Why are we phasing-out cheques?

  • CommBank already offers safer, faster and more reliable payment alternatives. As Australia’s payment landscape changes, there is a need for the Bank to support the payments system to manage the declining use of cheques.

For new accounts opened after 3 June 2023

  • From 3 June 2023, cheque access will not be available for new accounts opened from the list below:

    • Business Transaction Account
    • Overdraft Cheque Account
    • Business Line of Credit
    • Stream Working Capital Transaction Account
    • Agribusiness Line of Credit
    • Co-op Housing Society Loan
    • BBSW 30 Day Rate Account
    • CALIA Plus Line of Credit

For existing accounts (from the list above) opened before 3 June 2023

  • From 3 June 2023, for existing accounts, from the list above:

    • If a cheque book was issued to your account before 3 June 2023, cheque access to that account will remain available.
    • If a cheque book was not issued to your account before 3 June 2023, cheque access to that account won’t be available.

    The following accounts (both new and existing) will continue to have cheque access available:

    • Standard Business Cheque Account (interest bearing option)
    • Society Cheque Account
    • Department of Finance Account
    • All Statutory Trust Accounts

    While replacement cheque books will no longer be issued automatically, they are still available if you contact us or visit a branch.

Alternative ways of making payments

You can help with Australia’s transition to a more secure payments environment by adopting some of the convenient digital methods for paying and getting paid:

Fast payments & PayID

Pay somebody instantly, or transfer between your accounts using PayID. All you need is your Payee’s mobile number, e-mail address or business identifier number to make an instant payment. It is fast, secure and convenient.

You can also receive fast payments by providing your PayID to your payer. 

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Direct Credit/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If you have your payee’s BSB, Account Number and Account Name on hand, you can make a transfer to their bank account.

To receive payments, you can simply provide your payer your BSB, Account Number and Account Name. 

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Direct debit

Using your BSB, Account Number and Account Name, you can set up a direct debit that allows a merchant or service provider to withdraw an agreed amount of money from your account into a merchant’s or service provider’s account at set times.

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Businesses that have a BPAY biller code can be paid fast and easily by providing their customers with their BPAY biller code (or BPAY QR code) and Customer Reference Number for fast, easy payments.

To apply for a BPAY biller code, you will need to register for CommBiz. 

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Recently launched in 2022, PayTo enables businesses to debit funds from their customers on an ongoing basis, e.g. memberships, subscriptions, etc.

You can authorise a new PayTo agreement from your payee, and through online banking - you can amend, pause or cancel an agreement. You can also view your PayTo agreements in the one place.

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Credit or debit cards

Businesses can accept card payments in-store and online using a merchant facility.

If you’re the payer, you can make a payment using your credit or debit card both online and in-store.

If you have a compatible smartphone or wearable, some cards can also be added to your device’s digital wallet, which uses your biometric data (e.g. fingerprint or face scan) to authorise payments. This is safer than using a signature or PIN.

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Foreign Exchange (FX)/International

Send money overseas through an International Money Transfer using NetBank or the CommBank app.

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Using a cheque for a property settlement? PEXA offers digital property settlement that is fast, safe and offers real-time tracking of funds. PEXA is a Government-backed and a world-first in offering digital property settlement that reduces errors and delays.

Types of payments you might be making with cheques and alternative methods

Payment methods that may be available
Pay a bill
BPAY, Debit/Credit Card via in store EFTPOS terminals or eCommerce/online, EFT and Fast Payment using New Payments Platform (NPP)
Pay a friend/send a gift
Fast Payment using NPP, EFT, Giftcard
Send money overseas
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), International Money Transfer (IMT), Travel Money Card
Pay in instalments
Direct debit agreements, scheduled payments, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), PayTo
Pay council/utilities
BPAY, Debit/Credit Card via in store EFTPOS terminals or eCommerce/ online, EFT
Settle a property purchase
Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)
Make a payment at auction
Pre-approved transfer (subject to first time hold / daily withdrawal limit)