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Multi-trip travel insurance

Multi-trip travel insurance

Globetrotter, business traveller, holidaymaker... whichever you are, multi-trip travel insurance could help save you time and money.

Frequent traveller or not, multi-trip travel insurance can be an ideal option if you’re travelling overseas, around Australia or a mix of both - especially if you take spontaneous trips on business or for pleasure.

Travel as often as you like

The beauty of multi-trip travel insurance is that you pay one premium and then you’re covered - from the start date on your certificate of insurance or the date you booked your first journey (whichever is later) - for every trip you make in that year.

Cover for each trip you make during your period of cover begins when your trip starts and ends once you’re back at home. It only starts up again when your new trip begins. 

One of the things to check closely is the length of time you’re covered for in any one trip. You will have to choose the maximum journey period that will be sufficient to cover your longest journey.

The options will vary depending on the insurance provider you choose, so you’ll need to think about how long you’ll be away for before you opt for this type of travel insurance cover.

You aren’t covered for any incident or event that occurs outside of the maximum journey period you have nominated. 

CBA travel insurance for example, offers a multi-trip plan with unlimited trips of 15, 30 or 45 days in Australia and overseas.

Who’s covered?

Multi-trip travel insurance is not only ideal if you travel frequently or tend to book last minute holidays, it’s great for families too. Most multi-trip travel insurance policies cover the policy holder, their spouse / partner and dependants. Check the definition of dependants before you lock your policy in though – you want to make sure everyone who you think is covered, is.

It’s worth seeing if there are any age restrictions too. CBA travel insurance multi-trip cover for example, is available for travellers aged 74 years and under.

Check what’s included 

Whether you opt for multi-trip travel insurance cover or not, read the fine print to check what you’re covered for. 

Planning on being adventurous? Check your insurance policy first. Don’t assume, for example, that you’re covered to hurtle down a mountain on a snowboard – seasoned pro or not. 

If you need to (and you can), you may top up your insurance cover. While CBA travel insurance offers additional options including a snow pack, business pack and a cruise pack, some insurance policies may not. If you’re not covered for it, it’s probably best you don’t do it. 

Once you’re overseas you may find it difficult to upgrade your policy so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

What’s the alternative?

If you’re not planning to travel more than once this year, you can take out single trip insurance. It offers comprehensive, essentials and domestic travel cover too. Take a look at other CBA travel insurance options.

Travel insurance may also be included with your CommBank credit card. If it is, you need to activate your international travel insurance cover in NetBank or the CommBank app or by calling Allianz Global Assistance on 1800 837 177 before you travel to receive comprehensive cover.

Discover more about international travel insurance included with eligible CommBank credit cards.

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