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Smart money management for kids

A good place to start - saving and spending

It pays to teach children about money

It's important to teach children about money at any age.

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Budgeting for children of any age

Budgeting is a really useful skill to teach your kids.

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Setting savings goals with your kids

Tips on how to keep your child motivated with saving.

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The Beanstalk activity centre

Bring money to life for your child with our fun activity sheets.

Activity centre

All about pocket money

Pocket money in the digital age

Should you give your kids pocket money?

Help kids understand the value of pocket money in a digital world.

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How kids can use their skills to earn pocket money

How kids can earn their pocket money

Here are a few ways to tap into that entrepreneurial streak.

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Dad and son homework

Pocket Money: Then and Now

Comparing pocket money habits of children with their parents.

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Do your kids run out of pocket money?

Do your kids run out of pocket money?

What to do when your kids ask for more pocket money. 

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Tips for your teens

What your teen should know before their first job

Tips for starting work

Things you'll need to get your teenager up to speed on before they start work.

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Teenage earning and spending

Spending responsibly

Help your teen manage their money and encourage responsible spending.


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Effective savings goals with teenagers

Setting savings goals

Some motivating tips to ensure your teen saves and spends wisely.

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Three things to teach your teen about credit

What to know about credit

It's worthwhile chatting to your teen now so they make wise choices down the track. 

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Getting your kids involved

Teaching kids about money - activity centre

Activity centre

Bring money to life for your child with our fun activity sheets.

Activity centre
Your child’s first bank account

Your child's first bank account

A step-by-step guide to opening your child's bank account.

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Money and Maths

Money and maths

Interactive money lessons to be enjoyed with children.

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Boy with money boxes

Three moneyboxes are better than one

Teaching children about spending, saving and sharing.

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Things you should know

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