The new Banking Code of Practice, effective 1 July, is a set of standards that customers, small businesses, and their guarantors can expect from us (and other financial institutions).

We’re a signatory to the Banking Code and honour the commitments we make to you in the Code. This includes making sure all products and services are accessible and easy to understand, such as:

  • Opening an account and using our banking services
  • Inclusive and accessible banking
  • Applying for loans
  • Lending to small businesses :
  • Guaranteeing a loan
  • Managing accounts
  • When things go wrong, including financial difficulty
  • Resolving complaints

Here’s a copy of the new Banking Code of Practice.

A copy of the Better Banking Book can be found here.

(The Better Banking Book is no longer available for distribution as it refers
to the previous version of the Code of Banking Practice. However, as the
content remains relevant we are providing it for your information.)