Features & benefits

Convenience & flexibility

Offer your customers the ability to pay in minutes using desktop or mobile banking. Customers can choose which account to pay bills and invoices from, and schedule payments, so long as there are funds available on the scheduled date.

Automated reconciliation

Get validated Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) and a daily payment file to streamline your reconciliation by reducing manual and administrative efforts in your processes.

Automated reconciliation can be achieved by importing our daily payment file into your accounting system.

Improved cash flow

The BPAY system does not enforce dishonours or chargebacks, which will significantly reduce the chances of you not getting paid and improve your cash flow. Payments processed before 6pm AEST are forwarded to your nominated bank account the following business day.

Safe & secure

BPAY is a safe and secure payment option which provides peace of mind for you and your customers through the use of customer allocated reference numbers. Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) are validated at the point a payment is made to reduce errors for you and your customers.

Intelligent Customer Reference Numbers (iCRN) can be used to allow you to only accept payments that are paid by a certain due date or for a fixed amount, or both.

Get started

  • Eligibility

    To become a BPAY Biller, you'll need:

    • An existing CBA Business Transaction Account
    • To be a CommBiz user

    If you meet the above criteria, speak to your Relationship Manager or Account Manager, who will help decide if BPAY is a suitable solution for your business. If it is, your Relationship Manager or Account Manager will provide an application form.

  • Not a CommBiz user?

    You'll need a CommBiz account to use BPAY. 

    You can apply for CommBiz online by completing the online application form. Choose the express or custom registration mode, depending on your business requirements. Alternatively, visit your nearest branch.

    Apply for CommBiz


BPAY might suit your business if you:

  • Send out multiple invoices to a large number of customers
  • Want to reduce paperwork and save time spent on reconciling or chasing payments
  • Want a simple and easy way for customers to pay you

Easy, convenient and secure online banking for businesses with an eligible CommBank account.

Discover CommBiz

We commit to process all payments received by 5:55pm. After 5:55pm or on a non-business day, payment instructions will be processed on a "best endeavours" basis.

Once a BPAY payment is made, it cannot be stopped. However, if you believe you have made a mistake in your BPAY payment you may contact our CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339 and request a payment reversal. If approved, the payment will return to the account where the payment was originated. If the reversal is rejected by the payer financial institution, you will need to contact the biller directly.

There is no limit to how old a payment is for it to be reversed. The decision to reverse a payment is entirely a decision of the biller.

It may take up to 21 days for the funds to be returned.

Things you should know

  • View Terms and Conditions for Business Transaction and Savings Accounts , CommBiz, BPAY Agreement and our Financial Services Guide and consider them before making any decision about these products. This advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the advice, please consider if it’s right for you. Bank fees and charges may apply. 

    BPAY® is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. ABN 69 079 137 518.