Receiving your statements

  • Your home loan statements are provided twice a year, in January and July. If there are specific changes to your loan, such as an interest rate change, or if you switch your loan type or increase repayments, you’ll receive a confirmation of the change within your ‘Transactions’ listing and the date it happened.

Example statement

1. Statement number: The number of statements issued to you from your home loan start date.

2. Required payment/repayment amount: The minimum amount you have to pay to ensure your loan is paid off within the agreed term. If you've chosen to make Interest Only payments (as in the case of this example), then 'Interest Only' will be shown here.

3. Interest rate: This shows your current interest rate. If there were any changes during the statement period, they will be shown on the ‘Transaction’ page.

4. Loan balance: This is the balance owing on your loan at the statement’s end’ date. Please note this is not a 'payout' figure.

Example statement (top)

5. Loan snapshot: A summary of the total debt and credit transactions processed during the statement period.

6. Interest: Shows the total interest charge since the previous statement period.

7. Additional repayments: This shows the amount you’re ahead on your loan, which increases as you make additional repayments. This includes repayments made on your home loan over and above the minimum repayment. If you have an eligible home loan, you have the option to redraw your additional repayments. You can check your available redraw balance in NetBank, the CommBank App or by contacting us. 

8. Repayment changes (not shown in diagram): If your minimum required repayments are changing, you’ll see a message in the transaction history of your statement informing you of the changes. If your repayments need to increase, you’ll also receive a notice depending on your mailing preferences, informing you of the changes and explaining what you need to do. 

9. Interest rate changes (not shown in diagram): 

  • 'Interest rate as of DD/MM/YY – X.XX% per annum’: This message is displayed for statements received by post or through NetBank when there is an interest rate change, and outlines the date of the interest rate change and the current interest rate.
  • 'Change in interest rate on DD/MM/YY to X.XXX% per annum’: This message is displayed in transactions through NetBank or the CommBank App when there is an interest rate change, and outlines the date of the interest rate change and the current interest rate.
  • 'Interest rate applied to that part of the loan equal to the Everyday Offset Account balance(s) – 0.000% per annum’: This message is displayed when there is an interest rate change and only applies if you have a linked Everyday Offset account. Any money you put into your linked Everyday Offset reduces the balance on which we charge interest. This means you’ll only be paying interest on the difference. For example, if you have $50,000 in your Everyday Offset and your loan balance is $200,000 you’ll only pay interest on $150,000 of your loan balance. For more information, visit our Everyday Offset page
Example statement (bottom)

Why switch to online statements?

    • Go green and reduce your paper usage by going paper-free
    • Manage your finances easily and reduce clutter
    • Easily access, view and download your statements instantly and securely in NetBank and the CommBank app anywhere, any time
    • We’ll send you an email when a new statement is available in NetBank and in the app.

How to switch to & view online statements

  • Did you know you can receive statements in NetBank? To go green and turn off paper:

    • Log on to NetBank
    • Go to the View accounts tab
    • Select Statements, choose your home loan account and follow the steps

    If you’re not registered for NetBank and would like to view your statements online, register for NetBank now.

  • Sharing statements

    If you’re one of the joint borrowers and haven’t nominated one borrower to receive statements and notices on your behalf, we’ll issue separate statements and notices to each borrower even if you live at the same address. You can nominate one borrower to receive statements and notices by completing Sections C and D of the Contract Authority and Nomination to Receive Notices form.