Mobile is king, and taking payments on the go is essential for businesses today. With the CommBank Smart Mini, you can process payments from all major cards. It’s a seamless and secure process for your customers, and effortless to get set up with.

What Is Smart Mini?

The Smart Mini payment reader is a small and lightweight device that connects to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Once you’re set up – and it will only take a few minutes – you’ll be able to take payments from anywhere with the benefit of being backed by Australia’s largest bank.

Whether you’re running an established business or embarking on a side hustle, having the ability to accept payments beyond cash is critical. Research shows that 87%1 of people with a business consider the ability to accept payments on the go as important. Far too often, however, the barriers to doing so are prohibitive. The costs of equipment or transaction fees are too high, or cash flow is too significantly affected by processing delays.

Smart Mini has been designed to solve these challenges, providing an ideal payments foundation for your business or side hustle.

Get Paid, Fast

Did you know that by 2025 just 10% of transactions will be cash?2 If you’re not set up to take card payments, you'll miss out on many opportunities.

But cash has been the lifeblood of small businesses and side hustles because it meant you had access to the money immediately. They call it “cash flow” for a reason.

Research shows that 41% of small business and side hustle owners are concerned that accepting mobile payments means that they will not receive money in their accounts immediately.

Smart Mini will process the payment on the same day3 and deposit it into your linked Business Transaction Account4. With some other payment solutions, you'll have to wait for the transaction to clear or move the money to your bank account. This can critically affect your all-important cash flow, which is why Smart Mini stands out as the small business solution of choice.

Keep More Of Your Money – Pay Less With Each Transaction

Transaction fees are always a concern for anyone that is running a business. If they pass them on to the consumer, they risk losing customers. If they absorb them into the business, they can chip away at profitability.

Smart Mini offers a super low transaction fee compared to most other mobile payment readers, at just 1.1% per transaction5. Furthermore, it is unique in that it allows for dynamic surcharging6, allowing you to adjust transaction values in real-time as necessary. Through Smart Mini, you can take direct control over the costs of doing business through cards, and you’ll be keeping more of your hard-earned money with each transaction.

On top of that, you can review your transactions in-depth at a glance via Smart Mini Hub, meaning that you can keep a real-time view of your business performance and can make the right decisions for your business quickly.

Gain Legitimacy With A Leading Bank Brand

Australians are more concerned with their data than ever, and they want to know that their transactions are being handled by names that they can trust. 

A big part of that is the device they scan their credit card through. To gain the customer's confidence, now, more than ever, you need to invest in trustworthy technology.

Smart Mini features prominent CommBank branding, and it is immediately visible to the customers. This gives your customers the confidence of knowing that the transactions are being handled according to industry best practices, with one of the most recognisable and respectable brands across Australia.

Get Started Today

Smart Mini is ideal for businesses including trades and personal services, through to food trucks, retailers and anything else you can imagine. Australian businesses are more mobile and flexible than ever. CommBank has designed this device to facilitate that dynamic and innovative approach, rather than be a roadblock.

With super low upfront hardware costs, and a setup that connects directly to your mobile phone or tablet in just a few minutes7, Smart Mini allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments immediately following sign-up. Just starting out? Have a side hustle? This solution is frictionless and requires no technical skills. And, with an eight hour battery life, you’ll be able to take payments all day long with Smart Mini.