About Energy Efficient Equipment Finance


  • Receive a 0.70% discount when you choose to finance qualifying energy efficient vehicles and equipment in your business
  • SmartSign technology keeps agreement execution online without the need to print
  • 100% financing of the cost of the equipment with pre-approvals available
  • The asset being financed usually acts as the security for the lending
  • Choose an agreement that best suits your needs from an Equipment Loan (Chattel Mortgage), Hire Purchase, Finance Lease or Novated Lease (Salary sacrifice)
  • Lending structured monthly, quarterly or seasonally to match your cash flow cycles
  • Minimum loan of $10,000
  • Finance arrangements can also be setup to cover projects that are built over time.

Equipment that can qualify

  • Cars with low CO2 tail pipe emissions
  • Trucks and buses powered by an electric, hybrid or regenerative drive/engine
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Commercial solar

We will need to confirm if the equipment you are considering qualifies for the discount.


  • 0.70% p.a discount off the rate you would normally pay to finance the specific equipment
  • Potential energy savings and increased productivity from the new equipment
  • Avoid large up-front cash outlays and retain working capital in your business
  • No need to tie up equity in other business assets as security
  • Greater power to negotiate the price on the equipment with pre-approvals
  • Paperwork can be executed online providing funding within 4 hours of signing

Energy efficiency projects

CommBank offers specific funding arrangements for larger projects that meet Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) requirements. These facilities also qualify for an energy efficient pricing discount.

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Important information

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