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The rapid road to digital transformation

2020 has witnessed a rapid journey in digitisation and the opportunities are boundless. Just keep an eye on the risks.

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Renewables can create more than energy

They can create a new future – one that is sustainable as well as profitable. And Australia has the resources and investor interest to make it happen.

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Workplaces reimagined for a new world

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionised the way we work and how we use offices. 

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GP Insights October 2020

CommBank GP Insights Report

Coronavirus has brought both challenges and opportunities to general practices. As such, its impact is the focus of this year’s CommBank GP Insights research.

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Real-time, trackable cross-border payments edge closer

Collaboration among global banks to transform international transactions delivers positive results in the latest testing.

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Investing capital for a sustainable future

We discuss the role institutional investment could play in accelerating the transition to a sustainable and net-zero economy. 

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Optimism, entrepreneurship and regional hubs to mark post-Covid Australia

In the first webcast from the Commonwealth Bank’s ‘Navigating a new landscape’ series.

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Accounting Market Pulse

Examining how the industry entered the coronavirus lockdown, adapted as things evolved and what it is doing to prepare for the future.

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We examine the factors affecting the Australian economy, from interest rates to markets and regional developments. 

Household Spending Intention Series

Get a new view on Australia's spending.

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Global Economic & Markets Update Podcast and Coronavirus updates

Listen to our Global Economic & Markets Update podcast where we will be providing up-to-date information on what's happening in Australia and around the world.     

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Next steps for new reference-rate adoption

CBA convened a roundtable with KangaNews to discuss the next phase of evolution for reference-rates

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We help our clients combine the latest technology with our financial insights.

Young woman presenting analytical data to business owners

Data: Are you investing in one of your biggest assets?

Data is an asset that can drive businesses to new heights. Used effectively, it can deliver an array of opportunities.

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Bringing science to banking to improve wellbeing

By applying data, digital and behavioural sciences, the Commonwealth Bank has built global leading solutions that value evidence over intuition.

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Virtual accounts transform cash management

Virtual account platforms, or VAPs, enable treasurers and CFOs to devise cash management systems that optimisie working capital while also cutting costs and labour.

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From smart vehicles that pay for their own petrol to smart buildings reordering stock: is your business prepared for the future?

Removing cash from your business – will there be a better time?

History shows that crises often lead to significant change in the way things are done. But it is doubtful many initially anticipated that COVID-19 could fast track Australia into a cashless society.

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Harnessing the next generation of payments

Global adoption of a universal payments language continues apace. Together with APIs, it is leading to richer data exchanges and enhanced customer experiences. 

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Drive business forward with smarter financial insights

Today’s finance teams are tasked with harnessing commercial data to inform strategic financial management decisions. ERP solutions can help meet this demand, but it’s the next generation of ERP software that stands to revolutionise the modern finance function.

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