Anita Loughran

Melbourne, VIC

Anita first came across a cat café when she and her partner travelled to Japan on their honeymoon. On their return to their corporate jobs, they found themselves discussing their dreams with each other and realising at the top of their list would be opening their own cat café.

In 2014, this dream became a reality, when Melbourne's first cat café opened its doors to the general public. The 14 resident cats were each rescues from shelters, chosen for their personalities and ability to socialise with both humans and other furry friends.

Anita worked closely with the shelters to identify how to best care for the cats and incorporate their ideals into her business. She reports that every single session is unique, with the cats reacting completely differently each time, "Sometimes Sherlock will get smitten with someone and will climb all over them and start smooching and drool quite heavily as well!"

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