The Commonwealth Bank has been involved in many mergers, some of which have brought records pre-dating the establishment of the Commonwealth Bank itself. These mergers include:

1913: State Savings Bank of Tasmania (1902-1913) incorporating:

  • Post Office Savings Bank of Tasmania (1882-1902)

1920: Queensland Government Savings Bank (1916-1920) incorporating:

  • Moreton Bay Savings Bank (1856-1865)
  • Ipswich Savings Bank (1861-1866)
  • Toowoomba Savings Bank (1862-1867)
  • Government Savings Bank of Queensland (1865-1916)

1931: State Savings Bank of Western Australia (1926-1931) incorporating:

  • Government Savings Bank of WA (1906-1926) which had previously incorporated Post Office Savings Bank of Western Australia (1863-1908)

1931: Government Savings Bank of NSW (1871-1931) incorporating:

  • Savings Bank of NSW (1832-1914) which had previously incorporated NSW Savings Bank/Campbell’s Bank (1819-1833) and Port Stephens Savings Bank (1830-1832)

1989: ASB Bank Ltd (1987-date) 75% holding expanded to 100% in 2000, incorporating:

  • Auckland Savings Bank/ASB Trust Bank (1847-1987)
  • Westland Bank
  • Sovereign Ltd (1989-date)
  • Retail stockbroking and fixed income operations from Warburg Dillion Read (1997-date) which had previously incorporated S G Warburg & Co and Dillion, Read & Co

1991: State Bank of Victoria/SBV (1842-1991) formerly Savings Bank of Victoria/SSB and Savings Bank of Port Phillip

2000: Colonial Limited, formerly Colonial Mutual (1873-2000) incorporating:

  • Trust Bank (1991-1999) formed out of a merger between Hobart Savings Bank/Savings Bank of Tasmania (1845-1991) and the Tasmania Bank, formerly Launceston Bank for Savings (1835-1991) which had previously incorporated Tasmanian Permanent Building Society
  • Legal & General, Australia (1953-1998)
  • State Bank of New South Wales (1931-1994), formerly the Rural Bank
  • Prudential Corporation – Australia & New Zealand (1925-1998)