3 tips to create a memorable and secure PIN

It’s probably not surprising that the use of signatures to pay for purchases is slowly being replaced by the Personal Identification Number (PIN). Faster and more secure than a signature, using a PIN could see you in and out of the shops with your purchase quicker than the time it takes for the shop assistant to find a pen! And of course, it’s more difficult to guess a PIN than forge a signature.

Nevertheless, many of us are hesitant about transitioning to a signature-free approach. Forgetting your PIN when you’ve got a trolley full of groceries is a valid concern, particularly if it’s a random and unfamiliar set of numbers provided by your bank.

It doesn’t have to be difficult though. Here’s how to create a PIN you can both remember and feel secure using.

1. Don’t give fraudsters a birthday treat

It’s very hard for anyone to guess a randomly-generated PIN. However, there’s nothing random about using your birth date, especially if it’s readily accessible on something like your Facebook profile. For the same reason, it’s not a smart move to base a PIN on your driver’s licence, phone number or any other public or semi-public personal information.

2. Make it something unique to you

One strategy is to choose something easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess. A date that holds significance for you, such as the day your partner proposed, can work well.

3. Create a “Da PINci Code”

If you really want to put some effort in, the extra time taken could serve you very well. One option is to combine two or more significant numbers to create a memorable but hard to crack PIN. For example, if your children were born on the 5th and 30th days of the month, you might want to use 0530 or 3005 for your PIN.

After creating a memorable and secure PIN, it’s important to protect it. Don’t write your PIN down and don’t share your PIN with anyone. If you feel your PIN has been compromised, notify us immediately.

Creating or changing your PIN is easy

Here’s how you can select a PIN:

  1. Log onto NetBank and click the More tab. Then click Manage my accounts and follow the links;
  2. Visit any branch; or
  3. Call us on 13 2221.
Or change your PIN on the go with CommBank Kaching. Just log onto CommBank Kaching (and tap the card image if you’re an iPhone user), then select and confirm your new PIN. It’s that easy!

If you have a CommBank corporate credit card, you can call us on 13 1576 to set your PIN today.

Change your PIN in NetBank now.

Find out more about your CommBank Card PIN.

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