Car incident checklist

1. Make sure you are safely off the road and call 000 immediately if:

  • Someone is injured or in immediate danger
  • Anyone involved in the accident has fled the scene
  • There are hazards present, such as a petrol spill

If your car has been stolen or maliciously damaged:

  • Try to prevent further loss or damage, for example, by covering windows
  • Contact the police within 72 hours of discovering the theft or damage and keep a record of the incident number

2. Collect information to support your claim, including:

  • The name, address, phone number and licence details of any drivers involved
  • The make, model and number plate/registration of any cars involved
  • The contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident, theft or damage
  • Date, time and location of the incident
  • If you can, photos of the damage and surroundings
  • A police event number, if applicable

Even if you don't have all the details, you can still start your claim and add more information later.

3. Call 13 2423 for a tow

If your car is damaged as a result of an insured event and cannot be driven away, your car will be towed to a secure place or repairer.

If it’s included in your cover, Hollard can also arrange a hire car.

After a car accident

  • Do not:
    • Admit fault
    • Attempt to settle any claim made against you
    • Approve any repairs, except essential repairs needed to minimise or prevent further loss or damage to your car

    Need help? Car accidents and theft can be overwhelming. If you need further guidance on what to do, don’t hesitate to call 13 2423.

How to claim

Windscreen or window glass claim only? Book an appointment with O’Brien

1. Review your policy

Check your policy documents to see details of your sum insured, excesses and listed items. The Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) explains insured events and limits to what can be applied for.

These documents would have been sent to you at purchase or renewal.

Alternatively, log on to NetBank to view your policy cover details.

NetBank log on

2. Prepare your claim

Have your policy and personal details ready, along with details of:

  • Date, time and location
  • Details of drivers involved
  • Odometer reading
  • Make, model and registration of any cars involved
  • Photos showing damage
  • A police report, if applicable
  • If you’re registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST), provide your entitlement to input Tax Credits (iTC)

3. Submit your claim

You can lodge your claim online 24/7 in the My Claims Portal (accessible through NetBank or the CommBank app).

The Claims team will contact you to advise the next steps for your claim.

Alternatively, or for emergency claims, call 13 1361 anytime or +61 2 8527 5217 if you’re overseas.

Claim online

The claims process

  • The claims process differs based on the type of claim and the event that has occurred.

    Overall, the process may include:

    • A repairs quote: Your claims specialist will nominate a preferred repairer located as close as possible to your work or home and organise for you to take your car, if drivable, in for a quote. Sometimes, more than one quote may be required, but you will be guided through that process if needed
    • An assessment: Your claims specialist will review the quote against your cover details and make a decision on the outcome
    • A hire car (if applicable): If you’ve chosen this benefit with your comprehensive cover and your car isn’t driveable or booked in for repairs, a hire car will be organised for you
    • Communication with other parties: Your claims specialist will contact any other drivers or their insurance providers for you and organise settlements to the other parties involved
    • A resolution of the claim occurs once cash settlement or repairs are completed

    Once your claim is lodged, Hollard will be in touch to update you and confirm any information.

Windscreen or window glass claim

To make a windscreen or glass claim only, simply call 13 1361 and you’ll be appointed the preferred supplier O'Brien® to repair or replace your vehicle’s glass.

Hollard's relationship with O’Brien® means you’ll have access to their ‘repair first’ philosophy which will see you back on the road faster. O’Brien® also guarantees their workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.


Hollard will nominate a recommended repairer located as close as possible to your work or home from an extensive network to repair your car. If you nominate your own repairer you will need to provide a quote from that repairer for Hollard to consider.

When you use one of Hollard's approved or appointed repairers, the repairs are covered by a guarantee.

There are four possible outcomes of your claim:

Repairs approved
The claims team will either arrange the repairs directly and/or pay you a settlement amount. At this time, you may be required to pay an excess, depending on your circumstances. Find out more about excesses in the Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Total loss
If your car is written off or a total loss, the value stipulated on your policy documents will be paid out to you, less any relevant excesses or outstanding debt on your policy. There may be other deductions and you will be provided with the full terms and conditions related to your situation at the time of this decision.

Below excess
If your situation requires you to pay an excess, and the total cost of the damage to your car is less than the excess, no claim can be paid.

Outside coverage
If the claimed event falls outside the cover detailed in your policy, no claim can be paid. Find out more about your cover in the Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Hire car cover is an optional extra you would have chosen when you purchased your policy. Confirmation of any additional benefits you selected with your cover will be outlined in your policy summary. This document would have been sent to you at purchase or renewal. Alternatively, log on to NetBank to view your policy cover details.

Inform the other driver that you will rely on the insurance companies to resolve the matter. When you submit your claim, provide as much information as you can, such as photographs, dash cam recordings, eyewitness testimonies, police reports and your description of the event.  We will assess the evidence with the other driver’s insurer and determine the party responsible for the accident.

Things you should know

  • Car Insurance is provided and issued by Hollard Insurance Partners Limited ABN 96 067 524 216, AFSL 235030 (Hollard) and distributed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124, AFSL 234945 (CBA). Hollard is not part of the CBA Group. CBA and its related entities do not sell, issue or guarantee the obligations or performance of Hollard or the products Hollard offers and this insurance product does not represent a deposit with or liability of either CBA or any of its related bodies corporate. If you purchase a Car Insurance policy, CBA is paid a commission which is a percentage of your premium. 

    For products issued by Hollard, information about the target market can be found within the product’s Target Market Determination available here.

    This information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs.  You should, before acting on this, consider the appropriateness of the product to your circumstances. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available at all Commonwealth Bank branches, by downloading them from or by calling 13 2423 and should be considered before making any decisions about this product. You should also read the Premium, Excess and Discount Guide (PEDG) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) by clicking on the links, or by calling 13 2423 for a paper copy.

    Hollard is a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice, for more information on the code visit

    O'Brien® is a registered trademark of O'Brien Glass Industries Limited.