Features & benefits

  • A little extra when you need it

    Avoid the inconvenience of overdrawing your account and paying dishonour fees - helping you feel better prepared for unexpected expenses.

  • Only pay for what you use

    It's free to set up your overdraft account. And it won’t cost you anything if you don't use it.

    If you choose to use your overdraft, you’ll pay interest on the money you use plus a fee of up to $10 a month.

  • Linked to your transaction account

    A personal overdraft is connected to your CommBank Everyday account, so you can enjoy easy access to extra funds once approved – from $100 up to $20,000.

  • Easy to access

    You can access your overdraft using your CommBank Keycard or Debit Mastercard®, or online in NetBank and the CommBank app.

Rates, fees & repayments

Personal overdraft
14.90% p.a.
Calculated daily on the money you use and charged monthly.
Overdraft usage fee 
If the highest amount used from your overdraft the month before is:
• $10 or more - you'll be charged $10
• less than $10 - you won't be charged a fee
There are no set minimum repayments.
While there is no set amount to pay back each month, you should aim to repay your overdraft as soon as possible to minimise any fees and interest.

Who can apply

  • You can apply for a Personal Overdraft if you’re:

    • Aged 18 years or above
    • An Australian permanent resident, New Zealand citizen, or eligible visa holder living in Australia
    • Eligible to work in Australia and receiving regular income
    • Have a good credit rating
    • Already hold or eligible to open a CommBank Everyday Account

    The Code of Banking Practice requires joint account holders to have equal use of an overdraft.

    Hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or Australian permanent residency, or an eligible visa (call us on 13 1431 to find out more).

    Be sure to read the Personal Overdraft Terms & Conditions.

How to apply

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Things you should know

  • Applications are subject to credit approval. View the Personal Overdraft Terms and Conditions (PDF 438kb). Full terms and conditions will be included in our Personal Overdraft offer. Other fees and charges may be payable.

    The target market for this product will be found within the product’s Target Market Determination, available here.