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Our staff support thousands of Aussie kids


Some of the questions you will answer are shown below:

  • State the title of the nominated organisation's proposed community activity/initiative. (You will have 60 characters or less)
  • In which state will the project be undertaken?
  • Provide a summary of the proposed program. (You will have 600 characters or less)
  • Outline the details of the timeline for implementation of the program. The program must be implemented within a one year period. (You will have 300 characters or less)
  • What is the amount of funding sought? (maximum $10,000)
  • Provide an itemised budget of your program.
  • Is this a new program?
  • If not, how long has the program been running? (You will have 120 characters or less)
  • Describe the children or youth who will benefit from this program. (You will have 600 characters or less)
  • How many children or youth will the program positively impact over the course of a year? (You will have 120 characters or less)
  • What are the community benefits of this project? (You will have 600 characters or less)
  • Describe how the proposed program will be measured and/or evaluated to determine whether it has been successful in achieving the proposed outcomes. (You will have 600 characters or less)

Our Community Achievements

See how the Staff Community Fund has helped protect the health and wellbeing of children.
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Our Initiatives

Our initiatives

Our StartSmart program builds the financial literacy skills of thousands of young Australians every year.

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