Cashless Society

This is not a story of one pivotal moment which ignited a revolution, but rather many moments that contributed to the end of the reign of cash in the consumer psyche.

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Business Insights

Industry expertise

Our unique financial insights and customer-focused technology are designed to help you achieve your business ambitions.

FY19 National Business Insights Report

This report puts both the impact of technology, and training and development, under the spotlight within Australian businesses.

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People first. Technology second.

This report explores the ways in which technology adoption and skills development can better position healthcare organisations for future change.

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Retail Insights Edition 8

The rise of online marketplaces is fundamentally shifting the behaviour of shoppers. This has implications for retailers as they continue to embrace online marketplaces within their sales strategy.

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Strategies to future-proof your firm

We examine how decision-makers seek to differentiate their firms from the competition and the strategies they use to develop new business and influence client choice.

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Delivering better client experiences

The most innovative firms tend to be responding to technology, people and operating factors to drive greater efficiencies and productivity and to deliver better client experiences.

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We examine the factors affecting the Australian economy, from interest rates to markets and regional developments. 

The global backdrop will be more uneven in 2019

But the skew in global growth means Australia’s major trading partners should outperform the rest of the world again. 

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Australian Households Q1 2019 

The decline in household wealth, courtesy of falling dwelling prices, accelerated during Q4. However, there is only weak evidence of a negative ‘wealth effect’ at best.

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We help our clients combine the latest technology with our financial insights.

Security report

The future of capital markets

Discover how CommBank and the World Bank have partnered together to shape the future of capital markets through issuing the first bond using blockchain.

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How technology has transformed logistics

To assess how business can leverage blockchain, our Innovation Lab and a team of professionals conducted an experiment we call Trade-chain.

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From smart vehicles that pay for their own petrol to smart buildings reordering stock: is your business prepared for the future?

The future of payments

A revolution in efficiency

How the New Payments Platform will transform the superannuation industry.

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Say goodbye to queues

New technologies will change the way people interact with government. 

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