Teach your child to earn, save and spend responsibly

My budget plan

A fun way for children to learn about budgeting.

Saving up list

Practical exercise to understand how saving takes time.

First Job check list

Useful tips for teens looking for their first job.

Learning about value

Fun way to learn that different things have different value.

Buying things online

Help your kids understand that buying things online costs real money.

The best saver

Fun activity for children aged 5 to 12 years of age.

IOU introduction

Introduce the concept of IOU (I owe you) notes to children.

Know your coins

Recognise Australian coins and the value of money.

Combining coins

Play shop to learn basic addition and handling money.

Count your change

Combinations of bank notes to pay for things and know how much change to expect.

Resume builder

Help your teenager build their CV to apply for their first job.

Money maze

Develop your child’s addition skills with this fun maze.

Savings tracker

Help your child stay motivated to reach their savings goal with this activity.

Charity begins at home

Help your kids understand charity with this engaging activity.

Coin discovery

Discover the value of Australian coins with this fun activity.

Chore tracker

Handy chart to keep track of chores and pocket money earned as a result.

Take a coin

Fun exercise on counting money and colouring.

Calendar planning

Use this calendar to see how much you can earn, save and spend each month.

This will help you keep track of your savings goals.