Speaking up

  • We are committed to fostering a culture that encourages our people to speak up about issues or conduct that concerns them. This could be anything from illegal conduct to behaviour that isn’t in line with our values or Code of Conduct. Supplier and service providers of the Group are also encouraged to report any concerns they see in their interactions with the Group. Identifying potential problems and risks allows the Group to continue to improve the way it does business and provide the best possible service to our customers.

    We provide trusted avenues and support for those who want to raise concerns.  Our dedicated SpeakUP Hotline is one of those avenues. This service is available to anyone who is (or has been) an employee, director or officer of a Group company, secondee, contractor, consultant, supplier, service provider (or their employee or subcontractor), volunteer, associate, licensee (or its authorised representative or their employee), broker, trustee, custodian, investment manager or auditor of, or working with, the Group. Relatives or dependents of these individuals (or of their spouse) are also eligible to raise concerns through SpeakUP. 

Group Whistleblower Policy

  • Sometimes individuals speaking up may be concerned about being identified, or feel that they need support and protection. This is why we have a comprehensive Group Whistleblower Policy designed to encourage, support and protect people to report issues. The type of concerns that can be reported to SpeakUP include fraud or theft, corruption, illegal activity, a serious or systematic breach of our internal policies (including the Code of Conduct), negligent acts, a breach of trust or a breach of duty, a significant risk to public safety or the stability of the financial system or a breach of law.

    The Group has a Whistleblower Support Officer, whose role is to oversee the protection and wellbeing of whistleblowers. The Group’s Misconduct Governance Committee, which includes senior executives who report to the CEO, oversees the effectiveness of the whistleblower program. 

How do individuals get in touch?

  • There are a number of ways our people and others associated with the Group can report any concerns about conduct they believe doesn’t feel right. These include:

    • Our people having a conversation with their Manager;
    • Speaking with a senior leader or a Director of CBA if they wish to report concerns under the Group Whistleblower Policy; and
    • Contacting the Group’s SpeakUP Hotline. The SpeakUP Hotline is an independent, external service that is available 24/7:
    • Matters reported to the SpeakUP Hotline may, with any necessary consents, be referred to CBA for triage and management in accordance with the requirements of the Group Whistleblower Policy.  The external service provider will not investigate your concern.

    Read the Group Whistleblower Policy