Business digitisation

Businesses today are faced with many of the same type of issues and disruptions of the past. It’s just that there is an underlying theme to all change in the business world today: digitisation.

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The Trade-chain experiment

  • Using blockchain and Internet of Things technology, we tracked a shipment of almonds from regional Victoria all the way to Germany, with end-to-end visibility over the supply chain. The whereabouts of the transported goods could be checked via a web app at any time, resulting in smarter planning and potential cost savings throughout the supply chain.

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Data: Are you investing in one of your biggest assets?

Data is an asset that can drive businesses to new heights. Used effectively, it can deliver an array of opportunities.

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Freeing up your workforce through automation

Robotic Process Automation is a viable option for businesses looking to boost productivity without making a huge capital investment or significantly changing existing infrastructure.

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How to address the weakest link in your business' cyber defences

As many businesses envisage an online-only presence and working from home becomes more prevalent during COVID-19, cyber security risks are increasing.

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Benefits of blockchain for real estate 

How the global computer network could make property settlement faster, easier and less vulnerable to fraud. 

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The Economist and the Commonwealth Bank are engaging in the discussion about new economies and how technology is driving change. Innovating will be essential for future success in evolving political, economic and trade environments.


New system could transform shipping

Blockchain's potential to cut cost, time, error and fraud is leading some companies to run trials with clients.

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Fun approach to problem solving

Advances in technology offer the chance to lift financial literacy using the principles underlying the gaming industry. 

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Innovation lab

Discover our innovation labs

Visitors are invited to witness the stages of the innovation process as they happen, from idea to execution.

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