What is Carbon Insights?

  • Carbon Insights is a tool that enables customers to learn about their personalised carbon footprint based on everyday spending transactions, which is generated when you have navigated into the feature. Carbon Insights additionally provides tips and actions on how to make sustainable lifestyle choices. Carbon Insights is now available via the app by navigating to ‘Accounts’, scrolling down to select ‘Money Plan’ and clicking on ‘Carbon insights’. 

What is a carbon footprint? 

  • Your carbon footprint is a concept used to capture the impact your activities have on carbon emissions and is measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

    Where we spend our money has a big impact on our footprint, learning about these emissions is an important step in becoming carbon neutral.

How is my carbon footprint calculated?

  • Your carbon footprint is measured by considering the spending transactions made on your personal CommBank accounts, including transaction accounts, credit cards and BPAY, against industry carbon emissions data. Your footprint output is only calculated during run-time when you have navigated into the feature. Your data is confidential and is not disclosed to Cogo. 

    We can only estimate your carbon footprint based on transactions made with CommBank accounts and within industries captured by Cogo’s dataset (e.g. fashion and transport). Purchases paid for by cash or platforms like Afterpay, PayPal or business accounts will not be included in your personalised carbon footprint estimate.

How can I lower my carbon footprint? 

  • Understanding your carbon footprint is a great first step in learning about how to become more environmentally conscious. Carbon Insights provides information on how your emissions are associated with personal spending habits and additional insights on the relevant categories that contribute to a personalised footprint output.

    We have developed a series of educational tips and actions for customers to understand how they can reduce their footprint in an easy and tangible way. This can be accessed in Carbon Insights by navigating to “what you can do”.

Who is Cogo?

  • Cogo is an organisation committed to helping companies and consumers understand their carbon emissions. Cogo provides CommBank with industry carbon emissions data (e.g. fashion and transport) that are used for the purposes of providing a personalised carbon footprint value. Your data is confidential and not disclosed to Cogo. 

Things you need to know

  • Your carbon footprint is an estimate only and calculated using data provided by Cogo relating to industry averages of carbon emissions per dollar spent based on merchant types (Industry Data). Calculations are based on averages only and are not specific to each item purchased or by merchant. CommBank does not automatically generate a personalised footprint unless you have clicked into the feature. It is only during this time in which a footprint value is generated for your viewing. 

    Carbon footprints are calculated by comparing some of your personal CommBank debit card, credit card and BPAY transactions against industry data. Purchases made by cash or from business accounts or other platforms (e.g. Afterpay, PayPal), even if ultimately paid off through a personal CommBank product, will not be included in your carbon footprint calculations.

    For more information on how we handle your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy at commbank.com.au/privacy