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Money and Savings

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Earning and Budgeting

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A good place to start - saving and spending

It pays to teach children about money

It's important to teach children about money at any age.

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Budgeting for children of any age

Budgeting is a really useful skill to teach your kids.

How to teach kids to budget

Setting savings goals with your kids

Tips on how to keep your child motivated with saving.

How to set savings goals with kids

Help your children to save with a Youthsaver account

All about pocket money

Should you give kids pocket money?

Help kids understand the value of pocket money in a digital world.

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5 ways children can earn more pocket money

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” We’ve all heard that one before, and maybe you’re now saying it to your own children.

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Tips for your teens

5 money tips for starting work after leaving university

Launching into a career fresh out of uni is the start of an exciting new chapter in your life.

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Teaching teens about money management

Teaching your teenager about money management is in their best interests.

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4 tips on how to set savings goals with teens 

Here are some tips on how to set practical savings goals with teens and help them spend wisely.

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Teach your teen about credit

The sooner your teen understands how to use credit responsibly, the better placed they’re likely to be once they’re ready for their own credit card.

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How to help your teen find (and keep) their first job

Build responsible spending habits with a Smart Access account

Getting your kids involved

Your child's first bank account

A step-by-step guide to opening your child's bank account.

How to open your child's first bank account

Money and maths

Interactive money lessons to be enjoyed with children.

How to teach kids about money through maths

Three moneyboxes are better than one

Teaching children about spending, saving and sharing.

How to teach kids to split their money

Things you should know