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How workforce diversity can help emerging regional manufacturing centres thrive

Building a more gender-equal and diverse manufacturing workforce is crucial to bridging labour shortages and modernising the sector.
7 March 2024

Driving the competitive edge that keeps SA’s manufacturing sector on the world stage

With goals to open ‘unparalleled opportunity’, the South Australian government’s Advanced Manufacturing Strategy is set to make the state’s manufac...
27 February 2024

How manufacturers are fine-tuning operations in search of productivity

Manufacturers are targeting higher production volumes and financial outperformance. First, they’re busy clearing persistent hurdles to shore up the...
17 May 2023
Supply chain

Rising costs and ongoing supply chain issues stimulate adaptation and innovation

New research for CommBank has revealed a robust, positive outlook among Australian businesses, more than two years after the onset of COVID-19.
12 August 2022

The clever ways AI is helping manufacturing

Significant advances in computational power and robotics are being applied to large-scale manufacturing processes with outstanding results.
20 June 2022