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CANSTAR CANNEX provides quality fact-based data and ratings to consumers and financial institutions around Australia. With a team of 40 highly experienced people, they collect, analyse and research over 20,000 products.

Focusing on retail banking, insurance (car, home, life and health), small business banking and agribusiness, they research interest rates, product features, service, claims experience, innovation and customer satisfaction.

CANSTAR CANNEX has developed a star rating system to help guide consumers when they are looking for the right product, with 5 stars the highest rating available.

With an aim to educate consumers, the CANSTAR CANNEX website is used as a vehicle to help demystify finance through a diverse range of stories and video content. As a respected organistion, their research and team members are frequently quoted in the media.

In addition to the consumer focus, over 300 financial institutions rely on CANSTAR CANNEX to fine tune their products, government bodies and consumer sites like Choice utilise their research, and they provide the information behind Money magazine’s Bank of the Year.

 We have been honoured by CANSTAR CANNEX in 2009 for the following awards and 5-star ratings:


5-Star Ratings 2009



CANSTAR CANNEX most comprehensive branch network award   CANSTAR CANNEX most comprehensive ATM network award


Best Value Australia – Everyday Banking

This year, CANSTAR CANNEX provided an additional award for the bank that offers the best value across Australia for everyday banking. The Commonwealth Bank received this award for our Streamline and Access accounts that provide a range of transaction capabilities to suit almost everyone. This is complemented by access to Australia’s most comprehensive network of branches and ATMs, enhancing the everyday banking experience.


CANSTAR CANNEX Innovation excellence award 

CANSTAR Innovation Excellence Award

  • We received the Innovation Excellence Award as a result of all the new and innovative things our customers can do in NetBank