Switching your regular payments

  • Consider moving your regular payments to your Commbank account to manage them in NetBank and the Commbank app.

    Update your details for regular direct debits (like your bills) and incoming payments (like your salary) to get up and running.

  • 1. Have your info ready

    You'll need:

    • Details of your new and old bank accounts
    • Business contact details for the payments you want to update.

    Not sure? Here’s a list of popular billers' contact details to save you searching for them. 

  • 2. Complete the letter(s)

    You'll need to complete, print and send the relevant letter(s). Here are the templates to download:

    Payment from a bank account (direct debit)

    Payment to a bank account (direct credit)

    Payment from a credit card (direct debit)

    You may also be able to contact your service provider online or by phone to update your card details

    Salary (incoming payment)

    Share dividends (incoming payment)

    Alternatively you can complete the Notice of Variation of account form and return it to a CommBank branch so we can help you switch.