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Take our one-of-a-kind psychometric test to discover your unique
entrepreneurial make up. As an entrepreneur, it helps to understand
your strengths in order to enhance your business.

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Take the test

About this test:

  • Developed by organisational psychologist, Kirsty Bucknell.
  • Research suggests 7 factors contribute to your personal entrepreneurial orientation.
  • These 7 factors help define the kind of entrepreneur you might be: Individualist, Learner, Achiever, Competitor, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Self-starter.

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Turning points -
the moment you know
you Can. 

Be inspired by other entrepreneurs as they share the moments that defined their businesses.


Stephen Irwin tips the odds

This innovator turned a Pivot Point Tipper invention into a successful business with the right team.

Self starterSelf starter

Ronni Kahn's rescue mission

A true social entrepreneur, OzHarvest's founder was driven by passion to really make a difference.


Cathie Reid's balancing act

Real partners working together? This successful entrepreneur makes it work for her and the business.

Self starterSelf starter

Andrew Northcott works it

Systems and great people are what turned a uni laptop start-up into Labour Solutions Australia.

Risk takerRisk taker

Darren De Bortoli's calculated risk

The ideas of entrepreneurship and commercial risk taking go hand in hand.

Self starterSelf starter

Tony Maiello's beaut biz

Former teacher Tony Maiello now gives back to the community as CEO of Essential Beauty.

Self starterSelf starter

Arron Wood burns bright

From near bankruptcy to huge success, Firestarter’s MD kept business going.


Shesh Gale's double act

Melbourne Institute of Technology's CEO believes trust is the key to working well with your partner.


Samuel Yeats serves up

Ultra Serve CEO and founder, Samuel Yeats, was 16 when he began his entrepreneurial journey.


Technology is a buzz word, but why does it matter?

These Entrepreneurs talk about how technology is at the forefront of everything that they do.







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