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Use technology to let customers pay how they want and get paid sooner

Use technology to let customers pay how they want and get paid sooner

Your customers can choose from a range of payment methods with our new app.

Small and mobile businesses are often limited in the ways they accept payments from their customers, resulting in delayed payments or even missed sales.

It’s now possible to make it easy for customers to pay the way they want with our small business payment solution. Whether you’re taking deposits or splitting a bill, you can give your customers the option to pay how it suits them. From cash to credit cards, BPAY and direct transfers, this flexibility can help you to get paid sooner.

Our Small Business app lets you accept partial payment and send a notification for the outstanding balance straight from your mobile or tablet.

Being able to accept cash and card payments wherever you are can be revolutionary for a small business like Greta’s which is always on the move. Using Emmy, our next generation EFTPOS machine, you won’t have to worry about missing or delaying a sale because you can’t accept card payments.

With flexible payment options, your customers will be happier and you’ll get paid sooner.

Find out more about our Small Business App.