International Money Transfer

  • Log on to NetBank or CommBiz to send funds in over 30 currencies to a beneficiary’s bank account
  • Payment is sent electronically as cleared funds
  • Funds are usually available to your beneficiary within 2 to 3 business days

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Foreign exchange rates

Rates are expressed as 1 AUD and current as at #keytimestamp_time# (Australian EST) on #keytimestamp_date# and do not include any fees. The advertised Retail Exchange Rate includes a margin. See all foreign exchange rates.

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Foreign exchange calculator

Convert your Australian dollars to a foreign currency or vice versa.

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Foreign Currency Account

Make and receive payments easily if your business regularly deals in foreign currencies.

Manage the impact of short-term currency fluctuations

Choose whether to convert funds into Australian dollars straight away, or hold at call in Australia and exchange at a later time.

Save on conversion costs

Avoid conversion fees when making and receiving payments in foreign currency without having to convert in and out of Australian dollars.


Easily access and convert funds

Hold your money at call in Australia and convert it to other currencies as you need.

For CommBiz customers

International payments and foreign exchange

Create and manage your international payments, checking live updating currency rates and any pending payments for authorisation. Create and manage your foreign exchange, including spot, forward exchange contracts and international transfers in one place.

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International trade finance

Manage your international trade finance, foreign exchange and cash management position in one place.

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