“I’ve had a long career in both the tourism and finance industries. I took a 4-year break from work, to raise my children and settle in after moving from London back to Sydney.  When my eldest started school, I was ready to re-start my career.

Flexibility was key for me when looking to return to the workforce, and the program had everything that I was looking for.  With flexible working encouraged, and the support network of the other Program participants and CommBank leaders, it made the transition back to work so much easier. Everyone that I engaged with was willing to share their time and advice.  Being able to share with and lean on the other people in the program made all that difference.”

Jodie – Director Global Markets, Chief Operating Office

“I finished up work in 2016, as I wanted to spend more time with my three children. I didn’t take much time off during parental leave so this was my time to enjoy them – which I did. I spent quality time with them, doing school volunteering and yoga to fill the days. Then a funny thing happened – my kids grew up. After working in banking for more than 19 years, I wanted to stick to the finance industry but do something different. 

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Being out of touch for a few years it was difficult to know which path to go down. I had some initial chats with friends and people within the industry and heard about the program being set up and thought it was the perfect fit for me.

From orientation till the end of the program, it was great to meet other people who are in the same shoes as you.  You build your network from day one and even now that the program has finished, and we’ve rolled off into different roles we all stay very well connected.“

Jo – Director, Global Market Sales, Chief Operating Office

“I spent over 10 years out of the paid workforce to start and raise a family. I have three amazing kids and a full happy family life. During my time out of the workforce I enjoyed being very involved in community volunteering both overseas and in Sydney. We lived in New York for close to seven years, which was a great experience. When we relocated back to Sydney and having previously worked as a commercial lawyer, I started to think about returning to corporate work. Living overseas and being out of the paid workforce for a considerable time, I found it a little tricky and I didn’t know what the right avenues would be to look for work.

As I was scrolling on LinkedIn, I saw the program advertised and thought it looked like a great opportunity. My application was successful. It was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. My manager was extremely supportive from day one. CommBank understood my family commitments and were open to me working part-time three days a week. The program has been an incredible opportunity for someone like me to get back into the workforce – to work, learn and contribute. I’m a diligent person, but when you receive great support from leadership to re-enter the workforce, you aim to give 200% to everything, and that’s what I’ve strived to do since joining CommBank.”

Kristen – Associate Director, Corporate Governance

 “My husband and I lived in America where I worked for more than ten years in the banking industry. Moving to Australia only a few years back, I wanted to take some time off to explore this new country I was now calling home. My break off to explore Sydney became longer than I expected when I fell pregnant with my first child.

Not long after my baby was born, I started browsing jobs. I found the program online and started reading up on CommBank – one of the best places to work in Australia. What attracted me to the program, aside from the reputable brand was that there were specific roles to apply for within the program. I applied for the role, and the program manager reached out to me directly to talk through the opportunity and even talk through the interview process.  I hadn’t even got the job and I already felt so valued. Fast forward a few weeks when I was in the program, and management just got better. There were constant check-ins and conversations around development & progression. I knew this was a workplace that I would be calling home in no time!”

Shweta – Associate Director, Global Client Solutions

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