We will at all times

  1. Ensure it is free for our customers to make a complaint to us.
  2. Listen to our customers and take the time to understand their concerns.
  3. Act honestly, consistently and fairly in the handling of all complaints. 
  4. Empower our employees and representatives to act with authority and integrity when investigating and resolving complaints.
  5. Keep our customers or their representatives updated on the progress of their complaint, use plain English and consider any communication or accessibility assistance they may need. 
  6. Apologise as soon as we become aware we have done the wrong thing and apply the Commonwealth Bank’s ‘Should We’ test to make things right.
  7. Consider our customers’ personal circumstances with sensitivity and respect, particularly if they are experiencing vulnerability, and provide appropriate support.
  8. Investigate complaints thoroughly and without unnecessary delay. 
  9. Make a genuine attempt to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, and provide prompt financial compensation where it is the right thing to do. 
  10. Co-operate with external dispute resolution bodies (where relevant).
  11. Learn from the complaints we receive and escalate issues which could impact other customers.
  12. Endeavour to avoid legal proceedings by using alternative dispute resolution processes whenever possible.

Where it is not possible to avoid litigation, we will adhere to CBA’s Model Litigant principles (PDF).