About equipment operating leases


An operating lease is an agreement between you and the Bank to rent equipment for use for a fixed period. At the end of the lease, simply return the equipment to the bank (subject to return conditions), without the liability of a residual value.

Features include:

  • Most depreciable assets can be financed
  • Terms range from two to five years
  • $10,000 minimum operating lease amount
  • Repayments fixed for contract term 


  • Provides 100 per cent of funds, allowing you to preserve your working capital
  • Provides access to the latest equipment and technology without associated ownership risks
  • Guards against obsolete equipment and offers the flexibility to respond to changing market demands
  • Lease rental payments may be off balance sheet, providing scope to improve business performance ratios (e.g., return on assets)
  • Rental payments may be tax deductible if you use the asset to generate income
  • May be able to claim input tax credit for rental and other charges that are subject to GST 

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Important information

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