Money Mule scams are on the rise and scammers could be targeting you and your community.

  • Have you been offered an easy job that will make you quick money?
  • Does the job offer ask you to transfer money and keep a commission?
  • Have you been threatened to send funds (received from someone else or your own money) to another account?
  • Have you been offered money to sell your account to someone else?

If you answered yes, you may have been targeted by a money mule scam.

As part of Australian anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws, this is considered criminal activity. Even if you’re unaware, you could still be convicted.

Examples for scam:

Job scam:

Sam received a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number offering him an easy full time/part time job.

The benefits listed were:

  1. Work 5 days/week (and earn AUD800-900)
  2. Only work 60-90 mins per day
  3. Flexible work from home and time
  4. No experience required

Requirements for the role were:

  1. Have access to a mobile phone/computer
  2. Have a bank account so you can transfer fundsOver 20 years old
  3. Sam was asked to transfer $120 to another account but keep $20 as a commission.

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Threat and Penalty scam:

Ming was contacted by scammers, pretending to be the ‘Chinese police’. The ‘Chinese police’ told Ming his visa and passport had been used in criminal activity overseas and that he needed to pay bail pending a trial in China.

The ‘Chinese police’ harassed Ming every hour so that they could monitor Ming’s whereabouts and told him if he did not listen, he would be facing criminal charges and arrest.

The ‘Chinese police’ demanded Ming to transfer his own funds and some received funds to another account in order to release him of criminal charges.

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Sexual extortion scam:

Luka received a friend request from an attractive woman from overseas who he’d never met. After messaging back and forth for a few days the woman asked Luka to move to a different app so that they could share photos and messages easily and more privately.

Luka then received illicit sexual images from the woman and was pressured into sending some back in return with the promise that she’d delete any images Luka shared with her.

The woman then used the photos Luka had shared as blackmail to get him to comply with her demands. She asked him to receive money from her colleagues and then transfer them on to other bank accounts she had provided.

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If you believe you have been a victim of money muling:

  1. Don’t send or receive any funds
  2. Stop all contact with the scammer
  3. Contact your bank immediately

 Stay safe from money mule scams

  • Stop: before doing anything, take a moment to reflect on whether the offer is too good to be true
  • Check: do your research on the company and check in with a trusted family member or friend to get a second opinion 
  • Reject: reject the offer. Never give out your bank details to anyone unless you know them personally and trust them