What are QCBs?

  • QuickCash Bags are sealed, tamper-proof bags that can be used by businesses to deposit cash and cheques, over the counter or through a chute at select branches. 

Why are QCBs used?

  • QCBs are one of many secure methods of depositing cash available to business customers. They can also facilitate secure cash handling practices due to the tamper-proof nature of the bags.

Who are QCBs for?

  • QCBs are available to business customers, as an add-on to business transaction products.

How can you order QCBs?

  • QCBs can be ordered at your local branch, by contacting Business Banking Services on 13 1998 available 24/7 or via your Relationship Manager. 

    Please note: QCBs will only be delivered to your business address. You can locate this address by logging on to CommBiz or NetBank.

Who can drop off a QCB?

  • Customers are responsible for all of their QuickCash deposits. We suggest only the following individuals have access to deposit to your account:

    a. The account holder;

    b. An authorised signatory to the account funds are being deposited to; 

    c. A licensed cash courier service; or

    d. Employees authorised by the organisation to deposit.

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