How do we know what our footprint is and how can I lower it?

A carbon footprint tracker tracks your carbon emissions and is therefore your own personal impact on the planet. Think of it like a fitness tracker counting your steps, except this tracker counts the carbon associated with your spending. Through our partnership with CBA, you will soon be able to see how your everyday purchases, like when you purchase an item of clothing from a retailer, generates carbon emissions.

To give you an idea of the quantity of emissions, every $2 spent at an Australian fashion retailer creates on average 1kg CO2e, and 1kg of CO2e is generated by driving an average car 4 kilometres. Certain industries and companies that are more sustainable would perform much better than others when calculating emissions and their carbon impact - renewable energy providers and second-hand fashion retailers for example would have a much lower impact on your footprint.

By helping people understand how their spending contributes to their carbon footprint,  we can help them lower emissions through their spending choices. Actions such as choosing to cut down your meat consumption, home composting or buying second hand goods all make a big difference.