Commonwealth Bank unveils new brand identity

Highlighting the next step in its transformation, Commonwealth Bank has this week unveiled its refreshed brand identity and complementary marketing campaign.

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Monique Macleod

Evolution, not revolution

For the first time in decades, Commonwealth Bank of Australia has reimagined its logo to reflect the next chapter in the bank’s history. In a new podcast, Editor-in-Chief Danny John discusses the evolved brand identity with the bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Monique Macleod.

Commonwealth Bank first logo

Brand loyalty: A history of the Commonwealth Bank logo

I go, you go, we go together. What better way to express that as a company than in a logo. Danny John and Steven Politzer report.

A sight for core “i’s”

A sight for core “i’s”

Customers expect brands to know who they are and translate information and insights  into simple, value-add interactions, explains Commonwealth Bank’s Head of Research & Insights Heba Habashy.