“My wife went back to work 10 months after giving birth, and so I began my three months in the hot seat as my son’s full-time carer. And what a three months they were! I got to spend loads of quality time with my son, and watch him transform from a relatively stationary, relaxed bub into an energetic, adventurous, and infinitely curious toddler. Not only did my time on parental leave provide many great experiences and memories, it also delivered an important dose of reality – I learnt pretty quickly that being a full-time carer is no mean feat!”

Rory O’Connor


“I’ve had two great periods of extended parental leave with our children. On both occasions it was time well spent to build connection, memories and allow my wife the time to further develop her career.  This time together was such a critical time in helping learn to parent and build our family. From music time to swimming lessons, we had a packed calendar and whilst some days were long the weeks flew by and have treasured the memories of this special time.”

Nathan Barker


“Do you want see a picture of him? That’s probably the sentence I’ve said more than any other in the last four months. Fatherhood has felt like some privileged 'club' that I've joined, and with every day that goes by, and every little change that occurs I get more grateful for my wife and son. His smile is the best part of my day.

An unexpected aspect of becoming a Father has been connecting with my parents on their memories of my childhood and building a deeper appreciation for everything that they did for me. Parental Leave has also changed so much since their generation and there's a lot I get to do as a Dad that is different to what was available to my parents.

Having carers leave in those first four weeks to support my newborn and wife was incredible. And the opportunity to take over as Primary Carer in a couple of months’ time is something I can’t wait for. I’m grateful to work in a business which is supportive of my choice to start a family.”

Max Bryden


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