How we protect you

Security initiatives which the Commonwealth Bank takes to protect your online experience include:


All communication from your computer to our secure systems is encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of all data sent and received. We use 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Digital certificates

A digital certificate is used to verify the identity and authenticity of our websites. To view the digital certificate double click on the padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window.

Dedicated Staff

NetBank is constantly reviewed to ensure integrity, availability and security. Dedicated system support and security staff monitor internet threats and regularly test the service to ensure it remains secure. NetBank security staff work closely with the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) and Federal Police to prevent criminal attacks on NetBank and shut down fake/malicious websites as quickly as possible.

NetCode Security

We offer two-factor authentication via SMS, CommBank app or token. This means you can get added NetBank security by using a one-time password. You can learn more about this by visiting the FAQs on NetCode SMS and the FAQs on NetCode Token.

Independent audits

We regularly engage reputable independent consultants to verify the security of our systems. The work undertaken by the consultants includes reviews of areas such as architecture, firewall configurations, network device security, web server security and web application security.

Extra verification on NetBank transfers

The Bank may place a hold on funds transferred through NetBank to an unlinked Commonwealth Bank or third-party account for further verification. The hold may apply until the next business day or longer if the Bank needs to investigate the transaction.

Automatic timeout period

After a period of inactivity we'll automatically log you out of NetBank to reduce the risk of anyone else accessing your banking details on your computer if you leave it unattended.


If someone does try to guess your password, your account will be locked after a pre-determined number of unsuccessful attempts. This will help prevent an unauthorised user trying multiple times to guess your password.

NetBank activity log

When you login to NetBank the first page you see will show the date and time of your last login. And to view the full history of your NetBank activity go to the ‘Security’ tab, then select ‘Online History’.

If you have any concerns or suspect a security breach of any kind, please contact us immediately on 13 2221.

We treat all concerns of this nature seriously and will make every effort to address your concern.

Important information

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