Features & benefits

Schedule payments

You're in charge of the payments so you can ensure you're paid the right amount, on time, every time.

Streamline reconciliation

Comprehensive electronic reporting means you'll have a much easier time reconciling payments from customers.

Manage cash flow

A Direct Debit schedule allows you to predict future cash flows with more certainty.

Reduce paperwork

Standardised templates for Direct Debit documentation help keep confusion and mess to a minimum.

How it works

  • Easy authorisation

    • Direct Debit gives your business authority to debit your customers' accounts
    • Customers can nominate any eligible bank account to debit funds from
    • Arrangements can be made via paper form, over the phone or online

Get started

  • Eligibility

    To become a Direct Debit user, you'll need:

    • An existing CommBank Business Transaction Account
    • To be a CommBiz user

    If you meet the above criteria, speak to your Relationship Manager or account manager, who will help you decide if Direct Debit is a suitable solution for your business. If it is, your Relationship Manager or account manager will assist you in setting up the Direct Debit process for your business.

  • Not a CommBiz user?

    You'll need a CommBiz account to use Direct Debit. 

    You can apply for CommBiz online by completing the online application form. Choose the express or custom registration mode, depending on your business requirements.

    Alternatively, visit your nearest branch.

    Apply for CommBiz

Frequently asked questions

Direct Debit might suit your business if you:

  • Collect regular payments from a large amount of customers on an ongoing basis
  • Want to reduce paperwork and save time spent on reconciling or chasing payments
  • Want a simple and easy way for customers to pay you

Easy, convenient and secure online banking for businesses with an eligible CommBank account.

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