other children in fun activities, as well as providing them with education around mental illness and resilience.


Sir David Martin Foundation – $9,500 

The Sir David Martin Foundation helps disadvantaged young people achieve their full potential. It funds a variety of projects centred on providing care, rehabilitation, counselling and support to address issues such as substance abuse, crime, family breakdown and mental illness. It also equips young people with practical life skills through vocational training, helping them find stable employment. This Community Grant will support the delivery of the Positive Attitude Changes Everything initiative in high schools in south-west Sydney. Working with 60 students who are experiencing learning difficulties or have disengaged with education, it focuses on improving confidence, motivation and behaviour by addressing key youth issues such as anger management, bullying, health and leadership.


The Smith Family – $10,000 

The Smith Family works in 97 communities across Australia, helping young Australians in need participate fully in education and empowering them to improve their lives. The organisation’s Learning For Life program is designed to equip students with essential tools and support to complete their schooling, while strengthening their families and the communities in which they live. This Community Grant will help sponsor five financially disadvantaged students from the Sydney Learning for Life program so that they can go on to study at university or TAFE. As well as helping with the cost of education related expenses, the grant will help students benefit from a Learning for Life worker, who will monitor and encourage their progress.


South Narrabeen Surf Lifesaving Club – $8,450 

South Narrabeen Surf Lifesaving Club provides aquatic safety to the local community as well as training and peer support for youth. By engaging disadvantaged young people in community participation, it alleviates isolation and introduces positive lifestyle choices, while building confidence and valuable skills. This Community Grant will enable an excursion for 40 Aboriginal children from Brewarrina to the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. For most of these children, it will be their first time visiting a major city, so they will learn road knowledge and safety. In addition, through physical exercise, water activities and First Aid training, they will learn life skills and return to their town with greater confidence and motivation.


Southern Community Welfare – $3,576 

Southern Community Welfare is a harm-prevention organisation that provides innovative, therapeutic services to families and individuals. With a focus on serving the community in the areas of risk, resilience and early intervention, it offers subsidised counselling, case management, support groups and education. It identifies and targets the needs of children through peer support groups and workshops for young people who are experiencing transition and change due to death, divorce or separation of parents. This Community Grant will support Seasons for Growth, an educational program for children aged 6 to 15 who have experienced significant change or loss in their family situations. It provides a safe and caring environment for young people to process their pain and confusion, while building resilience and developing coping strategies through a range of communicative, creative and social activities.


Southern NSW Medicare Local – $9,000 

Southern New South Wales Medicare Local coordinates primary health care delivery, ensuring health services are tailored to meet the needs of communities in South East New South Wales. The Youth Health Team supports the needs of at-risk youth by delivering health services as well as providing training for staff who work with young people. This Community Grant will facilitate a three day camp in Narooma for 70 young people with poor school engagement and attendance rates. The Resourceful Adolescent Program targets Year 8 students in Narooma High School and works on developing a sense of belonging and building coping skills in order to improve young people’s wellbeing and reduce risky behaviours.


St Francis Social Services, The House of Welcome – $10,000 

St Francis Social Services operates The House of Welcome, providing support and aid to asylum seekers and refugees living in Sydney. The House of Welcome aims to alleviate destitution and homelessness by providing transitional housing, income support and emergency assistance programs, as well as skills development courses to prepare them for their new life in Australia, while fostering community connection. This Community Grant supports the House of Welcome Community Connections project which provides regular school holiday social activities and an after-school Homework Help tuition program to asylum seeker children in Sydney. By assisting children to better engage and participate more fully with their community, it reduces social isolation and promotes unity, respect and understanding between asylum seekers and the wider Australian community.


St Vincent de Paul Society NSW – $10,000 

St Vincent de Paul Society supports young people from culturally diverse backgrounds affected by homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence or unemployment. It provides a youth centre and outreach programs for people aged 11–21, empowering them through counselling, education, nutritional support, sport and recreation. By nurturing young people in a safe and supportive environment, it allows each to grow towards their full potential. This Community Grant will support Kids Space, a therapeutic program for 20 children aged 11–13 who are experiencing difficulties with their studies and peer relationships. Providing early intervention at a critical age, it helps young people manage and overcome low self-esteem, depression or a home environment that is not supportive to learning or wellbeing, using music, art and sport to aid personal and social development.


Steve Waugh Foundation – $10,000 

The Steve Waugh Foundation supports treatment and research to improve the quality of life of children affected by rare diseases, often neglected by the health system. The Foundation is helping to give hope to child sufferers by providing medicine, equipment and treatment; funding education and research; and supporting targeted projects and programs. The Foundation also offers respite and recreational programs for parents and children to foster social interaction and support in a relaxed environment. This Community Grant will support the expansion of the Special Needs Unlimited Group camp, allowing an additional three families to participate in the Myuna Bay Camp. This program gives families the opportunity to spend quality time together, allowing parents to relax as children socialise and engage in fun and rewarding social activities.


StreetWork – $9,500 

StreetWork focuses on prevention and early intervention strategies for at-risk youth in Chatswood and surrounding suburbs. By engaging with communities to identify need, it aims to help young people aged between 11 and 18 by redirecting them through mentoring and support, empowering them to make positive life choices. This Community Grant will fund StreetWork’s eight-week program specifically designed to empower up to 100 males aged between 11 and 18. The program aims to develop adolescent males’ confidence and physical fitness through sport and recreation, and reduce social isolation to prevent further risk behaviours and improve participants’ employment outcomes.


Stretch-a-Family – $10,000 

Stretch-a-Family supports children and young people unable to live with their families because of abuse, neglect or other child protection issues. Its two residential houses offer round-the-clock care in a safe and supportive living environment. Stretch-a-Family also provides foster care placements and after-care support designed to enable young people in their transition into adult life. This Community Grant will enable Stretch-a-Family to deliver therapeutic services to 27 children in its residential homes and foster care. An integrated approach combining counselling, art, yoga, music, massage and play therapy will assist young people suffering trauma, so that they can recover and build resilience for the future.


Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation – $10,000 

Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick is a leading specialist medical centre for children, caring for more than 39,000 critically ill and injured children from across the state and nationally. In addition to providing emergency treatment, it operates an outpatient program and promotes the prevention and treatment of child illness and injury through research. This Community Grant will help run Positive Kids Camp Goodtime, the national camp for children and families living with HIV. It will allow up to 55 young people under the age of 17 who have been diagnosed with HIV, or who have a sibling with HIV, the opportunity to develop peer support and reduce social isolation while providing education and information in a therapeutic and recreational environment.


Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre – $10,000 

Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre provides cochlear implant services at little or no cost to deaf children, enriching children’s lives by encouraging the development of communication, speech and language through better hearing. Its early intervention program reduces the risk of social isolation and gives deaf children greater potential for becoming active members of the community. This Community Grant enables the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre to provide an outreach program to more than 80 children living in rural NSW following cochlear implant surgery. It supports young recipients through their post-operative period in learning to use the device, giving them the opportunity to participate in the hearing world, attend mainstream schooling and have the potential to gain employment.


The Ted Noffs Foundation – $9,108 

The Ted Noffs Foundation supports disadvantaged and socially disconnected young people through innovative programs to improve health, welfare, educational and vocational outcomes. Through residential and school programs and educational and artistic centres known as ‘Street Universities’, it offers a range of workshops and activities to engage marginalised young people while opening pathways for dialogue and social inclusion. This Community Grant will enable the delivery of the HipHoperations program to 700 students at Mt Druitt Street University. Using interactive workshops in music, writing, graffiti art and dance, it uses hip hop forms to explore conflict resolution and mediation, gender awareness and cultural diversity, aiming to enhance community cohesion and reduce intolerance.


Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia – $10,000 

Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia raises awareness about Tourette Syndrome (TS) in order to reduce the associated stigma for people living with the condition. Its education programs provide information to medical staff, carers and the community while teaching TS sufferers coping strategies that help them to manage their condition and alleviate social isolation. This Community Grant will support the Tourette Syndrome Association National Weekend Camp for 45 children with TS and their families. Providing mentorship and counselling along with self-esteem building activities, it gives TS sufferers valuable management skills and strategies, while renewing self-confidence to enable the TS community to advocate for themselves.


UnitingCare Singleton Disability Respite Services – $10,000 

UnitingCare Singleton Disability Respite Services offers activities and respite care to children with special needs and disabilities. It gives families and carers a much-needed break by providing a safe and nurturing environment with recreational activities catering to children’s specific needs, designed to allow them the same opportunities for recreation and participation as their peers. This Community Grant will fund the Celebrate Ability Afternoon Respite program for up to 50 children in the Singleton area. Through stimulating activities designed to expand the children’s range of experiences, it will help them have fun, improve motor skills and build social skills, while giving their parents the opportunity to take a break.


Wheelchair Sports NSW – $10,000 

Wheelchair Sports NSW is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with a disability through participation in sport. Using sport as a tool for rehabilitation and re-integration into community life, it provides low-cost opportunities to get involved in sporting programs, wheelchair-access facilities, and professional staff. This Community Grant will support the development of 10 promising athletes with disabilities, through the Talented Athlete Program (TAP). Comprised of monthly sessions with specialist coaches, offered free-of-charge, TAP aims to improve the health, skills and personal development of these young athletes, to prepare them for elite competition.


White Stone – $10,000 

White Stone provides a long-term residential addiction recovery centre, offering accommodation and treatment through a holistic program that addresses the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual needs of the individual. It aims to build resilience, reunite families and re-engage communities by educating and empowering individuals to transition into a life free of addiction. This Community Grant will support White Stone’s residential treatment facility for addictive behaviours, helping an estimated 200 young people from Sydney’s Parramatta area. It will aid individual mental, emotional and physical health through recovery from drugs, alcohol, gambling or other addictions, aiming to break the intergenerational cycle of addiction and decrease the prevalence of addiction in the community.


Wunan Foundation – $10,000 

Wunan works with Aboriginal communities in the East Kimberley to help build a better future. By focusing on basic needs such as education, employment and housing, it aims to reduce dependence on welfare and empower Aboriginal people to reach their full potential. This Community Grant will support 10 disadvantaged Aboriginal people aged 12 to 15 from Halls Creek, Western Australia, to gain access to high performing private schools in Dural, New South Wales. In addition to promoting constructive interaction between Sydney schools and Halls Creek District High School, it raises aspirations in the Halls Creek Community and improves educational and life outcomes for the students.


Wyong Neighbourhood Centre – $1,920 

The Wyong Neighbourhood Centre runs Phoenix Youth Support Services, a program designed to build on the strengths of disadvantaged young people and provide support with accommodation, education, legal services and other practical needs. It also engages youth under 18 in fun and educational programs to improve their overall wellbeing and sense of social inclusion. This Community Grant will enable the launch of Sticks and Strings, a positive mentoring program for up to 60 young people in the Wyong Shire. It aims to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument from which they would otherwise be excluded due to financial constraints, delivering musical training and access to musical instruments free of charge.


YMCA of Sydney Youth and Community Services – $8,880 

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) provides a safe space for young people to connect with each other away from the pressures of work and home. Through programs specially designed to engage the talents and interests of children and teens, it helps them realise their potential, build self-confidence and make smarter life choices that contribute positively to the communities they live in. This Community Grant will enable the YMCA, in partnership with Youth Express, to facilitate a weekly group fitness class for up to 80 students from Muswellbrook High School and Singleton High School. It will provide a friendly environment during school time for fitness sessions as well as discussions on health, personal development and life choices, promoting social and teamwork skills and positive engagement with school staff.


Young Women’s Christian Association NSW – $10,000 

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) supports vulnerable and disadvantaged people across NSW, with more than 50 early intervention programs that deliver housing, support, education and training. It aims to assist individuals, families and communities in developing the behaviours and skills to become strong, self-reliant and connected, breaking the intergenerational cycles of disadvantage. This Community Grant will support the YWCA school mentoring program for around 30 students in Years 5 and 6 from three schools in the Macarthur region. Through one-on-one mentoring sessions and skills-based activities, vulnerable young people develop positive relationships to support them through their transition to high school.


Youth Off The Streets – $9,600 

Youth Off The Streets provides extensive frontline support services and innovative programs for chronically homeless and marginalised young people in Sydney, throughout NSW and in parts of Queensland and Tasmania. It operates a food van, outreach programs and alternative education for disadvantaged youth, as well as a crisis refuge and mental health services to help address their physical and emotional needs. This Community Grant supports Project Alternate, a program that assists up to 20 disadvantaged young people living on the outskirts of Wollongong. Through the delivery of tailored workshops, discussions and a community gardening session to apply theoretical learning to hands-on therapeutic activity, it aims to engage youth in education while planning pathways to employment and independence.


Youth Off The Streets – $9,825 

Youth Off The Streets provides extensive frontline support services and innovative programs for chronically homeless and marginalised young people, in Sydney and throughout NSW and in parts of Queensland and Tasmania. It operates a food van, outreach programs and alternative education for disadvantaged youth, as well as a crisis refuge and mental health services to help address their physical and emotional needs. This Community Grant will enable Youth Off The Streets to launch an integrated program for 30 to 50 students of EDEN College, an accredited alternative high school for disadvantaged youth. With a focus on academic achievement coupled with holistic services to meet the students’ complex needs, the program empowers students with educational strategies and social skills to improve employability and life outcomes.



Foundation for Kids Australia – $5,000

Foundation for Kids Australia uses education to empower underprivileged children, by setting up partnerships between communities in the Northern Territory and youth education programs in Cambodia and India. The Kids to Coast program aims to provide a cultural exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous young Australians, building friendships and developing a future generation of strong leadership that bridges the cultural divide. This Community Grant will enable Kids to Coast Yirrkala to offer their educational exchange program to 10 Indigenous students in Year 6 at Yirrkala School. By providing new experiences and connections with Sydney students, the program raises cultural awareness and creates improved educational and life opportunities for the students.

The Smith Family – $10,000

The Smith Family supports young people in 97 communities across Australia to participate fully in their education, enabling them to create better options for their futures. It offers a long-term support program for children identified as being at risk of leaving their schooling early, giving students the tools they need to complete their education and strengthening their families and the communities in which they live. This Community Grant will provide a cultural exchange trip to Melbourne for eight girls aged 12 to 17 years from Tiwi College, where 99% of the students are Aboriginal people from the remote communities on the Tiwi Islands. The girls will be hosted by families from a partner school, giving them the opportunity to stay engaged in their education and countering anti-social behaviour that poses a risk to their quality of life.

The Song Room – $9,000

The Song Room provides more than 20,000 disadvantaged children across Australia with enhanced learning opportunities through music and arts. Delivering programs to 200 schools and communities, students participate in music and the arts to improve their academic outcomes and boost school attendance. Greater school engagement promotes higher self-esteem and emotional development and fosters a sense of community involvement. This Community Grant will help set up a six-month creative arts program at Yiprinya School for 200 students from diverse cultural backgrounds, living with high levels of social and economic disadvantage. The program aims to positively impact students’ personal and social development through teaching them music and arts skills and giving their teachers the skills to facilitate creative arts workshops.

The Synod of the Diocese of the NT – $10,000

Anglicare provides a diverse range of support services for individuals, families and communities throughout the Northern Territory. It ensures that the physical and emotional needs of the most vulnerable members of the community are met, by connecting people with food and accommodation services and providing mental health care and counselling. This Community Grant will assist Anglicare in building the first stage of a playground for children currently in housing and tenancy support. The Place to Play at Home program will offer children a safe environment in which to play, and reinforce peer relationships, while providing a positive child-focused meeting point for education activities to take place. 


1st Ipswich District Girl Guides – $1,582

Guiding provides a non-formal educational program for females aged five to 17 with an integrated approach incorporating life skills and self-development with community service. It empowers girls to grow into responsible members of the community and confident leaders. This Community Grant will purchase new camping equipment for the 50 girl guides in the Ipswich District. The extra equipment will allow more girls to participate in the camps program, building life skills and strengthening peer relationships in the local guiding community.

Able Australia Services – $4,911

Able Australia delivers high quality care and support for more than 4,000 people living with disability throughout Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and the ACT. The organisation delivers a person-centred service that respects the individual and improves the quality of life for people living with multiple disabilities. This Community Grant will allow Able Australia to purchase laptop computers and educational software for 16 children with complex physical and intellectual disabilities in the after-school program in Jimboomba. Engaging students through the use of computer software will boost literacy and enable them to complete maths and science subjects, improving their academic results.

All Abilities Mackay – $8,750

All Abilities aims to improve opportunities for people living with disabilities in Mackay. It operates a Therapy Aids, Equipment and Toy Library which is used by 170 people with a disability and their families, granting them access to resources that would otherwise be unaffordable or unavailable in this community. This Community Grant will enable All Abilities to purchase a Duet Bike for the library to loan to 85 children and 15 adults who are unable to ride a bike by themselves due to disability or intellectual impairment. This will allow them to ride with a family member, fostering community participation and promoting positive self-esteem.

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering – $10,000

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering works with students in Years 6 to 9 in Queensland, focusing on schools in regional, remote and Indigenous communities. It offers the Wonder of Science program which challenges students to undertake and present scientific research projects, building engagement and enthusiasm for science and technology. This Community Grant will allow the Wonder of Science program to be implemented across Tagai State College for over 200 secondary students. The program provides new learning opportunities for Torres Strait Islander students who are otherwise geographically limited in their access to science, developing their future learning potential and preparing them for possible further study in the sciences. 

Bayside Adolescent Boarding – $3,820

Bayside Adolescent Boarding supports marginalised youth and families by providing supported accommodation for adolescents, including young parents with children. Its drop-in and holiday programs reduce youth offending while counselling offered to children, teens and parents fosters and strengthens family relationships. This Community Grant will enable the counselling services to expand to reach more than 65 children to help improve their emotional wellbeing. By promoting healthy relationships and effective parenting, it aims to counter the effects of trauma and stress and prevent their re-entry into the child protection system.

Brisbane Writers Festival Association – $9,712

Brisbane Writers Festival enriches and connects communities through stories and ideas by delivering year-round literacy and reading programs across Queensland. It also holds the Brisbane Writers Festival each year, an event which engages more than 10,000 students, inspiring them to read and create. This Community Grant will support Word Play, a reading and ideas program for students aged eight to 16 years. By presenting workshops to young people, parents and community audiences about tools for safe and social online communication, it raises awareness about online bullying and digital identity, and promotes cyber-safety for teens. 

Camp Quality – $10,000

Camp Quality aims to improve the quality of life for 10,000 Australian children under the age of 13 living with cancer. It builds a supportive and positive network for children and their families through programs that incorporate education, performance and recreation. The camps also allow space to relax and reconnect away from the clinical hospital environment. This Community Grant will support the Camp Quality program for more than 600 families in Australia. This program is delivered free-of-charge and not only strengthens family relationships but builds positivity and optimism in the child, empowering them to cope with the challenges of living with cancer. 

Care Goondiwindi Association – $2,380

Care Goondiwindi supports the community in and surrounding Goondiwindi by providing quality leadership to help improve the standard of living for its members. It helps families through disability services, Indigenous parenting programs and rural family support while offering youth and community development to empower young people. In addition, it provides emergency relief to support community members in times of need. This Community Grant will go toward the Healthy Start to Healthy Minds project, which provides a healthy breakfast twice a week to 70 highly disadvantaged youth attending the Goondiwindi State High School. This gives them energy and boosts concentration levels, ensuring better academic outcomes at school.

Cooloola Noosa Life Education Association – $1,604

Colooola-Noosa Life Education Association delivers health education to preschool and primary school children through a mobile classroom, which travels between 30 schools. The classroom raises awareness about proper nutrition and exercise and the effects of drugs and alcohol, to promote healthy lifestyle choices amongst young people. This Community Grant will support Cyberwise, an education program about cybersafety for 4,000 primary school children aged eight to 12. Using animation, role playing and problem solving, these interactive workshops build positive relationships and support responsible behaviour online as well as presenting strategies for personal safety in the digital space.

The Cure Starts Now – $9,949

The Cure Starts Now seeks to eradicate Paediatric Brain Cancer (PBC). Partnering with renowned research institutions both nationally and worldwide, it supports and funds PBC research and raises awareness in the community to create real medical advancements in fighting PBC. This Community Grant will help support sick children through the There’s a Monkey in My Chair scheme. It will present around 150 students with a soft toy to hold their place in the classroom in their absences due to treatment. The program fosters compassion for sick children and empowers them to minimise feelings of isolation from their classmates.

Epilepsy Action Australia – $10,000

Epilepsy Action Australia helps people living with epilepsy across Australia, with case management and training to them to manage their seizures, and support services delivered by phone, internet and in clinics and homes. It also educates the community about the issues facing people with epilepsy. With this Community Grant, Epilepsy Action Australia will run a three-day residential program for over 50 young people with epilepsy and their families offering outdoor, recreational and physical activities based on adventure therapy. This will educate families about epilepsy management while building a sense of connectedness between children living with epilepsy.

Family Planning Queensland – $9,986

Family Planning Queensland offers sexual and reproductive health services as well as personal safety and sexuality education. Through expert resources and training, it seeks to promote safe sexual practices and respectful relationships in the community. This Community Grant will be used to launch the Keep Me Safe project, which will be delivered in ten playgroup centres, educating parents of children with a disability, and staff working with them about starting discussions about bodies and safety. These workshops will develop the confidence of parents and workers in providing sexuality and relationships education for young people with disabilities, reducing their risk of sexual abuse and exploitation in the future.

Glenmore State Primary School Parents and Citizens Association – $10,000

The Glenmore State School Parents and Citizens Association works closely with teaching professionals to facilitate excellent educational opportunities for the next generation in the Glenmore Education Precinct. Volunteers contribute to the school community through fundraising, mentoring and social activities, enriching school life for all students. This Community Grant will support the Glenmore Precinct Mind and Body Wellbeing Program to provide meals and snacks for students in the tutoring program. It will also help provide mental health and wellbeing education initiatives to encourage healthy eating and positive lifestyles among disengaged youth.

Global Care Australia – $10,000

Suncoast Care provides low-cost fresh and frozen food products to people in financial hardship. The sales of products from its grocery outlet fund a soup kitchen which feeds 60 people a week, and a school breakfast program that provides healthy meals to 1,300 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This Community Grant will allow the Schools Pantry Program to meet increased demand by providing a dedicated refrigerator cab to transport food to eight schools in Brisbane. Providing healthy meals for students from low income families helps promote good nutrition and improve physical health.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation – $10,000

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation improves the health care and outcomes for children being treated by public health facilities in the Gold Coast region. It aims to address childhood illness and disability by delivering equipment, offering therapy and funding research to raise the quality of life for young patients. This Community Grant will enable the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation to introduce a Music Therapy Program for up to 1,000 paediatric patients at the Gold Coast University Hospital. This program will strengthen coping abilities in the children to reduce stress and anxiety while empowering young patients with a means of communicating their concerns and feelings.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of Queensland – $9,584

Guide Dogs Queensland works with blind and vision-impaired Queenslanders to help them achieve an optimal level of mobility. It provides services to reduce the disadvantage of vision impairment and empower people to be independent and contribute positively to their communities. This Community Grant will enable Guide Dogs Queensland to conduct orientation and mobility training classes for up to 12 secondary school age children. It will provide them with the Trekker Breeze, an electronic handheld talking GPS device designed for use by the vision impaired, assisting the students to become confident, independent travellers.

Guides Queensland, Kenmore District – $9,725

Guiding provides a non-formal educational program for females aged from five to 17 years, with an integrated approach that incorporates life skills and self-development with community service. It empowers girls to grow into responsible members of the community and to become confident leaders. This Community Grant will go towards replacing the roof of Kenmore Girl Guides Hut, which is used by its 148 members each week. The design of this roof will protect the Hut from the effects of extreme wet weather and allow cookout pits to be built, The girl guides will use these pits to learn healthy outdoor cooking, and to host community barbecues, fostering community involvement.

HeartKids Queensland – $8,550

HeartKids works to improve the lives and futures of those children affected by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), providing high-quality, caring support in hospital and in the community. In addition to research and advocacy, the association is dedicated to providing physical, emotional and financial support for a family’s immediate needs with emergency meals, accommodation and crisis support. This Community Grant will allow 15 children living with CHD in Queensland to attend the annual HeartKids Teen Camp, to be held in Mt Victoria NSW. This four-day event gives young people with CHD the opportunity to form a support network and learn life skills, while participating in confidence building activities in a safe and supportive environment.

iSEE CARE – $10,000

iSEE CARE and iSEE CHURCH engage with school communities throughout Brisbane by operating a food hamper program to distribute nutritious food to disadvantaged families and students. They also address school issues by running anti-bullying seminars in seminars every year and motivating volunteers to repair and renovate local schools. This Community Grant will fund the iSEE school tours program, partnering with 30 schools in Brisbane to raise awareness on issues within their school that need to be addressed. It seeks to counter the effects of bullying and promote positive choices for students in grades 7 to 12 disadvantaged through their lower socio-economic position.

Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Queensland – $10,000

Lifeline Darling Downs & South West Queensland provides quality counselling and support services for individuals and communities throughout the South West Queensland region. Lifeline plans ahead to protect and support the community from the negative impacts that can arise from the challenges of modern life including addiction, family breakdown and social disengagement. This Community Grant will support Lifeline’s development and promotion of an app for young people in the Toowoomba and South West Queensland area who are experiencing mental illness, bullying and other social issues. By downloading the app onto their mobile phone, youth will have instant access to coping strategies and counselling support.

Mummy’s Wish – $10,000

Mummy’s Wish provides practical support to families while a mother is undergoing cancer treatment, taking care of household management and providing nutritious meals. It counsels mothers through their cancer journey and offers advocacy, connecting families with support services and government funding to help reduce the financial burden cancer places on a family. This Community Grant will enable Mummy’s Wish to create a resource that captures more than six years of intellectual property gained from dealing everyday with families impacted by a mother’s illness. It will help to prepare families for the enormous change accompanying diagnosis and treatment of cancer and provide practical coping strategies for managing feelings of stress and grief.

Newmarket State School Parents and Citizens Association – $8,000

Newmarket State School Parents and Citizens Association supports a school community of 230 students in fundraising efforts and conducting activities. It is involved in every aspect of school life from policy to financial planning, ensuring access to resources, material and facilities and contributing to the students’ wellbeing. This Community Grant will go towards the purchase of 16 new computers and development of a computer lab for the school community, which currently lacks resources. With better access to technology, students will develop vital computer skills as well as overall literacy and numeracy, improving their opportunities for future employment.

Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club – $10,000

Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club patrols the beaches of Noosa to ensure community members are safe in the beach and waters. It also reaches out to the community through the delivery of education programs designed to raise awareness about surf safety. This Community Grant will help to purchase a road trailer to store and transport beach and surf equipment. It will also provide a training manual and video for the Noosa Seahorse Nippers, a program that gives around 70 intellectually and physically disabled children the opportunity to develop beach and water skills.

Protect All Children Today – $10,000

Protect All Children Today helps children and their families to deal with consequences of abuse, assault and neglect. Through the Witness Support Program, it enhances protection for young people aged three to seven years who are required to give evidence in criminal courts as witnesses or victims of a crime, while providing advocacy for children’s rights. This Community Grant will help expand counselling services and play therapy for 65 children who have experienced domestic violence, family conflict or separation. This program works to improve the wellbeing and safety of children, teens and families while promoting healthy relationships and effective parenting.

Red Hill Special School – $10,000

Red Hill Special School provides highly adapted and individualised programs for children and students with complex support needs in Brisbane. The school has developed a curriculum that caters for groups of every ability, giving its students unique learning opportunities through therapy, special education and recreation. This Community Grant will support equestrian programs for students with a disability that will provide enjoyment and act as a form of therapy. It will also go toward introducing hydrotherapy and a gym at the school to boost students’ physical fitness and engage students in social interaction.

Redcliffe Peninsula Surf Lifesaving Club – $5,500

The Redcliffe Peninsula Surf Lifesaving Club provides surf rescue and first aid on Suttons Beach throughout the surf season. It aims to educate the community in water safety through outreach and awareness-raising programs, while training the next generation of volunteer patrolling lifesavers in the Nippers program for young children. This Community Grant will go toward buying essential beach, surf and safety equipment for the Redcliff Seahorse Nippers, helping intellectually and physically disabled children to develop beach and water skills. This ensures wider community participation for children who have disabilities.

Rosella Park School – $9,724

Rosella Park School provides a friendly and caring environment for students with moderate to severe intellectual impairments, ranging in age from five to 18 years. The school provides a specialised curriculum that supports the needs of the students while challenging them to reach their potential. This Community Grant will launch the We Have A Voice Too initiative to support 23 low and non-verbal students at Rosella Park through using alternative and augmentative communication devices. This innovative technology will help students in work experience and community situations, increasing their social inclusion.

The Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch – $9,210

Scouting is a youth movement which aims to help educate young people. Through instilling a value system in young men and women aged under 18, it empowers them to reach their potential as individuals and motivate them to play a constructive role in society. This Community Grant will allow the scout troop of Toowoomba to purchase new camping and water activities equipment, allowing 70 scouts to take part in educational outdoor recreation and water activities safely. As well as contributing to their physical fitness and wellbeing, it will enable scouts to participate in the awards scheme.

St John Ambulance Australia (Beenleigh Combined Division) – $3,658

St John Ambulance trains and equips cadets aged between eight and 18 in vital community services such as first aid and emergency response. By engaging young people in meaningful contribution to their communities, it builds life skills and boosts physical, emotional and social development in a positive environment of mentorship and role modelling. This Community Grant will allow St John to purchase CPR Training mannequins and a training defibrillator, which will be used to train St John cadets in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. This will enable cadets to provide a quality and professional first aid service at community events in the Beenleigh area.

St John Ambulance Australia (Maryborough Combined Division) – $1,157

St John Ambulance provides cadets aged between eight and 18 with opportunities to participate in activities that boost their social, physical, emotional, moral and cultural skills development, as well as learning invaluable skills in first aid. Cadets learn to be responsible and active members of society, with a highly developed sense of community service and self. This Community Grant will allow the purchase of a shade shelter for Maryborough’s St John cadets, making their environment more comfortable as they perform their first aid duties at community events and activities. 

St John Ambulance Australia (Kingaroy Combined Division) – $1,175

St John Ambulance provides youth development programs to cadets aged eight to 18 in the Kingaroy area, offering training in first aid and emergency response. As well as building vital skills in a positive social environment and improving personal development, cadets are taught the value of meaningful community involvement. With this Community Grant, St John will be able to purchase a shade shelter for cadets at community events, ensuring their environment is safe and comfortable while they perform their first aid duties. This shelter will benefit the whole community as it will be used as a first aid post to treat any members of the public who are hurt or injured at public events.

St John Ambulance Australia (Wynnum Combined Division) – $756

St John Ambulance provides youth development programs to cadets aged eight to 18 in the Wynnum area, offering training in first aid and emergency response. As well as building vital skills in a positive social environment and improving personal development, cadets are taught the value of meaningful community involvement. This Community Grant will go toward purchasing a projector and screen to help train St John Cadets in presenting information professionally. This will positively impact on membership levels, benefiting the entire community.

Suncare Community Services – $9,200

Suncare connects with communities across Queensland, identifying issues that vulnerable and marginalised groups face in order to help them to remain living in, and engaged within their community. It offers support in the form of education and advocacy in addition to direct services, counselling and home care. This Community Grant will support Suncare in engaging young carers aged 13 to 18 with easy strategies to improve their fitness and eating habits. Carers will learn the importance of good nutrition and build a positive body image while fostering their sense of inclusiveness, helping to ease their isolation.

SunnyKids – $8,619

SunnyKids supports children in the community who are at-risk, aiming to break intergenerational cycles of disadvantage through early intervention. As well as providing crisis accommodation for families, it raises literacy levels and keeps young students in school through a reading program and mentoring service. This Community Grant will support Mentoring Through Martial Arts, a program delivered to 480 students in schools across the Sunshine Coast that boosts young people’s re-engagement in school life. By providing intense physical activity, it encourages children to operate with discipline and control, positively influencing their attitudes and behaviours.

Sunshine Coast Health Foundation – $5,003

Sunshine Coast Health Foundation is dedicated to fundraising and ensuring the support of a quality health care system on the Sunshine Coast. It directs funds to areas of need in children’s wards, local hospitals and programs for at-risk youth. It also funds therapeutic camps for children and youth living in families affected by mental illness, drugs or alcohol, to promote awareness and raise quality of life. This Community Grant will be used to purchase much-needed equipment for Child Developmental Services, which will enable an expansion of the program, supporting up to 1,000 children with developmental disabilities. By providing therapy, psychology and pathology services, it will support families of young children who are at risk of developmental delay.

Townsville Legacy – $4,260

Legacy Australia takes care of dependants of veterans who served their country and gave their lives or their health. It protects the interests of children who have lost a parent by looking after 51 wards in Townsville, helping them build life skills and achieve personal growth. This Community Grant will allow Legacy to build a playground at Thuringowa RSL for 51 wards and Legatee grandchildren, providing a safe space for children to play and a central meeting place for the Legacy community. The construction of the playground will encourage these children to enjoy an active lifestyle and get physically fit.

Upper Mt Gravatt Kindergarten – $1,540

Upper Mt Gravatt Kindergarten aims to provide every child in the Upper Mount Gravatt Community with an engaging environment that encourages them to explore and learn. Focusing on young children before they embark on their school journey encourages personal development and fosters independent thinking. This Community Grant will help to create an interactive green space at the kindergarten that will raise children’s environmental awareness. With a vertical garden and waste management system, children will be encouraged to consider innovative uses of space in an urban environment.

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service – $5,958

West Moreton Hospital’s Laidley Hospital provides for the health needs of a rural community, and is a hub for health assessment and referral. It provides services for people of all ages, with a range of on-site services including an emergency department, physiotherapy and social work services. This Community Grant will purchase a vital-signs monitor that is specifically set up for use on children for the emergency department of Laidley Hospital. This technology is essential to safely assess and treat the 2,500 children who present to the hospital with illness and injury each year. 

Y-Care South East Queensland – $9,800

Y-Care runs a full program of benevolent activities for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in South East Queensland. As well as covering basic food and housing needs, it aims to re-engage people with society by providing a vocational school for young people and training for the unemployed and migrant families, improving their work and life opportunities. This Community Grant will help Y-Care expand its Breakfast Program, delivering healthy meals to around 3,000 school children every day in more than 60 schools across the greater Logan, Inala and Ipswich areas. Providing children with a nutritional breakfast not only raises their general health levels but also increases their academic performance.

Yoorana Women’s Domestic Violence and Resource Service – $998

Yoorana Women’s Domestic Violence and Resource Service supports children and young people in Hervey Bay affected by domestic or family violence. It delivers early intervention programs to youth at risk aged between four and 18, providing counselling and education to address family issues and support children’s wellbeing, reducing future incidence of domestic violence and promoting safer communities. This Community Grant will be used to support an in-school program for 140 children who have experienced family violence. Building resilience through a variety of resources that incorporate learning and play, the I Can Strengthen My Future initiative equips individuals to face personal challenges with a positive attitude.

Youth Plus Foundation – $8,505

Youth Plus Foundation provides an alternative and socially-inclusive education environment to children excluded from mainstream school because of personal, family or social factors. The Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre (DBFLC) is a non-fee paying school for more than 120 young people that offers a dynamic curriculum, helping students to build life skills and create better opportunities for their future. This Community Grant will enable students at Youth Plus to design and build an outdoor kitchen, which will help educate and engage young people and the community about the importance of nutrition and sustainable food options. By encouraging young people to make healthy food choices, it will improve their overall health and wellbeing. 


Arthritis Foundation of South Australia – $8,000 

Arthritis Australia provides support for South Australian adults and children affected by arthritis and their families. The organisation educates people living with arthritis through courses and workshops, provides telephone support and raises funds for arthritis-related research. This Community Grant will support the Kids Get Arthritis Too program, which provides welcome packs containing learning resources for 100 children with arthritis and their families.

Barkuma – $10,000

Barkuma assists approximately 1,300 people with disabilities across Adelaide to live and work in the community. It enriches society through actively including people of all abilities, providing employment and living support for its clients as well as counselling and advocacy services, improving all-round quality of life. This Community Grant will assist high school students with disabilities or learning difficulties to make a successful transition from school to work, or further study, through Barkuma’s State Transition Program. This program provides a solid learning structure for 100 students from 40 schools, ensuring skill development and increasing work placement opportunities.

Cora Barclay Centre – $10,000

The Cora Barclay Centre provides family-focused services to deaf children — from first diagnosis through to young adulthood. It teaches them to speak using hearing aids and cochlear implants through a range of music and speech therapy programs. The centre also offers support, mentoring and outreach to youth in regional areas of South Australia. This Community Grant will enable the Let’s Talk program to be offered to up to 20 deaf toddlers from low socio-economic backgrounds, providing them with weekly therapy through play. The program prepares the children for mainstream schooling and increases their learning abilities and communication skills, giving deaf children greater engagement with the hearing world.

Epilepsy Association of South Australia and the Northern Territory – $10,000

The Epilepsy Association helps to raise the quality of life for people in South Australia and Northern Territory who are living with epilepsy, and their families. The association provides clinics in hospitals and services in remote areas that offer counselling and support for epilepsy sufferers, as well as education and seizure care planning to help minimise the impact of epilepsy. This Community Grant will support the Epilepsy Seizure Mat Alarm Project which will provide 24 potentially life-saving bed monitors to children under 12 who have recently been diagnosed with, or are currently living with, severe epilepsy. Supplying low-income families with this technology enables them to monitor the child’s night-time seizures, preventing possible falls or even death.

Habitat for Humanity Australia – $9,050

Habitat for Humanity Australia delivers safe, decent and affordable housing in sustainable communities, offering people living in poverty a housing solution. It helps families on a low income own their own home by constructing and maintaining quality housing. In line with its community development goals, it also engages with disadvantaged youth, and unemployed and local community members through skills workshops and training. This Community Grant will help Habitat for Humanity expand its program that engages at-risk youth in constructing affordable housing for families in need. More than 90 students and young people will be given the opportunity to learn new skills, providing participants with a sense of empowerment, teamwork and the chance to participate in their community.

The Ladder Project Foundation – $10,000

The Ladder Project aims to break the cycle of youth homelessness by providing young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to live independently. In partnership with other organisations, it connects homeless young people with case management and accommodation service providers, empowering them to reach their full potential. This Community Grant will support the Health and Wellbeing program which helps improve participant’s health through training in nutrition, access to sports facilities and education in substance abuse. It also links young people to mental health services and teaches leadership and teamwork skills to encourage residents’ mental and social development.

Mission Australia – $8,500

Mission Australia is committed to giving people in need a better life by eliminating disadvantage. The organisation delivers services that strengthen families and empower youth, providing pathways away from homelessness and into employment. It aims to find long-term solutions to community issues. This Community Grant will enable Youth Beat to run monthly community barbeques, through the purchase of a barbecue trailer and equipment. These community gatherings will provide a place for young people to hang out, while giving participants in Mission Australia’s residential rehabilitation program the opportunity to help plan and run these events, building their confidence and life skills.

Novita Children’s Services – $8,344

Novita Children’s Services provides child development, rehabilitation and disability services to more than 2,000 children living with disabilities in Adelaide and regional South Australia, as well as offering support for their families and carers. The organisation helps children to discover their abilities and potential, and works with families to give children the best start to life possible. This Community Grant will upgrade and refresh Novita Children’s Services pool of trial equipment for young clients, their parents and carers. By adding a new stander, walker and chair to the pool, Novita will help 100 children overcome challenges in mobility and movement, and experience other physical, emotional and financial benefits.

Operation Flinders Foundation – $9,900

The Operation Flinders program runs treks and hikes in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia for at-risk young people aged between four and 18 years. Along with outdoor challenges, participants learn valuable life skills and Aboriginal culture, helping them develop their personal attitudes while building self-confidence, leadership and teamwork so they may grow as valued members of the community. This Community Grant will help Operation Flinders continue to provide quality wilderness programs for up to 500 disadvantaged young people a year. The programs will help create impressive pro-social change in the young people’s attitudes and behaviour and promote positive peer relationships.

Sammy D Foundation – $8,000

The Sammy D Foundation aims to educate and engage young people aged 12 to 18 about the consequences of bullying, violence and anti-social behaviours. Using media and community events, it positively engages youth with their community and supports them in building protective peer networks. This Community Grant will help the Sammy D Foundation partner with five Adelaide football clubs to deliver forums to 500 young players and parents on the impacts of bullying and anti-social behaviour, and the effects of drugs and alcohol. By addressing negative behaviour in sport, it aims to raise safety awareness, ensuring the clubs are healthy environments for young people.

Southern Junction Community Services – $10,000

Southern Junction Community Services provides quality accommodation and support services for 4,000 people in Adelaide who are homeless or otherwise socially and economically disadvantaged. It contributes to the safety and protection of children and empowers young people within the community, while supporting and promoting safe family environments. This Community Grant will support an early childhood intervention program to improve the health and safety of vulnerable children who are at high risk from their parents’ substance abuse. The program sets outcomes for the social and physical development of 30 infants and new-borns while educating parents to help them control and eliminate substance abuse.

Starlight Children’s Foundation – $3,315

The Starlight Foundation works to ease the loneliness and isolation experienced by seriously ill children during their stay in hospital. Offering a wide variety of games and activities, it seeks to build the child’s core sense of self by providing distraction from the pain and stress of their treatments while the Starlight Wish Granting creates meaningful experiences and supports the child’s quality of life. This Community Grant will allow an additional 85 seriously ill children access to the Adelaide Starlight Express Room, a program which boosts social inclusion and reduces anxiety.

University of South Australia – $9,599

The University of South Australia carries out vital research in the fields of health promotion, nutrition and physical activity. Through its supervision of the South Downs Primary School Edible Kitchen Garden Walking Trail and Physical Activity Program, it promotes exercise and healthy behaviours for primary school students in grades 4 to 7, living in one of South Australia’s most disadvantaged areas. This Community Grant supports the delivery of a nine-week intensive program to 200 primary school students at risk of poor health due to socio-economic disadvantage. Using edible walking trails, the students improve their physical activity levels and their fruit and vegetable intake while being engaged in inter-disciplinary learning opportunities.

Youth Opportunities Association – $10,000

Youth Opportunities Association aims to help disadvantaged youth by allowing them to participate in its unique Personal Leadership Training program. Through a 10-week program offered across regional and metropolitan South Australia, young people learn effective communication, set life goals and build confidence and motivation to become more engaged members of the community, reconnecting with their peers, family and education. This Community Grant will enable the association to offer personal leadership training to 18 Year 10 Students from Seaford Secondary College, helping them reach their full potential by re-engaging with school. By providing them with the skills and confidence to achieve their goals, the program’s positive impact will be felt not only by the students but the wider community. 


Break O’Day Regional Arts under the auspices of Tasmanian Regional Arts – $4,830

Break O’Day Regional Arts runs a weekly program for children and young people aged between five and 20 years in North East Tasmania. It offers a series of arts-based workshops for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to experience dance, music and drama, providing opportunity for creative development and leadership as well as personal growth. This Community Grant will allow Break O’Day to run a workshop in photo and video skills for up to 30 young people in the area, developing creativity and self-expression. In addition, this program will enhance youth engagement with the broader community and build positive peer relationships.

Burnie High School – $3,830

Burnie High School offers support to students with special or additional needs by organising community visits and access to cultural and sporting activities. As well as enabling community engagement and providing valuable learning experiences, this program aims to teach life skills that help build independence for the students’ future lives. This Community Grant will fund community outings for six students at Burnie High School, including a learn-to-swim and water safety program. Weekly visits to the local swimming pool will not only give the students vital skills, but also build interaction between students and the community, creating a sense of connection and fostering positive relationships.

Cancer Council of Tasmania – $10,000

Cancer Council of Australia works to minimise the incidence and impact of cancer on all Tasmanians. Through advocacy and education in the community, it raises awareness of cancer prevention in addition to funding local research projects and offering support and information to people affected by the disease. This Community Grant will provide a Cancer Council scholarship to cover post-secondary education costs for up to 35 young people aged 16 to 25 who have been impacted by cancer directly or indirectly through a family member. This will make it possible for recipients to achieve their future educational goals despite the considerable emotional, physical and financial challenges of cancer.

Hobart City Mission – $9,102

The Hobart City Mission aims to improve the quality of life for marginalised groups within the city of Hobart. Through its outreach program, it identifies need in the community and connects vulnerable members with practical support such as accommodation and emergency relief as well as counselling, crisis intervention and family services. This Community Grant will enable the launch of The Mission’s Small Steps program for young mothers at risk of homelessness or having their child removed into state care. Through the provision of support, accommodation and education, 10 to 15 mothers will build the skills to parent their children within a safe living environment, improving their chances of a positive and independent future.

Jireh House Association – $9,404

Jireh House Association runs 24 crisis and longer-term accommodation for women and their children who have become homeless due to domestic violence or other life crises. The houses offer a supportive environment in which families can recover from trauma by accessing and engaging with services to rebuild their confidence and bring healing into their lives. This Community Grant will allow the launch of two after-school programs at Jireh House for 125 children aged between seven and 12 that will empower them through therapeutic intervention to cope with stress, improving their health and wellbeing. It will also provide new beds to ensure the comfort of women and children at the centres.

Optia – $8,326

Optia seeks to empower people with additional needs to achieve their vision of a good life by providing support services along with recreation and leisure opportunities. Its lifelong learning approach gives people living with disability in Tasmania the opportunity to enhance and develop skills and life opportunities. This Community Grant will allow the purchase of two new beds at Optia’s respite centre in Latrobe to enable children with higher or differing needs to stay overnight. This will give higher-needs children access to respite, providing much-needed support for families to enable them in their full-time carer role.

Police and Citizens Youth Club, Bridgewater – $9,000

Bridgewater Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) caters to the children, youth and adults of Bridgewater and surrounding regions by providing sport and recreational activities along with education opportunities and health services. It aims to foster interconnectedness and inclusiveness within the community. This Community Grant will enable the PCYC to offer 20 places free of charge to young people wishing to enter teams in local cricket, futsal and basketball competitions. Including children from disadvantaged backgrounds in sports teams benefits the entire community, by reducing anti-social behaviour.

Police and Community Youth Club, Hobart – $8,250 

Hobart Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC) works with at-risk youth by provide low-cost sporting, recreational and social programs in a safe environment. It offers activities both at its centre and through a free outreach program that targets disadvantaged groups within the community, to help prevent social exclusion and crime, by promoting positive behaviour and community participation. This Community Grant will be used to provide free school holiday programs for young people aged between 11 and 15, who are identified as being at-risk in the community. These programs work to promote behavioural and attitude changes and counteract crime, while fostering positive relationships between the young people and their peers, schools and the police.

Riding for the Disabled Association – $4,000

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) enables people with disabilities to experience the enjoyment of horse-riding. By participating in sporting and recreational equestrian activities, members build a sense of personal achievement and develop valuable life skills. This Community Grant will allow RDA to raise community awareness at public events about the need for volunteers, and will train volunteers at centres around Tasmania. This will allow the expansion of the program to provide access to an additional 80 people with disabilities.

The Smith Family – $10,000

The Smith Family works in 97 communities across Australia, helping young Australians in need to participate fully in their education to empower them in improving their life outcomes. Its Learning For Life program connects students with the necessary tools and support to complete their schooling, while strengthening their families and the communities in which they live. With this Community Grant, the Smith Family will improve its service across four vulnerable communities in Tasmania. By supplying eight laptops for staff to provide program support and administration, it will enrich the lives of students at risk of leaving education and encourage them to re-engage with their schooling.

Special Olympics Australia – $7,000

Special Olympics Australia gives year-round sports training to children and adults with intellectual disability, through physical fitness and participating in the joys and challenges of athletic competition by delivering weekly sports programs to more than 600 members across Tasmania. With this Community Grant, Special Olympics Australia will operate a junior program, focusing on 60 school children in Tasmania to help them develop life-long healthy habits. The program will be delivered in conjunction with sports clubs and after-school programs, and aims to address barriers to inclusion and access facing children with disability.

St Giles Society – $9,900

St Giles treats and cares for child polio victims across Tasmania, providing a wide range of therapeutic and practical services free-of-charge. As the largest provider of respite, it offers support for families of children with polio. Early intervention programs ensure the children make the transition into school equipped for all mobility, intellectual and behavioural challenges. This Community Grant will support the St Giles respite service in Newstead, providing after school, overnight and weekend one-to-one care for children with polio. With new equipment for meaningful play and learning, the project will provide 500 children with skills training, helping them transition from childhood to adulthood.

Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite Tasmania – $6,474

Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite (STAR) provides accommodation, in-home and respite services for people with disabilities in Tasmania. It promotes client’s independence, boosts their overall quality of life and helps them to reach their full potential. This Community Grant will give 75 young people with disabilities access to Frasil, an innovative application that enables users to voice their opinions, ask for help and plan their day. This technology will support young people in a fulfilling experience in the STAR program and to facilitate more effective interaction and communication between clients and staff.

Training Ship Derwent Australian Navy Cadets – $10,000

The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) works with young people aged 12 to 20 from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering exciting and rewarding adventure and maritime activities with quality learning experiences. ANC encourages personal development and the vital skills of teamwork and leadership to young people through a program of sailing and navigation lessons. This Community Grant will help keep Navy Cadets warm during winter sailing, by purchasing 40 dinghy sailing smocks to reduce the risk of hypothermia. This will allow the cadets to operate a year-round sailing program.

Youth Family and Community Connections – $10,000

Youth Family and Community Connections supports youth and families on the North West Coast of Tasmania. As well as providing accommodation options and counselling for families and young people in crisis, it engages youth in the community through school and holiday programs, emphasising the importance of positive collaboration. This Community Grant will go towards upgrading equipment at Youth Family and Community Connections’ Junction, a youth hub and centre for community activities. This refurbishment will make the venue more comfortable and welcoming for 625 young people and their families, and allow the centre to offer a broader range of activities.


1st Mt Clear Scout Group – $1,164

1st Mt Clear Scout Group runs a full program of scouting for 170 young people in the local area to encourage their physical, emotional and social development. It enables young people to play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local and international communities. This Community Grant will allow the scouting unit to purchase additional camping equipment, improving the experience of scouts participating in overnight and weekend camps. This will enable the group to schedule additional camps and allow more young people to participate.

Australian College of Optometry – $10,000

The Australian College of Optometry provides affordable eyecare to disadvantaged Victorians in six Melbourne clinics. Through its Outreach Services, a mobile optometry unit caters to the needs of groups marginalised in the community by homelessness, poverty or disability to help overcome the barriers to accessing proper eyecare. This Community Grant will go towards developing specialised youth eye care education material to be distributed to thousands of students in Victorian schools. The material will help enable early detection, diagnosis and treatment for disadvantaged youth with poor eyesight by increasing awareness about the importance of good eye health and providing high quality youth eye care.

Bass Coast Adult Education Centre – $9,889

Bass Coast Education Centre provides a community education facility for young people aged between 15 and 20 who are at risk of leaving secondary education. It delivers a low stress alternative to mainstream schooling, encompassing a variety of education programs to maintain the students’ interest and build their self-esteem through action and achievement. This Community Grant will allow the launch of a pushbike program, where students will repair used bikes and donate them to others in need. This hands-on program aims to give the students a sense of purpose and achievement while teaching them mathematical, business and community interaction skills.

Bendigo and District Young Men’s Christian Association Youth Services – $10,000

The Bendigo and District YMCA provides 20,000 meals per annum through its school breakfast programs. Operating in five schools, it ensures students enjoy a healthy breakfast once a week, increasing school attendance in low socio-economic areas. This Community Grant will support the program in the 2014–2015 school year, operating in some of the lowest socio-economic areas in Bendigo. By providing a healthy breakfast, it aims to improve not only the children’s physical health but their social and mental wellbeing.

Big Brothers – Big Sisters Australia – $10,000

Big Brothers - Big Sisters supports vulnerable children by providing them with guidance, friendship and a long-term positive role model with a volunteer adult mentor. It helps give children a brighter future by empowering them to reach their potential and make positive behavioural changes, building their self-worth and trust. This Community Grant will support Big Futures, an early intervention program which identifies and supports Year 7 to 9 students at risk of disengaging from school. In providing mentorship, the program works to increase motivation for school engagement and create better life opportunities.

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria – $8,180

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria works to empower blind and vision-impaired people in Victoria to lead active and healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation. It creates opportunities for 1,000 members of all ages and backgrounds to become involved in competitive sports, recreation and social events to help them improve physical fitness, emotional wellness and social inclusion. This Community Grant will enable Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria to introduce a blind football program for vision-impaired children in mainstream government schools. This will help combat obesity rates in blind and vision-impaired children, improve physical fitness and promote independence and engagement by providing community activity with sighted peers. 

Boots for All – $10,000

Boots For All aims to create an active and socially inclusive Australia through sport, by collecting and distributing new and used sports equipment to disadvantaged teams across the country. Breaking down the barriers to sport participation helps to relieve poverty, suffering and social exclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and adults. This Community Grant will enable Boots For All to extend their project, helping disadvantaged teams. The project helps vulnerable Australian children and youth get involved in organised sport, improving their physical health and giving them the chance to participate in their community.

The Brainwave Trust – $10,000

The Brainwave Trust helps children to cope with and overcome brain disorders or acquired brain injury and provides assistance to more than 800 families across Victoria and NSW. It creates a support network through a community activities program, and funds specialised ongoing therapies and equipment for mobility and rehabilitation. This Community Grant will help The Brainwave Trust assist families in adapting to their changed circumstances once their child leaves hospital. Providing children with the right tools in their home environment encourages their rehabilitation process, enabling them to actively reengage with family, school and community activities.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation – $9,800

Bully Zero Australia Foundation works towards establishing a zero-tolerance culture of bullying in Australia by promoting positive behavioural changes. The Foundation raises community awareness about bullying through education programs in schools, workplaces and sporting clubs, providing support and care for bullying victims and ensuring anti-bullying laws are implemented and enforced. This Community Grant will support Bully Zero’s 48-Hour Digital Detox, an initiative which encourages young Australians from 35 schools to disconnect from social media for 48 hours and take a stand against cyber bullying. The initiative helps raise awareness among young people about the inappropriate use of social media while raising funds for cyber safety and anti-bullying workshops.

Children’s Charity Network – $10,000

The Children’s Charity Network works with children with greater risk factors by creating tailor-made programs to build confidence and self-esteem. By focusing on the strengths of each child, it celebrates talent and enables children to reach their potential and believe in their own abilities. This Community Grant will support the Indigenous Youth Art program, promoting the artistic talents of Indigenous children across Australia. Through a series of arts and cultural workshops written by leading artists, the program aims to boost education and wellbeing amongst 2,400 Indigenous youth in regional and remote areas.

Children’s Charity Network – $10,000

The Children’s Charity Network operates the Books for Kids program to help children from low-income backgrounds improve their literacy. In collaboration with schools, social service agencies, preschools, and early childhood centres, the program provides new books for disadvantaged children with the aim of building their language and reading skills. With this Community Grant, Books for Kids will distribute more than 5,000 new books to children living below the poverty level, suffering from a learning disability or reading below their grade level. By working with at-risk children early in their learning process, they are able to avoid the problems created by illiteracy. 

Diabetes Australia – $10,000

Diabetes Australia is committed to minimising the impact of diabetes in the community, through diabetes support, prevention, leadership and research. As well as providing information and education to more than 280,000 Victorians with diabetes, the organisation gives those living with diabetes access to community-based activities, affordable diabetes medicines and support with advocacy issues. This Community Grant will enable Diabetes Australia to provide a camps program for 250 children living with Type 1 diabetes and their families. The program aims to help them gain greater independence in the daily management of their diabetes. It creates a space to connect with peers and receive education and supervision from trained health professionals.

Elwood College – $6,450

Elwood College provides a personalised approach to education, ensuring every student receives the attention they need to thrive. The school’s culture of outstanding academic achievement is complemented by diverse personal growth opportunities beyond the classroom that improve student outcomes, helping them develop self-directed learning and encouraging them to achieve their full potential. This Community Grant will support Elwood’s Year 10 Bronze Medallion program, which develops students’ lifelong skills and confidence in dealing with every day emergency situations. The program encourages civic participation by partnering students with members of the Elwood Lifesaving Club to learn rescue techniques, practice basic first aid and develop surf rescue skills.

Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach – $4,000 

The Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach is dedicated to helping young people and families facing major social, financial or other hardships. Working closely with local schools, it offers a variety of programs to help manage these issues, ranging from programs for children through to adults, to provide support and promote social inclusion. This Community Grant will assist Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach’s Youth Outreach Camps. This program provides underprivileged youth with an opportunity to experience camping in a temporary and safe community designed to enable young people in their social development and community participation.

Fight Cancer Foundation – $10,000

Fight Cancer Foundation improves the lives of cancer patients around Australia and overseas, through providing support services to individuals and families affected by cancer, and supporting vital research programs to help people living with cancer. It operates affordable accommodation centres for regional patients and educational support to children undergoing treatment. This Community Grant will enable the Fight Cancer Foundation to expand its education program to include 300 additional young cancer patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital. This program will support children as they go back to school, minimising the impact of cancer on their social and educational development.

Frankston Special Developmental School – $5,839

Frankston Special Developmental School provides a stimulating and caring learning environment to 130 students who have a moderate to severe intellectual disability. The school caters to each student’s emotional, physical and social needs with a comprehensive curriculum that develops skills both within and outside of the classroom. This Community Grant will support Frankston’s Secret Agent Society, an espionage-themed game for senior students developed by the school’s speech therapy team. This breakthrough program helps students develop social, emotional and communication skills, resulting in both positive personal and community benefits.

Gateway Community Health – $10,000

Gateway Community Health offers a wide range of community health programs, including integrated primary care, preventative health and chronic care management. It aims to enhance community health and wellbeing through innovation and partnership. This Community Grant will fund an eight-week peer-support and education program for young people aged 12-18 who are caring for a parent or family member with a mental illness. The program provides young carers with practical skills and strategies to support them in their caring role, and promotes better community awareness and social inclusion of young carers.

Gisborne Secondary College under the auspices of the Council for Christian Education in Schools – $5,000

The Chaplain at Gisborne Secondary College runs a welfare based program, offering emotional support to any student, staff member or their family member seeking assistance. Through early intervention with at-risk youth, the program addresses future social problems and eases social isolation. This Community Grant will contribute to the Chaplaincy Emergency Fund which helps students and families of lower socio-economic background struggling financially with school and living expenses. This allows students to participate in school events and improves academic results.

Glenroy College under the auspices of the Council for Christian Education in Schools – $6,000

The Glenroy Chaplaincy Committee of Access Ministries supports one full-time chaplain at Glenroy College and a half-time position at Glenroy Central Primary school, who provide support to teachers, children and their families. In addition, a breakfast program is run one morning per week for children attending the college. With this Community Grant, the breakfast program at Glenroy College will be extended to provide a nutritional morning meal twice a week to around 40 children from lower socio-economic backgrounds. This initiative supports students’ health and improves their learning outcomes. 

Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre – $2,217

Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre is an adult and community education provider offering information and communications technology courses, language and literacy programs, and leisure activities. It provides childcare for 21 children in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters individuality and stimulates child development. This Community Grant will go towards purchasing new outdoor play equipment for the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre that meets the diverse needs of the children and promotes their physical and mental wellbeing. Having this equipment will also help children living with limited outdoor space get enough physical activity each week.

Grampians Community Health – $10,000

Grampians Community Health offers a range of targeted youth programs. Since taking over the Nexus Youth Centre, the organisation has developed a highly successful centre for young people in Horsham. The centre also hosts staff from other youth-focused programs, creating a supportive environment where vulnerable young people’s needs can be identified and addressed. This Community Grant will support Friday Night Live, a monthly event at Nexus Youth Centre for young people from disadvantaged rural communities. Friday Night Live provides fun, safe, drug and alcohol free entertainment, involving the young people in all aspects of creating the event to build self-esteem, develop skills and create social connectedness.

Griefline Community and Family Services – $9,879

Griefline delivers confidential and anonymous telephone support 365 days a year. In addition to providing professional and online telephone counselling, the organisation collaborates with schools and parents to create a children’s counselling service that is tailor-made to suit the needs and interests of the child. With this Community Grant, Griefline is expanding its mentoring program for vulnerable children between the age of four and 18, to cope with increased demand for its services. 120 children will be provided with quality care and connected to support networks, building the resilience necessary to grow into well-adjusted adults.

Jackson School – $6,587

Jackson School provides specialty education for 270 students with mild intellectual disability, Autism or Down Syndrome. The school provides a comprehensive curriculum from prep to Year 12, preparing the students for their adult lives by providing them with the skills they need for the future. With this Community Grant, Jackson School will be able to build a rock-climbing wall in its gym to improve students’ muscular endurance and co-ordination, contributing to their general fitness. The wall will also increase the students’ confidence and teamwork skills, directly impacting their home and community lives.

Kaniva College – $3,500

Kaniva College offers a quality education to primary and secondary school students. It provides a wide range of subjects to meet students’ needs, maximising their prospects for future careers or tertiary education. This Community Grant will support Kaniva’s breakfast program, which aims to give students a substantial and healthy breakfast at least once a week. This helps improve their physical health, ability to learn and their academic results.

Living the Dream Foundation – $8,000

Living the Dream Foundation works with disadvantaged youth to provide personal development programs, empowering them to reach their full potential in all facets of life. Using sport and fitness as a vehicle, it offers community sport programs and group mentoring in schools and sports clubs to build positive peer relationships and encourage social inclusion. This Community Grant will help Living the Dream provide this unique mentoring program to 20 marginalised youth, promoting better life outcomes through the use of sport and fitness. The participants will develop higher levels of confidence, improve their physical wellbeing and engage more within their community. 

Melbourne Health – $8,900

Melbourne Health provides quality healthcare through the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Its unique approach embraces discovery and learning, focusing on building collaborative relationships and engaging patients in their own care. This Community Grant will support their Prevent Alcohol & Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (PARTY) program. This program educates secondary school students about injury and trauma, promoting positive behavioural changes, and risk awareness and prevention.

Melton Specialist School – $9,920

Melton Specialist School is a dynamic and supportive environment where students aged five to 18 who have intellectual and physical disabilities can access tailor-made learning programs. In addition to the core curriculum, students are given the opportunity to build valuable life skills. This Community Grant will support the school’s Empower Me With Therapy! Program that provides sensory and educational supports to ensure the children’s individual learning path is a stimulating and successful journey. The program enables children who would otherwise be excluded by family economic constraints to participate in, and benefit from therapy.

Olympic Avenue Kindergarten – $1,947

Olympic Avenue Kindergarten is a community-based organisation that delivers kindergarten programs to children and their families within the Bayside area of Victoria. The organisation provides support, welfare and educational services through the efforts of a team of parent volunteers. This Community Grant will provide children at the Olympic Avenue centre with new sports equipment, helping improve their gross motor skills and co-ordination, and building teamwork and confidence through physical activity, contributing to their overall social, emotional and physical development.

One Voice United We Stand – $10,000

One Voice United We Stand builds relationships with young homeless Australians who are living on the streets and need basic help and support. The organisation provides practical help, accommodation, training facilities, counselling and work opportunities to help build dignity, hope and opportunities for a better standard of living for young homeless Australians. This Community Grant will support One Voice’s Mobile Shower Service. This is a unique project that aims to meet the practical and essential personal hygiene needs of more than 120 homeless Australians in the Melbourne and metropolitan regions each week, as well as providing clothing and hygiene products.

Opera Australia – $10,000

Opera Australia is the national opera company and largest performing arts organisation in Australia, holding more than 600 performances a year. Dedicated to enriching Australian cultural life, it tours through regional centres, performs in primary schools and hosts a range of other activities including community participation and free outdoor performances. This Community Grant will support Opera Australia’s Auslan shadow interpreted performances, which are now in their fifth year. By presenting imaginative performances in Victorian primary schools, it aims to inspire creativity, promote understanding between deaf children and their hearing peers, and provide deaf children with access to live theatre.

Radio Lollipop – $10,000

Radio Lollipop provides care, comfort, play and entertainment to sick children in 11 hospitals across Australia. Volunteers engage the imagination of the children through a play service and in-hospital radio station to deliver emotional support and pain relief, as well as easing isolation of hospitalised children. With this Community Grant, the Radio Lollipop program will be introduced to more than 1,000 children in Monash Hospital. It will enable volunteers to offer a Welcome Pack on the child’s arrival filled with activities to help them relax and improve the quality of their time in hospital.

The Satellite Foundation – $10,000

The Satellite Foundation helps children who have a parent suffering from a mental illness. The Foundation partners with service providers to quickly identify children in this situation and create opportunities for the children and their families to feel connected and supported through community-based activities. This Community Grant will allow the Satellite Foundation to produce and launch a CD recording of original songs by 35 workshop participants. The CD will help give the children the opportunity to pursue and present their own ideas about performance, cover design and event promotion, empowering them to express their experiences with mental illness. 

Seaspray Surf Lifesaving Club – $5,925

Seaspray Surf Lifesaving Club aims to provide a safe environment for the community around the coastline at Seaspray. It administers emergency surf and rescue programs and beach safety initiatives, as well as offering community education. This Community Grant will support the Seaspray Nippers program through the purchase of new training equipment, so it can be opened to a greater number of participants. This program is an educational outlet for junior members aged between seven and 14, which focuses on general water safety and surf skills, encouraging long-term participation in lifesaving.

St Andrews First Aid Australia – $10,000

St Andrews First Aid is a volunteer-run organisation that provides free first aid services and training to the wider community. It provides pro-bono first aid training and advice at events and organisations around urban and regional Victoria. This Community Grant will allow St Andrews to expand its free community first aid courses to offer training to about 240 teenagers from secondary schools in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh and Melton, enhancing community safety. 

St Kilda Mums – $7,500

St Kilda Mums is a voluntary network of mothers who work together to collect and sort donations of baby and preschool children’s clothing, toys, books and nursery equipment. These items are then distributed to disadvantaged families across Melbourne. This Community Grant will support a program to supply 30 homeless mothers with an emergency hospital kit, ensuring they are able to provide adequate care for themselves and their baby in hospital. By using recycled goods, it will also help reduce landfill and raise environmental consciousness among participants.

State Schools Relief – $10,000

State Schools Relief supports disadvantaged Victorian primary and secondary state school students by providing new, good quality school uniforms and footwear. The organisation plays a vital role in the lives of refugees, families affected by emergency or natural disaster, those who have fallen on hard times through unemployment or illness, and children living in poverty. This Community Grant will support the launch of the Smarts Steps initiative which aims to provide quality footwear for more than 200 children facing hardship. Helping the students become more physically comfortable helps improve their participation at school and enhances their physical development.

Stride Foundation – $9,500

The Stride Foundation combats bullying and youth suicide and encourages young people to continue their schooling and improve their employment prospects. It delivers student wellbeing programs in primary and secondary schools, helping young people to build supportive and positive relationships with peers, teachers, families and community. This Community Grant will support CyberS@vvy, a facilitated student workshop currently offered at one in four Victorian schools, which provides students and teachers with practical guidance on dealing with cyber bullying. The organisation will work with education specialists to expand the program’s scope, content and design so it better reflects contemporary cyber issues affecting young people. 

Thomas Chirnside Primary School – $2,600

Thomas Chirnside Primary School offers purpose-built community kitchen and garden facilities, creating an environment where its 500 students can enjoy creative and investigative learning that they can then apply in other practical ways. Through gardening practices, children learn teamwork and the benefits of community participation. This Community Grant will fund the building of a compost tumbler at Thomas Chirnside Primary. This will give the children the opportunity to use an innovative waste management tool and ensure the ongoing success of the school’s organic garden.

Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club – $9,835

Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club is a community focused volunteer organisation that offers a range of public safety services, including beach patrols, education and competition events. Its club members provide over 3,000 hours of patrolling on one of the busiest beaches in Victoria, while the club is a place for the community to meet and socialise. This Community Grant will support the Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club Skills for Life program, designed to train 20 young people in lifesaving and surf rescue. The program aims to build life skills and create beach safety awareness among the community.

The Friends of Sammy Joe Foundation under the auspices of the Trichothiodystrophy Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Cockayne’s Syndrome Trust Fund – $10,000

The Friends of Sammy Joe Foundation helps improve the lives of sufferers of Trichothiodystrophy (TTD), a serious and disabling disorder which is affected by UV light. The Foundation offers financial assistance to families to help them obtain much-needed medical equipment and help create a UV protective environment. This Community Grant will provide recreational activities for children with TTD, and provide funding for respite services and assistance for their carers. These services will help ensure those affected by TTD are not isolated, and that they are receiving proper social and emotional support.

TRY Australia Children’s Services – $3,010

TRY Australia focuses on giving young people, individuals and families opportunities to reach their full potential. The organisation offers vocational programs for long-term unemployed as well as literacy and educational programs. It also provides youth mentoring and children’s services through a kindergarten that supports families from disadvantaged backgrounds. This Community Grant will allow TRY to develop a book lending program to encourage families to read with their child. In addition to improving the reading and cognitive skills of 50 kindergarten students in the program, the activity of reading together will help strengthen the parent and child relationship. 

Typo Station – $9,000

Evolve is a mental health and educational service that uses bush adventure and narrative therapy to bring about meaningful change for at-risk and disadvantaged young people aged between ten and 21 years. The 12-month program supports young people through a bush expedition and residential component and aims to re-engage young people with their family, community and school. This Community Grant will fund Evolve’s program for 10 to 21 year-olds from across Victoria who are facing educational, emotional and social difficulties at home, school or in the community. The program improves the participants’ mental health, and helps them develop educational and vocational aspirations.

Upper Murray Family Care – $10,000

Upper Murray Family Care improves the lives of individuals and families across North East Victoria and the Upper Murray region, offering a range of comprehensive services to help support families and children with disabilities. It aims to build better family relationships, by helping families through separation and divorce and providing financial counselling and legal aid. This Community Grant will enable Upper Murray Family Care to provide a laptop or iPad to 10 disadvantaged children to use for school work. This will ensure children without access to computers because of family, social, financial or other individual circumstances can gain access to the same educational tools as their peers. 

Warrnambool East Primary School – $8,400

Warrnambool East Primary School runs the Flying Start community program, a kinder to school experience for children living in Warrnambool and surrounding districts. Incorporating education sessions for parents, it aims to boost early literacy and numeracy of children commencing school. This Community Grant will offer places in the Flying Start program to 32 vulnerable children, allowing them to access early educational experiences that expose them to the necessary oral language and life experiences to enable them to succeed at school. It also empowers parents to encourage literacy and numeracy skill development at home.

Windermere Child and Family Services – $5,040

Windermere is a community support organisation that serves a population of 1.5 million people in the southern metropolitan area of Melbourne. Working with children, families and individuals requiring physical or emotional support, it provides a range of services designed to connect and provide opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community. This Community Grant will aid Windermere’s Happy Times, Healthy Meals initiative. This program is aimed at giving 18 homeless young mothers and their children the chance to participate in a weekly family meal with a focus on healthy nutrition on a budget, relationship building and social inclusion.

Yarrabah School – $1,990

Yarrabah School caters for students with intellectual, physical or multiple disabilities in the suburb of Aspendale in Victoria. The integrated curriculum provides the best educational and esteem building opportunities for students from three to 18 years of age. This Community Grant will allow Yarrabah School to purchase three new educational resources for the library. This will help students significantly improve their English and boost social and emotional learning outcomes.


Association for the Blind of WA – $7,500

The Association for the Blind of WA supports children with vision impairment and their families. It provides therapy services for children and adolescents in homes, schools and the community. In addition, it offers a camps program for young people to build social skills and experience life opportunities in a supported environment while encouraging independence. This Community Grant will be used for developing social and life skills for teenagers with vision impairment through a camp that focuses on supporting teenagers to explore career options. This will aid young people in their transition into adult life and widen their employment opportunities.

Camp Autism WA – $10,000

Camp Autism WA organises camps for families in Western Australia with a child on the autism spectrum. It provides outdoor activities for children, giving them the opportunity to engage in new experiences while building peer relationships. It also hosts special events for mothers and fathers of autistic children to ease social isolation through the creation of support networks. This Community Grant will fund Camp Autism’s annual camp in Rottnest, providing a relaxing way for families coping with autism to connect with each other. By encouraging social interaction in a friendly environment, children build self-confidence through recreation and fun. 

Carson Street School Parents and Citizens Association – $10,000

Carson Street School caters for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. It aims to enrich its students’ lives by providing learning opportunities through recreation and play activities from which they would otherwise be excluded. It recognises exercise as integral to children’s socialisation, improving their physical and emotional wellbeing. This Community Grant will support the school’s Bikes Not Barriers program, to build a wider and safer bike path and install road signs to promote cycling awareness. It will enable 150 children using the track to build their physical fitness and self-confidence, while experiencing greater participation in the community.

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation – $10,000

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation is a harm prevention charity that delivers safety education programs to school students throughout Western Australia. Through puppet theatre and live interactive performances designed to entertain and educate, it addresses issues of personal and community safety, engaging students in harm prevention and respect for self and others. This Community Grant will enable the distribution of Constable Care Comfort Packs to 50 children who have been exposed to trauma, accident, crime or neglect. Filled with essential items, it aims to provide practical care to a child in great need, improving comfort and restoring dignity.

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia – $10,000

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia supports and funds research into cystic fibrosis. It provides training for health care professionals and support services to people across Western Australia living with cystic fibrosis to enable them to reach their full potential despite their condition. This Community Grant supports a camp program for up to 50 children who have a parent or sibling with cystic fibrosis. By integrating recreation with educational components, the camp promotes social inclusion in a relaxed environment. equipping children with skills to cope with the challenges and stress of living in a household affected by cystic fibrosis. 

Daughters of Destiny – $10,000

Daughters of Destiny helps young girls and women recover from abuse and domestic violence by offering safe accommodation, counselling and life coaching. Through education and employment workshops, it aims to teach life skills and build self-esteem, helping the girls re-engage with the community in safety. This Community Grant will assist Daughters of Destiny in the rehabilitation of more than 50 young women who have experienced abuse, through the delivery of a 12-month program that aims to provide basic skills and build self-esteem needed to transition into independent living. This will be coupled with counselling to aid the girls and women in their emotional recovery. 

The Dungeon Youth Centre – $10,000

The Dungeon Youth Centre addresses the needs of young people in Ballajura, supporting young people’s development and wellbeing by empowering them to reassert control over their own lives. Its recreational and educational programs engage youth in positive participation in order to alleviate disadvantage and poverty and provide alternative learning opportunities. This Community Grant will launch The Equal Opportunities project, reaching out to 5,000 young people who are considered to be at-risk and disengaged from education. It builds valuable life skills by providing youth with an opportunity to engage in constructive and educational activities through sport and workshops.

Eastern Region Domestic Violence Services Network – $10,000

The Eastern Region Domestic Violence Services Network aims to reduce the incidence of family and domestic violence in the East Metropolitan region of Perth. It provides short and medium term crisis accommodation to families experiencing abuse to assist transition into safer and more stable lives. As well as offering practical assistance, it links families to community support services that will improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. This Community Grant will support the Family Fun program, aimed to raise the quality of life for up to 150 children who have been living with long-term family and domestic violence. It focuses on rebuilding family links between fractured families, aiding them to heal from trauma. 

Edventures WA – $9,300

Edventures WA provides support services to at-risk youth in the South-East Metropolitan region of Perth. It engages young people through activity-based programs, empowering them by providing positive opportunities to create beneficial changes in their lives and communities. This Community Grant will support Edventures Young Women’s and Men’s Program which will be delivered in Manning Primary School for 20 young people. By focusing on building self-worth and social skills along with personal hygiene and health, it supports students through critical stages of early pubescent development and promotes responsible sexual health. 

Gladys Newton School – $10,000

Gladys Newton School caters for students aged four to 18 years with physical and intellectual disabilities or mental health issues. It designs individual plans to teach independence skills and motivation while improving mobility and health management. This Community Grant will enable Gladys Newton School to purchase a shade covering for the school playground, which hosts a Liberty Swing for students in wheelchairs unable to access any other playground equipment. The shade cover will allow up to 23 students recreational play on the swing at recess and lunchtimes and provide shelter from the sun during the hottest months in Perth.

Headwest Brain Injury Association of WA – $10,000

Headwest specialises in providing state-wide advocacy and training on acquired brain injuries caused by accident, infection, drugs and alcohol or disease. It offers solutions to help the cognitive, physical and behavioural changes that occur after injury, while increasing community awareness of the prevalence of brain injury. This Community Grant will support Headwest’s program in schools, targeting youth in lower socio-economic areas, aiming to reduce the incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Focusing on TBI caused by motor vehicle accidents, the program will combine interactive activities with simulations of living with a TBI, to promote healthy lifestyle choices and prevent risk-taking behaviour among young people.

INKA – $10,000

INKA provides respite care for clients in south west WA who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome. It assists clients to deal with developmental and sensory issues and low interaction skills and to build self-esteem in a positive and stimulating environment. At the same time, it enables primary carers to take a break in their caring role. This Community Grant will support an initiative to upgrade the bathroom facilities at the INKA respite centre from a single shower to a walk-in bath with a shower. This will help clients better manage their hygiene, reducing anxiety and raising health standards and offering a more comfortable and enjoyable respite experience.

Kids Are Kids! Therapy and Education Centre – $8,220

Kids Are Kids! offers therapy and support services to Western Australian children at all levels of disability or developmental delay and their families. It aims to enable every child to lead a normal life by providing care in homes, schools and a community centre. It builds independence through promoting self-care and teaching social and emotional skills while helping parents support their child’s development. This Community Grant will support a new Kids Are Kids! outreach program for up to 30 families living in remote and rural WA with no local psychology services. This initiative will fund workshops in the Great Southern and Goldfields regions to build parents’ coping capacity and teach behaviour management strategies for families who cannot otherwise access face-to-face support.

Lifeline WA – $10,000

Lifeline WA works towards achieving its vision of a community free of suicide, and aims to prevent suicide by supporting people in crisis and creating opportunities for emotional wellbeing, by providing a 24-hour crisis line. It also provides online support as well as face-to-face counselling services. This Community Grant will support the training of three qualified Lifeline crisis supporters. This service provides an easier and less invasive means for young people to reach out for help, providing another avenue for support and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. 

Men’s Resource Centre – $10,000

The Men’s Resource Centre empowers boys under 18 from disadvantaged backgrounds by teaching them a life skill and nurturing their self-esteem. Education about preventative health reduces the risk of unhealthy lifestyle choices and enables participants to become well-adjusted men. It also delivers wellness checks to adult men to encourage them to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This Community Grant will launch a joint initiative with the Albany Youth Support Association, to purchase six mountain bikes and six kayaks. This program connects mentors with the 144 youth residing at the Albany Youth Support Association facility to provide the young people with positive reinforcement while promoting their physical and mental health.

Parents of Children with Disabilities - Kalparrin – $10,000

Kalparrin helps 1,200 families and carers of children with special needs and disability by providing practical information and emotional support, and connecting them to services at the Princess Margaret Hospital. It also creates a support network for families with an extensive program of events and respite care. This Community Grant will go to Kalparrin’s program for grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren with special needs. Two events will give around 30 grandparents the opportunity to meet and connect with each other, while providing workshops on supporting special needs children. This program will help strengthen the support structure for children, a key contributor to improving their quality of life.

Pat Thomas House – $10,000

Pat Thomas House provides crisis accommodation and support to women and children who are impacted by domestic or family violence. In addition to offering counselling and referrals, its advocacy service assists with violence restraining orders and works to keep women safe in homes through an Outreach program. This Community Grant will help continue the work of a counselling service that caters for 260 children experiencing domestic abuse. It aims to break the intergenerational cycle of violence through early intervention to reduce future incidents of violent crime. It also raises awareness about the effects on children of witnessing violence in the home.

Teenspirit – $4,980

Teenspirit provides recreational facilities for teenagers with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families throughout the wider Perth area. It operates activities throughout the school terms and school holidays, allowing teens to socialise with their peers while developing important life skills. This Community Grant will support the Teenspirit Information Technology Upgrade Initiative, providing much-needed improvement to the existing technology. The new Notebook Tablets will enable clients to engage on a personal level and gain extra stimulation to create a rewarding experience through communication. 

Touched By Olivia Foundation – $10,000

The Touched By Olivia Foundation helps create happier and healthier lives for children by building inclusive public play spaces in communities across Australia. Catering for neurological as well as physical impairment, these play spaces allow users with special needs to interact with the rest of the community in an open and public environment. This Community Grant will enable the development of a series of CAN Chat Boards to help communication and orientation for visitors to Pia’s Place, an inclusive play space in Perth’s Whiteman Park. Used on smart devices, this app provides interactive tactile and auditory signposts, empowering children of all ages and abilities with decision-making choices, orientation and communication options for play.