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Australian of the Year


Maggie Beer, Senior Australian of the Year.


SUPER: Australian of the Year Awards: Major Sponsor Commonwealth Bank)

SPEAKER: MAGGIE BEER, SENIOR AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR                                   

I’m Maggie Beer, I’m a cook, I’m a food Producer, I live in the Barossa Valley and I’m proudly Senior Australian of the Year. So coming here this morning to the new Commonwealth Bank, right on my doorstep is just a lovely way to start my day.

She’s an Icon to our area, we’re very proud of Maggie.

…Her Quince Paste…

…I like her ginger chili sauce…

…Oh her Pâté’s are fantastic...

SPEAKER: MAGGIE BEER, SENIOR AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR                                    

It’s been the most amazing thing to be made senior Australian of the year. It gives me such opportunities to get into a wider field than just my food world. To share everything I believe about a really wonderful food life.

…To have Maggie here and the community hear about what she’s done and what she’s achieved, it’s wonderful…

…Just a wonderful ambassador for the Barossa…

…I’m involved in aged care services and to see somebody like Maggie as a senior of the year promoting the, I guess the very positive aspects of aging, is really fantastic…

…I think it’s really important for the Commonwealth Bank to be involved in things like that where they’re acknowledging Australians that are doing great work…

SPEAKER: MAGGIE BEER, SENIOR AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR                                    

It’s terrific for businesses like the commonwealth bank to be involved because, I mean, banks particularly in rural communities as a back bone.

We have been a sponsor of the Australian of the year awards for over 30 years and that this is all about recognizing Australians in the community.

SPEAKER: MAGGIE BEER, SENIOR AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR                                 

There are so many people out in all your communities and you should look to see who it is that you should be nominating. Nominating someone you believe in is so good for them and it’s so good for the country.

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