Investing in property can be one strategy for your healthy long-term financial wellbeing. To help maximise your returns, it's important to manage your property well by maintaining its value and minimising any costs.


Reliable tenants who consistently pay their rent on time are key to maximising your return on investment. Treat them well, and they’re more likely to treat your property well and stick around for a while in return.

For a fee, a real estate agent can take care of tenants on your behalf. They can perform regular tenant screenings to check they’re keeping the property in good condition, and keep you informed of everything you need to know about them. 

If you do decide to manage your investment property by yourself, make sure all prospective tenants have references. References from previous real estate agents are essential, although first-time renters will have to rely on character references and other relevant information.


Legally, all residential property must be 'fit to live in'. This means, among other things, that as a landlord, you should organise for any urgent repairs to be fixed by a qualified tradesperson as soon as you’re notified about them.

If you’re planning renovations or making repairs to your rental property and need a little extra cash, you may be able to access additional funds by topping up your existing home loan.


Timber-hungry termites can be a major problem. A professional pest inspection company will advise you how often an inspection is needed, but it is generally required every two years. If you have a lot of trees near your property, an annual inspection may be needed.

Watch the market

Always keep an eye on the rental market in your area to ensure the rent you’re charging isn’t too high or too low and is consistent with demand.

Get good advice from different sources

Seek professional advice, for example your accountant or lawyer, to work out the best way to earn income from and protect your investment property.

You can also contact one of our experienced lenders to discuss your investment property and how we might be able to help you realise your goals.

Insure your investment

Landlord insurance plays an important role in protecting your investment should it be damaged or destroyed. Our buildings and contents calculators can help you estimate the replacement value of your investment property and/or its contents.

It’s also important to safeguard against something happening to you. CommBank offers a great range of insurance options designed to help you cover your loan commitments and provide financial security for your loved ones should you fall terminally ill, become disabled, lose your job or pass away.

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Things you should know

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