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Managing your investment property

Investing in property is just the beginning. To maximise your returns, it's important to manage your property effectively by maintaining its value and minimising any costs.


Maximising your rental income is more easily achieved by maintaining consistent, reliable tenants than by undertaking expensive renovations or by pricing the rent at the very top of the market.

For a fee, a real estate agent should take the entire burden by looking after your property for you. The agent will perform tenant screening and present you with recommendations.

If you're going to manage your own property, make sure all prospective tenants have references. References from previous real estate agents are essential, although first time renters will have to rely on character references and other relevant information.

If you treat your tenants fairly, they are more likely to treat you exactly the same way and stick around for a while.


All residential property should be 'fit to live in'. This is a legal requirement and you, as a landlord, should organise for any urgent repairs to be fixed as soon as possible. After being notified of the fault or damage, a qualified tradesperson must carry out all repairs.

If you’re planning renovations or making repairs to your rental property and you need a little extra cash, you can access further funds by increasing your existing loan.

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Termites can be a major problem, attacking timber in a property. A professional pest inspection company will advise you how often an inspection is needed, but it is normally required every two years. If you have a lot of trees near your property, an annual inspection might be best.

Protecting Your Assets

As you may be tempted to minimise your expenses in order to maximise your investment return, insurance may seem unnecessary or too expensive. However, it’s important not to skimp on it.

If your property is under-insured and it is damaged or destroyed, your policy may not cover its full replacement value. With the bank’s total building replacement cover policy you can be sure that if anything happens, your investment will be completely covered.

It’s also important to safeguard against something happening to you. We offer a great range of services designed to cover your loan commitments and help provide financial security for your loved ones should you fall terminally ill, become disabled, lose your job or die.

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Good advice

A Commonwealth Bank Home Loan Specialist can help you with all your Investment Home Loan needs.

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