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  • We’ve developed a feature in the CommBank app and NetBank that helps you easily find benefits, rebates and concessions you might be entitled to. The extra money claimed could help you save money or pay for everyday expenses.

    We’ve also added new business benefits for those who are running their own business. These government grants and rebates could assist you to retain staff, provide tax relief, or manage cash flow.

    Whether it’s a car registration rebate, discounts off your utility bills, or concessions for your business expenses, these claims could add up significantly. Benefits are added regularly, so check in to see what’s new.

Access Benefits finder

Find benefits in the CommBank app

1. Log on to the CommBank app, search Benefits finder and answer a few simple questions.

2. Based on your answers, we’ll show you the top benefit or rebate you may be able to claim.

3. Tap on the benefit or rebate for a quick overview, including how much you could claim.

4. Tap Claim now to start your claim.

Find benefits in NetBank

    1. Log on to NetBank, click Settings then Benefits finder. Start by answering a few simple questions.
    2. Based on your answers, we’ll show you benefits or rebates you may be able to claim.
    3. Click See benefits for a quick overview including how much you could claim, who it's with and what it's for.
    4. Click Tell me more for more info before we take you the provider’s own website to start your claim.

    Go to Benefits finder

Find rebates
when it suits you

  • Not ready to claim?

    You can choose to get a reminder or go back to Benefits finder to continue any time.

  • More benefits are being added

    Our team is working hard to add more rebates and benefits.

    Come back regularly to see what else you could be eligible for.

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