Features and benefits

  • Be rewarded for a good payment history

    Upgrading or replacing business cars or equipment currently under finance? Take advantage of our simple Replacement Pathway by showing 12 months of good payment history.1

  • Avoid asset finance paperwork delays

    Save time and effort when you sign your business car and equipment finance agreement online with CommBank SmartSign®. 

  • $0 upfront deposit and no monthly fees

    There are no surprises, hidden fees or charges with our simple business car and equipment finance pricing. 

  • Finance options for whatever your circumstances

    Apply for our simple business car and equipment finance with 12 months of BAS statements.2

  • Go green and save 

    Get a discounted rate when you finance qualifying energy efficient business cars and equipment.3

  • Prompt funding

    Once your application is approved, we’ll arrange prompt payment to your supplier after you sign your agreement online.

Upgrading or replacing

The simplest way to upgrade or replace your vehicles and equipment currently under finance is with our Replacement Pathway. Here’s an example of how it could work.

David and Elizabeth are joint owners of a construction company.

One of their excavators was coming to the end of its loan term and they decided they wanted to replace it with a newer model using CommBank Replacement Pathway.

By showing they had made on-time repayments for the last 12 months of their current loan, they were able to apply for new finance without needing to provide any additional financial information.

After a credit check, CommBank issued them with a conditional approval on the basis that their previous finance agreement was to be finalised, and their new monthly repayments were no more than 25% over what they were used to paying.

By using their good payment history, David and Elizabeth were able to use CommBank Replacement Pathway to get equipment finance faster and put their new excavator to use in their business sooner.1

Having your home loan with us has its rewards 

  • If you’ve had your home loan with us for more than 12 months and have a good repayment history, you could be rewarded with easier access to finance for your next business car. 

    You could access financing of up to $100,000 with only basic application information required. All we’ll need is your self-declared financial commitments including your income and expenses and a good repayment history on your home loan.4  

    That could make purchasing a car to use in your business more convenient by saving you time. 

Finance options

  • Most popular
  • Own the asset now and pay it off
  • No GST on loan repayments
  • You may be able to claim GST input tax credits and the depreciation and interest components of the repayments

  • Hire an asset from the Bank while you pay it off
  • You may be able to claim input tax credits for the GST payable on interest and fees included in the price of the hire purchase

  • Lease an asset from the Bank with the option to own it later
  • You may be able to claim input tax credits for rental and other charges that are subject to GST

Negotiate a better deal

  • Bargaining power

    When you're buying property, the way to get the best deal is to negotiate both the price of the property and your mortgage rate separately. Why should it be any different when buying cars for your business?

  • Drive away on your terms

    Negotiate your finance and vehicle separately and it could save you thousands over the course of your loan. We have a range of monthly repayment options and you can access a finance quote online in less than 60 seconds. We show you all the finance costs up front and you can customise a repayment that best suits your business needs. You can apply online or over the phone and be on your way to acquiring a vehicle or equipment or an upgrade.5

Get a discount on energy efficient vehicles and equipment3

  • Currently many categories of vehicles and equipment can qualify including yellow goods, agri machinery, electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy projects, charging equipment, batteries and lighting.

    Reduce your energy costs and benefit from a discount when financing the latest fuel and energy efficient vehicles and equipment.

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Who can apply?

  • You can apply if your business:

    • Has a current ABN
    • Has been trading for more than 12 months
    • Has a good credit rating
    • Isn’t going through the process of bankruptcy
  • You can apply as an individual if you’re:

    • Aged 18 years or over
    • Eligible to work in Australia
    • An individual, sole trader, sole owner of your company or someone authorised to apply for finance and credit for a business
    • Financing equipment that will be used by a business (mostly or entirely for business purposes)

Apply in four easy steps


Get a quote online

We’ll give you a breakdown of the costs and interest. We'll need to know:

  • What you want to finance
  • How old it is
  • The finance amount


Simple application

Eligible CommBank customers can receive a conditional credit decision5 online (otherwise we'll call you to process your application).


Sign your documents online

When your application is approved you can sign your finance agreement online, using our SmartSign® paperless technology.


Get prompt funding after signing online

Leave the rest with us and we'll arrange prompt payment to your supplier after you sign your agreement online.

Things you should know

  • This information is current as at 1 July 2022 and is for general information purposes only. It has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of this information to your circumstances before acting on it.

    Credit provided by Commonwealth Bank of Australia. These products are only available to approved business customers for business purposes only. All applications are subject to the Bank’s eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval processes. You should view our current Terms and Conditions for Asset Finance and consider them before making any decision about these products. All rates are subject to change. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply.

    These products are only available to approved business customers and for business purposes only. Applications for finance are subject to the Bank's eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval processes. Rates are subject to change. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. 

    1 Approvals are conditional and subject to the replacement asset being suitable to the Bank. Acceptable evidence of good payment history is required. The asset being purchased must not be older than the asset being replaced. The finance agreement on the asset being replaced must be repaid and the new repayment must not increase by more than 25 per cent. Additional information may be requested depending on your application details, the asset being financed and individual circumstances.

    2 Additional information may be requested depending on your application details, the asset being financed and individual circumstances. Some industries may be excluded.

    3 A discount can apply for qualifying energy efficient vehicles and equipment and applies to the standard rate you would normally pay for the equipment you wish to finance.

    4 To qualify, you need to have a current home loan in place with us where all repayments have been made on time, that has been in place for more than 12 months with an initial draw down amount of no less than $250,000. Applies to a single business use motor vehicle with a maximum lending amount of $100,000. This policy can be utilised once per customer. 

    5 You can apply for conditional approval in NetBank if you’re an existing CommBank business customer who is a sole trader or the single director of a company that has been operating for at least 12 months. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply.